Mar 1, 2000

Jacareí Apparitions - Messages year 2017 - Month: September


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(Marcos): “Yes, yes, I will do. Yes, I will do.
How great that you liked it, next week I will do the others. Yes”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today I again call all of you to live the Supernatural Love. So that you may have this love in your heart, you must always more seek more intimacy with God in prayer.
The Lord established that all His Graces be given to man through prayer, including the greatest of all: The grace of Love. If you do not pray you will not be able to have in your hearts this Supernatural Love, and that is why your souls will always be far from Love and therefore far from God.
Approach God Who is Love, by praying with the heart, doing the prayer of Love! Thus, you will be able to truly open your hearts to receive in them, the Supernatural Love, the Love of God. And then, God Himself will come to live in your hearts and give to the world His Love.
Pray My Rosary every day, for through it always more, I will fill your hearts with the Divine Love, the Love of God.

My children, only in the heart that prays can there be Love. Because the human being does not pray, does not have the Love of God.

Comprehend that this love will only born in you when the life of you be pure prayer, prayer of love. May your hearts only have kindness and love, so that through the goodness and the love of you, My children and the whole world may know and feel My Love.

I desire you to give 10 Hours of Peace (No.) 74 and 10 Hours of Peace (No.) 75 to My children who do not yet know these Hours of Prayer. It is necessary that My children know the Messages and Meditations recorded by my son Marcos in these Hours of Prayer. Give them to all My children, I ask of you!.

And in this month of the Anniversary of My Apparition in La Salette, that you all also give 10 Films La Salette No.1, 10 La Salette No.2, 10 La Salette No.3 for My children, so that they may know My Apparition, My Secret of La Salette.

And so, My children hasten their conversion, because we are in the last half hour of the day of God, and now it is no longer possible to sleep more in the sleep of indifference and of sin. It is necessary for all to convert yourselves and rapidly reform your lives by praying more and living more oriented towards heavenly things and less for the mundane and material things.

To all I bless with Love and especially to you My little son Marcos, who today with the new Chaplet of Mercy that you recorded, the No.58, you deeply consoled the Heart of My Son Jesus and My Heart by giving My children to know Our Messages and also the life of My son Saint Nicholas.

To you and to my most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, who with his Cenacles has continued to removed many thorns of My Immaculate Heart, son that I love with all My Love, with all My Maternal tenderness, and to all My children I now bless from Fatima, from Puilaron, and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “Dearest Mommy of Heaven, can You touch on these objects and chaplets that we made for the prayer and protection of your children?”.


(Marcos): “Forever be praised! ...
Yes... Yes, I will do. Yes, I will do.
And how do You want me to do it?
Yes... I understood...
Yes, I will do Lady... Yes... Yes...
You do not have to thank me, all my pleasure and all my joy is doing things for the Lady.
You know how happy I am every time you order things to me, because nothing makes me happier. To know that I can do something for You, You Who suffered so much with Jesus for me, for my salvation and that You have always been so kind, so loving to me.
Yes .. All my joy was always to do Your Will.
Yes... I will do”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, I call all of you again to the Supernatural Love.

In order for you to have the Supernatural Love, you must not only dilate your hearts by prayer, but also by the retreat and silence, where God will truly inspire you with His Grace, will give you the good desires of practicing the virtues. And where He will truly become your intimate Friend who will whisper to your heart through good inspirations what you have to do.

In the retreat and in the recollection the soul silences the heart, the voices of the world distant themselves from it and the soul then becomes able to hear the voice of God that always speaks low. And in a way that only those who silence can hear, that is: Feel His Will, understand His Will, understand His Plan of love.

Do recollection and silence, so that the disordered being of you may return to order and peace, and be able to hear the Voice of God.

Without peace, no one can feel God or Me nor know Our Will. And the hearts of you only will be able to have peace if they move away from the bustle of the world.

The Religious can do this more easily, because their life give them many moments of prayer and of recollection. To the laity this is already more difficult, because the world of today absorbs them, demands and enslaves much. But even they, even you My children at night when you come into your houses, do silent, gather yourselves, so that you in the silence you may feel the peace that is necessary to be able to perceive the Will of God, My Will, and what the Lord wants from you.

Only in the silence of prayer and of recollection, the disordered heart of you will become ordained and well disposed as a good land to be able to hear, that is: Understand what God speaks to you through My Messages and of the Meditations.

Speed ​​up the conversion of you, because time is running out! Many think that for Me to repeat that that the time is running out, that I am only deluding, or then, as you say: deceiving you.

But not My children, I tell you this because a sincere conversion and a perfected and completed holiness requires time and you continue sleeping in the same mistakes and defects without improving. Seek to pray more and twork truly in your souls, leading them to holiness and to the perfection. Only in this way can you will be able to be crowned with the Crown of Eternal Life when My Son returns soon to you in glory.

I desire you to give to all My children the Hour of Peace No.74 and No.75, as I asked yesterday, 10 of each Hour to ten children of Mine.

I also desire that you to give this wonderful Film of the life of My servant and most beloved Son Saint Benedict, whom I loved so much and whom favored so much with Graces. The life of Him is a bright sun in this time of darkness. His life so full of prayer, of love, and of holiness is a bright example that all the youth must follow.

I want you to make My son Benedict better known and loved by all, especially by the young people, so that as it happened in the time of Him, also today many youth want to follow Him through the life of prayer and of total consecration to God in the Religious Life.

And so I may have a great entourage of souls consecrated to God, who with their prayers and their lives wholly dedicated to the divine service, be the lightning rods of the punishments of the justice of God, and the magnets that draw new graces and blessings from God to all.

Yes, every Religious Soul, every soul consecrated to God in the Religious Life is this. So also is My little son Marcos.

Not for nothing that this State of São Paulo, where My son Marcos was born, lives, and where he speaks and talks with Me, not for nothing that this State is so blessed by Me, so enriched with blessings in the fields, in business, in industries, and great prosperity is in cities.

All of that, all these blessings of God and Mine are poured out in this State because of My little son Marcos, who Here since 26 years, loved Me, serves Me, with prayers, sacrifices, with work and obedience all the days of his life.

Yes, the love of him attracts these blessings. Every Film, every Rosary, every Chaplet of Mercy, every Hour of Prayer, every cenacle, every heart beart of the heart of him wholly dedicated to Me, every day of his life, draws these copious blessings upon this State, that is why there is so much abundance in it and so much wealth.

I desire that there may be many consecrated souls, who, with their lives filled with prayer and dedication to the Lord, would draw great graces and blessings to the whole Earth.

Therefore, make known the life of My son Benedict, and many youth will fell in love with him and through him, for the Consecrated Life, and they will give their “Yes" to the Lord.

I desire that you all also give 10 Chaplets of My Immaculate Conception No.2 to 10 children of Mine. So My children, they would known better My Messages, they would known better My Immaculate Heart, and My Grace will descend upon them and the whole Earth.

Dilate your hearts by the recollection and by the silence to God who is Love, and then, your hearts will know the Supernatural Love, they will live this Love and they will be able to radiate by spreading to others this great and true Love.

Only who pray deeply, who meditate, those who gather in the silence and in the prayer can receive the Supernatural Love, to give it later to their brothers.

Be love, live of love!

To all I bless you with Love now, and especially to you My little son Marcos, who has consoled Me so much with his works, you consoled Me greatly with the new Chaplet of Mercy No.58 that you have make for My Son Jesus and for Me. You removed 94 thousand thorns that were stuck in the Heart of Jesus and in Mine, when you did made this Chaplet before yesterday.

Son of Mine, thank you for this, continue doing these Meditated Chaplet and Hours of Prayer that so much please and console Me.

Yes, you are My consolator and it is not of today (not only today). For at the moment of the Presentation when I presented My Son Jesus in the temple and Simeon prophesied that My soul would be pierced by a Sword of Sorrow, because My Son would be put as a sign of contradiction, of salvation, and of ruin for many, and would be dead. My Heart felt such great Sorrow that if the Almighty did not sustain me at that moment, I would have died of Sorrow.

This Sorrow was so great and marked Me so deeply, that only in My Assumption to Heaven is that did it leave My soul forever. At that moment, most beloved son Marcos, the Lord showed Me you in mystical and supernatural vision, and your future fidelity, work, service, dedication and love to Me, consoled My Heart and also consoled also the Heart of My Divine Son Jesus Christ.

This great consolation followed Me for all life and especially on the high of the Calvary, along with the consolation that gave Me the knowledge also of your spiritual father Carlos Tadeu and his fidelity and love to Me. You with your life, your fidelity, it was the great consolation that I had, the only consolation I had in the midst of so many torments that I suffered with My Son at the high of Calvary.

For that, rejoice yourself and remain being My consolator!

The sign of My luminous Figure accompanying you in the procession of this Sanctuary, confirmed by My most beloved daughter Rafaela. It is for you consolation and the sign of how much I love you, I am grateful to you for everything you suffered and make for Me. And how much in your person, in your work and in your labor, I reflect always more My Great Light and My Flame of Love, which will be as much stronger how much were the darkness and evil be to envelop all souls and all mankind.

Continue praying My Rosary every day, for it I will triumph in your lives and I will give you finally the definitive Peace.

I bless you all with Love from Fatima, from Montichiari, from La Salette and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “Dear Mommy of Heaven, can You bless and touch on these chaplets and objects that we made for the prayer and protection of Your children?”...

(OUR LADY AFTER BLESSING AND TOUCHING ON THE SACRAMENTALS): “As I already said: Whenever one of these chaplets or pictures arrives, blessed and touched by Me, there I will be, alive, bringing the great Graces of the Lord and pouring these Graces upon all My children.

They will feel Me there alive, pouring Graces on them.

I promise to keep their bodies and their homes in the Three Days of Darkness, wherever these chaplets and these pictures touched by Me come.

To all of you again I bless and I leave (give) My Peace”.


(Marcos): “Yes, I will do...
Yes, I will do...
Yes, I will do my Mother...
Yes, I will do my Queen...
Yes, I will do my Jesus...
I will put it as You ask me...
How good that the Lord like it!...
Could I continue to put those meditations?... I will continue...
Yes... Yes... Yes, my Jesus and my Love. Yes, I will do”.

(OUR LORD): “Dear children, today, I come with My Most Holy Mother, to say to you:

My Heart loves you blazingly, and that is why I sent Here My Mother so that She in My name would bring you My Love, would show you how great is My Love. And the term so long of My Mother Here in this Place is the great proof of the immense Love that I have for you, and of how much I want truly to save you all and I do not want to lose any of you.

My Heart loves you blazingly, and that is why I came with My Mother Here, through My most obedient servant, Marcos Tadeu, to show to all of you the great love of My Sacred Heart. Yes!, this love, this love so great that you have despised.

I ask you, My children, not to despise My love more, and not to hurt My Sacred Heart with the sword of your disobedience and of your lack of love, but rather, give to My Heart the kiss of love, of the love that I want, of the filial love of the hearts of you.

Yes!, I want from you also this filial love that you must have to My Father of Heaven, because I and the Father are One, and I am in the Father and the Father is in Me, and everyone who loves the Father with filial love, must love Me in a certain way also with this love, because this love, pure, exempt of all interest, that love that does the soul to seek Me, to desire Me, to love Me, not for fear of Hell or My punishments, neither for My graces and favors, but, seek Me for Myself, to love Me, to live dedicated to Me as My little son Marcos and as My Saints lived.

Yes! It is this love that I want, the love that gives itself to Me, that dedicates itself, that suffers, that works for Me, the love that fights for Me, the love that renounces to everything even to the licit things, for Me; a love that does not think if not in Me, that does not exist if not to Me and that does not live if not to Me and for Me.

Yes! It is this love that I want of you, of course that the laity who have family can not live this fully, but I demand of all My children at least this desire, this desire of love.

As for the Consecrated, they can live this love freely and abundantly, live it then, in its fullness so that in you I also may place My Flame of Love, the Flame of Love of My Mother, to make you shine like My son Marcos in this picture of this sign that you  today contemplate, seeing how great is this wonder that I did in him.

I and My Mother put into him Our Flame of Love, and he was increasing this Flame, day after day, month after month, year after year, with many prayers, sacrifices, deeds, works, Rosaries, Hours of Prayer, Films, Cenacles, Meditations, Vigils, effort, bestowal, dedication one hundred percent to Us, until this Flame reached this intensity of radiant Sun in his heart, in his soul.

You too, you must have this Flame, this is what you must seek and desire. And if you imitate My little son Marcos in the bestowal to Me and to My Mother, you will also have this Flame and you will feel My love, My blazingly for you, My crazy love for you that desires My children to save you all, whatever the cost.

This Love that does not rest until it have all with Me, this Love that will never give up trying to save you at all costs. Only I will not save the soul that does not want, but that which wants and that has a minimum of love for Me, Ah!, for that soul I will do crazy things. Then, give Me your love, even if it is a drop, and if you work with Me and with My Mother, if you collaborate with My Grace, striving as My son Marcos did, I will make this Flame of Love grow in you, until it becomes a radiant Sun, as I made become My Flame in him.

Then the whole world will see My light, the light of My Mother, they will fall in love for the beauty of this light, and will come in search of that light, and in seeking this light in you, then all will find Me, will find My Mother, alive, reigning in you, as in My son Marcos, and then, it will be the Triumph of My Mother and Mine, the Triumph of Our Hearts in all souls, for finally Our Flame of Love will be transmitted from heart to heart; Satan will be blinded and paralyzed and will fall impotent (helpless), and finally the infernal empire will be overthrown.

Pray, pray very much the Rosary of My Mother, for through it, this Flame of Love will grow in you, as it grew in Our most beloved Marcos.

Work for My Mother, work for Me, struggle, strive, dedicate yourselves, and this Flame of Love will grow as much as were your effort.

Put your hands to the work, do not wait any longer! Because the world perishes, souls perish, because souls are continually waiting and putting off the moment to get to work, and begin to work for My Mother and for Me. 
Do the groups of prayer, spread Our Messages, do all you can to make My Mother known, and then will be fulfilled what My Mother said in Marienfried and what My servant Louis de Montfort said:

«When My Mother be known and loved, I will be known and loved and I will triumph».

Here, in this Sacred Place, which I and My Mother chose, in this land of Brazil, in this land of Santa Cruz, I and My Mother did the greatest wonders like never before in any place, to show you how My Love, Our Love is blazing for you, and how much of you, We only want love.

Love, be love, live of love, live for the Love, dedicate yourselves to the Love, and then the Love will triumph.
I am the Love, the Love is Me, and if you live for this Love, then this Love, I, will triumph in you and through you in the whole world.

Pray the Chaplet of Mercy every day, give 10 Chaplets of Mercy (No.) 59, and 10 Chaplets of Mercy (No.) 60, which My son Marcos made, to My children who do not know Me, so that then, finally, they may know My Love, the Love of My Mother and the Truth, and so be saved by the Truth.

Give also 10 Films Voices from Heaven No.1, of My Apparition to My daughter Faustina Kowalska and of the Apparition of My Mother in Porzus, so that the world know those Messages rapidly, and finally do what My Mother asked in Porzus, and I asked to Faustina, so that then, these two swords of sorrow would come out of Our Hearts, that is, these two Apparitions, these two despised Revelations, which became swords of sorrow in Our Hearts, come out of them, and we may overcome Our proud Enemy who boasts of having buried these Messages in the forgetfulness of humanity, in the contempt of humanity.

Forward My children, I count with you, I will fight for you.

To all of you I bless you with Love now, and especially to you, the most obedient and dedicated of My children, My little Flame of Love on Earth, My little bright and burning Sun of Love that I placed in this world, to warm the hard hearts and cold and illuminate the souls of the spiritual blind.

I bless you and also you, My most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, who today you consoled My Heart and the Heart of My Mother once again with the Rosary you prayed in the square before the Image of My Mother, in the square of Our Three Hearts.

Thank you, son, you took 15,000 swords of sorrow from Our Three Hearts, you also took 249 thousand thorns from Our Three Sacred Hearts with this Rosary, continue My son, most obedient of all the servants I found on Earth to be the spiritual father of My Benjamin, of My little Seraph of Love.

To you, son of Mine, whom I love with jealousy, and who I jealously hold in My Sacred Heart, and for whom I give kingdoms, armies, and not just one world, but thousand worlds to save you and to have you in My Arms.

To all and to all these My children I bless with Love of Dozulé, of Paray-Le-Monial and of Jacareí”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you contemplate the Anniversary of My Apparitions Here with My Son Jesus and all the Celestial Court, I come from Heaven to say to you:

I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace, open your hearts to My Peace.

If you open your hearts to My Peace through many prayers, supplications, tears, groans, I will give to your hearts this Peace that the world does not have, that the World does not know, and that only I can give: the Peace of God. This Peace will fill the hearts of you of a serenity, will the hearts of you with an unalterable certainty of the Love of God, of His Grace, of His Benevolence in you, that you will give the Peace, even in moments of suffering.
This Peace no one will be able to steal from you, that is the Peace of the certainty of being loved by God and by Me and of always having Me by your side.

This Peace that the world does not have and can not give, I will give it to you My children, I will give you, and then, your hearts, the hearts of you will be filled with a great and unalterable Peace that even with the passing of the years it will not change, only it will increase, and it will make you fully happy already on Earth and much more in Heaven.

I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace, and I want to give the Peace to the World, now that it is seriously threatened, therefore I want you to pray many Rosaries for the Peace of the World, and that you make the cenacles and groups of prayer that I asked for everywhere, so that We may protect the Peace and ensure the victory of the Peace, otherwise a serious war between East and West will begin.

The salvation is in the hands of you, therefore: Pray, pray, pray the Rosary!, with words you will get nothing, only with the Rosary can the wars, that always begin in Hell, in the evil heart of Satan, be stopped.

I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace, I am the Mother of the Love, I Am the Flame of Love. I want to give My Flame of Love to your hearts, therefore: Dilate them with many prayers, work, dedication to Me and to My Son Jesus, as did My little son Marcos, and then, truly, I will make this Flame grow in the hearts of you until it becomes a blazing and luminous Sun like My son Marcos.

Yes!, Sacrifice yourselves for Me, sacrifice yourselves for My Son. My son Marcos nderstood this perfectly, that the Love to Me is to sacrifice yourselves for Me and for My Son Jesus, the day you understand it and live it, you will begin to do like Him, and you will begin to sacrifice yourselves, to dedicate yourselves, to give yourselves more and more to Me and to My Son Jesus, and then you will begin to feel in your hearts this Flame of Love that he feels, that he has, that consumes him, that moves him, to go more and more forward, fighting more for Me, giving himself, dedicating himself more and more to Me, and always living thus consuming himself in this Love and dying of Love for Me without being able to die.

When then you live like this, you will be flames of Love here on Earth, and then My Flame of Love will radiate mightily in all nations, in all of humanity, converting souls and hearts, blinding and paralyzing Satan, knocking down his infernal kingdom, and finally happening the greatest Triumph of Our Sacred United Hearts.

Pray the Rosary every day, for through it I will make you reach this high and great degree of Love.

I love you all, and I chose you, I called you one by one with great love, I bless you all and the efforts of all, and I say: He who looks at My son Marcos will see in him, in his person and in his work, My mystical light that will become ever more shining and refulgent the greater were the darkness that My Enemy will spread over all things and nations. Yes! Here, in the work and in the person of My little son Marcos, the Coredemptrix, the Mediatrix, the Lady of all Nations, Who at the beginning in Nazareth was Mary, and now is the Queen, Here, in the person of him, She shines, She triumphs, She reveals Her Face of Love to all those who want to see Her, to know Her, to love Her, and through Her to know the Son, and Here, the Co-redemptrix, will finally have Her Dogma recognized because in the person and in the work of My son Marcos the whole world sill see Me, and seeing the power, the glory of My Apparition Here, and of My action in the soul and in the life of him, the world will recognize Me finally, it will recognize Me as the Co-redemptrix, the Advocate, the Mediatrix of all Graces, and then, the Lady of All Nations, the Messenger of Peace, will bless the world, She will bless, and the world will finally have the lasting and the happy Peace.

To all, I bless you with Love, and especially to you, Marcos, the most obedient and dedicated of My children, and also to you My most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, I now want to give you My special and private Message of the 7th day of each month:


My Son, I am your Mother, I love you with all My Heart, and I will never abandon you.

Be My mystical red rose of Love, by living every day for Me and to Me, living a life of Love, having more and more a life of intimacy with Me by the prayer of Love, by the meditation of Love, speaking to Me, confiding Me all your needs, all your sufferings, and also seeking always more to renounce everything for love to Me, so that I may have total space and freedom in your heart, of in it acting, working, beautifying it, perfuming it, enlightening it always more to the glory and the happiness, the satisfaction of the Most Holy Trinity.

Be My mystical red rose of Love, by living every day in the perfect spirit of sacrifice, dedicating yourself always more to Me, to fight for Me and for My Son Jesus, doing every day small acts of sacrifice like the Little Shepherds, following the example of My Little Shepherds of Fatima, of My little daughter Bernadette, of My Gerard and so many Saints, so that then, every day I can cover your soul with many and little mystical red roses of sacrifice, like luminous rubies that will enchant the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus, the Eyes of the Father, of the Holy Spirit, and then, enchanted by your beauty They will pour upon you, and through you upon all humanity: Light, Grace, Mercy and Peace.

Be my little mystical red rose of Love, by living of Love, being a living flame of Love, and radiating Love to all souls, to all creatures, above all, to the main soul to whom you have to radiate this Love that is My son Marcos Tadeu, whom I gave to you, through your love, he will feel the love of the Father and he will receive many graces which will only be communicated through this means, and through your love he will know more deeply and intensely the love of the Father, to then donate it and reveal it to the world. And thus, through this channel of Love, finally the Father will triumph and His Love will be known to all humanity as desired and did first My Son Jesus.

I bless you, My son, today, you removed many thorns and swords of sorrow from My Heart, as My Son Jesus said. And I desire you to continue removing then, therefore I ask you this month to give 100 Films of My Apparition in La Salette No.2, for My children of the whole world to know My Apparition, to the children of Mine, from there, from your land. I want them to know My Message, dry My Tears, and thus My Heart can rest in the souls of them as in new gardens of Love.

To you, and to all My children, whom I love very much, I bless with Love now of Fatima, of La Salette and of Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “Dear Mommy of Heaven, may You bless and touch on these chaplets that we made for the protection of Your children?...

Yes... Yes... Yes...

See you soon Mommy, see you soon, my Jesus”.


(Marcos): “Yes, I will do...
Yes... Yes...
The tables and the room are already set up, and now I can bring him here, and I can also do the Films of the Lady right here, Ineed the time I be available, although it be very little, but I will try to do it, even if it is at night, even at dawn I will do ...
Yes, I will do... Yes ...”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, I call you all again to Love.

Live the Supernatural Love, by giving to God the hearts of you and putting out of your hearts all that occupies the place of God.

If you give every day give to God love, honor, gratitude, praise, gratitude, your hearts will feel more and more the joy of loving, of praising and of praying. Then, your souls will open like flowers to the Sun to receive and feel all the grace, all the love of God.

Pray, so that your hearts will love God more. Pray and pray until prayer be a joy to you, until prayer be a joyful encounter of you with God.

During all My life I served God and My neighbor with humility and love, considering Me the last of all, and worthy of only the last place, may you have this same humility, always desiring the last place of all. For generally, the one who put himself/herself in the last place will be the most beloved and esteemed by the Lord, for God detests the proud and loves the humble, He resists the overweening and proud, and gives His Grace to the humble and pure of heart.

Therefore My children, live the humility, by imitating My example, and being My reflections on Earth, then, truly, My Presence will be perceived and felt by all, in you and through you. And the hearts of My children will seek the light, they will seek God who is the end, the purpose of the life of every man, of the creation of every man.

Pray My Rosary every day, for with it I always more I will grow in all the humility, and also the Supernatural Love that generates in the hearts of you the Joy and the Peace.

Speed ​​up the conversion of you, because the Return of My Son is very close. When My Son comes, men will hit their heads against the walls, will curse their lives lived without God, but it will be too late, because the time of piety will have passed.

The time of the pity (mercy) is now, therefore, cry out to God for His Forgiveness and His Pity with a life of prayer and of love, and He will forgive you, and in the Return of My Son He will give you the Crown of Eternal Life.

To all, I bless you with Love from Montichiari, from Kerizinen and from Jacareí”.

(SAINT GERARD MAJELLA): “Beloved brothers of Mine, I, Gerard, rejoice for today to come again to you.

Pray the Rosary every day, above all, so that many youths may want the Flame of Love of the Mother of God, to with this Flame respond “Yes” to the call of God to the Consecrated and Religious Life.

As Our most beloved Marcos said very well: «There is no greater grace than God can grant, to give to a soul, than to choose it and call it to the Religious and Consecrated Life». This is the Grace of the graces, the Blessing of the blessings and the undeniable sign of how much God loves the chosen soul.

Pray, so that many youths may want this Grace, love this Grace and honor this Grace.

And pray also to repair and redress so many souls who received this Grace, but, they despised this Grace, preferring the world and its things, its loves, its pleasures, its amusements.
Oh, how this offends God! This is the cause of so many earthquakes, so many hurricanes, so many prolonged droughts, so many plagues in crops and plantations, so much unhappiness and so many wars.

If there were more souls who loved this Grace, who honored it and that truly loved it with all their heart, truly, the Punishments would diminish.

Pray, so that the youths at My imitation, love this grace and value this grace, and dedicate their lives joyfully to God, to the Mother of God in the Consecrated Life, living this life of Grace, this life of holiness, this angelic life, this life of joy that I Myself lived, so that through them, truly, the Grace of God continue to radiate on Earth to all men.

To all I love and bless with Love from Materdomini, from Muro Lucano and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “Dear Mommy of Heaven, can you touch on these chaplets that we made for the protection of Your children?”.

(OUR LADY AFTER TOUCHING THE SACRAMENTALS): “As I have already said, wherever one of these chaplets touched by Me and by My servant Gerard come, there We will be alive, bringing to all the Grace of the Lord.
Stay in the Peace of the Lord”.


(Marcos): “Forever be praised.
Yes, I am very happy! Yes, a lot...
Very happy!
After that sign yesterday, I slept like an angel, I slept light as a feather ... Yes ...
I thank the Lady. I am not worthy of these confirmatory signs, I am not worthy, but I thank You with all my heart. Yes.
I thank You! And as long as I live I will love the Lady, I will work for the Lady, I will defend the Lady, I will do whatever the Lady wants, all my life.
Yes ... Yes ... Yes, I will do.
Yes, I will do... Yes, I will do.
You were always my only love and always will be. You was always the reason of my life and my everything.
I will always do whatever You want, for all my life.
Yes! Yes... Yes.
I will do... Yes...Yes”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you are celebrating Here the Anniversary of My Apparition in La Salette to My little children Maximin and Mélanie, I come again from Heaven to say:

I am the Reconciler of sinners, and I came to La Salette to call all sinners back to reconcile with the Eternal Father, with My Son Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, by a perfect, deep and sincere conversion.

I am the Reconciler of sinners and I came to La Salette to give My Sorrowful Message, and to warn My children that with their sins they were themselves provoking and generating the punishments of the Wrath of God. And therefore they must repent themselves, convert themselves, pray, and be good, so that then, they may be worthy of graces and favors from the Lord.

Yes, humans for their sins became unworthy of graces and guilty of punishments. But when they convert themselves they become very worthy of graces and even of miracles.

That is what I meant to say to My Little Shepherds, saying that if all convert themselves, there would be a lot of wheat and potatoes and grapes, and all would have life, joy, food, and health in abundance.

If all My children prayed My Rosary, if they made My cenacles and the groups of prayer  that I asked, everywhere, if they changed their lives, how many blessings God would not pour on the Earth!

Yes, yes My children! If there were also souls... victims souls, more souls full of love who dedicated their lives to God, to Me, to prayer in the Consecrated Life, how many punishments would not be avoided. What blessing the Lord would not give on the farming, the crops, the cities, the labors of all, and what Peace there would be on Earth.

Yes, because already in the time of La Salette the Consecrated Souls no prayed more, they only looked for the pleasures of the world, the amusements, the money. The blessings of God stopped falling on the crops of France and came the plague, the famine, the loss of crops and plantations.

Because these blessings only descend from Heaven to Earth because of the prayers especially of Consecrated Souls. So much is that do you not see the great abundance that Brazil has in its plantations, in its fields, in its flocks?

And all this is thanks to the “Yes” of son Marcos and of the life totally  dedicated of him life to the prayer, to the work for Me, and to the production of the Films of My Apparitions, of My Rosaries, of the Chaplets of Mercy, of the Holy Hours, Trezenas and Setenas.

Yes, it is thanks to this that the crops, that the plantations, that the herds of the country of you have prospered so much in recent years. And if were missing My son Marcos Here attracting with his life totally dedicated to Me and to the Lord, these blessings, you would already been starving with a great shortage a very long time ago!

God rewards and blesses thus, the lands and nations where there are souls dedicated to His service in the Religious Life. And when a soul refuses itself to give its life to the Lord, it attracts to the Earth many punishments, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, famines, and shortages. Because it pays with ingratitude the immense love of God, who chose the person, the soul to be all of His and to live already on this Earth the angelic life, the shortest, the truest and the most direct path to Heaven.

That who gives more merits to the soul to possess the Paradise, because all that it does is by the vow of obedience to God. Then, because of the merits of this soul, God blesses the Earth, and when the soul refuses to give its “Yes” to God who chose it with such a great love of preference, of predilection, His Justice He pours, He sends many punishments on the whole earth.

Love attracts the Love and the ingratitude attracts the Justice!

Therefore, My children, answer “Yes” always to God for everything He asks of you like My Little Shepherds of La Salette, like My daughter Saint Pauline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus. For then, God will give His blessing on the Earth because of the “Yes” and of the love of you, of your lives dedicated to Him.

And then, there will be abundance, life in abundance, happiness, plenty and peace!

I am the Reconciler of sinners and I come to Jacareí to repeat My Message of La Salette and to finish what I started at La Salette. To do so, I desire everyone to heed My Messages, pray My Rosary every day, do penances, do works of love.

Speak less, pray more!

Speak less, renounce more to your will and to the mundane (worldly) things!

Speak less and give more works of love to God every day! Works done with Agape Love, Supernatural, so that then My Son Jesus showers His Mercy on the world and cancels the Punishments that this ungrateful humanity already provokes and already attracts of His Justice wounded by so many sins.

I am the Reconciler of sinners and I come Here to tell you all My children: Live in the Love, for living in the love, in the Supernatural Love God will live in you.

The sign of the ray of light that I gave yesterday on My son Marcos Tadeu in My Miraculous Spring, it means that to you too. It means that if you live in the Love, the Agape Love, the Supernatural Love as him, you will also receive the light of God, God will live in your souls and you will radiate God to all those who approach you.

And God then will touch hard hearts, hearts will feel the love of God, t heywill desire to live also with God and be one with God in love, for the unitive life of love.

This is how I always do through My little son Marcos and this is how also that I will do to you all.

Give the “Yes” of you to God, live the Supernatural Agape Love with all your hearts, with all the strength and God then will live in you, you will live in God. And then the light of God through you may be seen and noticed by all, as by My little son Marcos through the mystical light of My Flame of Love, of the Holy Spirit, of the very presence of the Most Holy Trinity that I gave you to see in the sign of the procession of the last year.

Then, this light will radiate through you to the whole world in these times of great darkness, illuminating the souls that lie in the darkness. And they then will see the great light of the love of the Lord, My great light and with you, with you they will also desire to live in the light and be children of the light.

I am the Reconciler of sinners and I came Here to tell you all that God loves you deeply, that I love you with all My Heart and do not want your Perdition, We do not want the Eternal Damnation of you.

That is why, I say again: Sanctify the Day of the Lord, dedicate Sunday to the Lord and to prayer, dedicate Saturday, the afternoon of Saturday to Me, in the prayer, in the meditation.

In Lent do penance, on Fridays of the year do penance in honor of the sufferings of Jesus and on the Saturdays in honor of My sufferings.

Pray the Rosary every day. Do not blaspheme, do not curse, also try to be good, respect God, respect the rights of God by practicing the Virtue of the Religion and of Justice. Seek to be good to te neighbotf, and God will also be kind and merciful to you.

If you pray and change your life all the sentences of the Apocalypse also will also be into blessings and graces to you all.

Here in Jacareí where I appeared terrible as the Army in battle order against My Enemy, bright as the Sun, beautiful as the Moon, loving as an affectionate and a tender Mother with Her children. Again today I say: Here I am truly consoled, firstly by My little son Marcos who with these Films of La Salette removed thousands and thousands of thorns from My Immaculate Heart.

And he removed from My Heart an enormous sword of sorrow that was stuck in it for 160 years and there was no one who wanted to removed it, and this My son removed, giving to My Heart great relief, consolation and joy.

In him and in all who Here live with Him, give their lives to Me with him, dedicate themselves to Me with him also, I am consoled, loved and glorified.

And in all My children who see these Films, who spread them together with My little son Marcos, too, I find all the consolation and all the joy of My Immaculate Heart.

While you were watching the Film of La Salette, Here were removed 798 swords of sorrow from My Heart, and 24,568 thousand thorns that the world had pierced in My Heart this week alone.

Thank you, My little children, for so much love, so much consolation that you give Me!

I thank and I say: Continue watching these Films to console Me, spreading them to removed swords of sorrow from My Heart, and to dry the Tears that the world continues to drew from My eyes mercilessly, cruelly every day, hour by hour.

And work to save My children and bring them to Me, for every hour that passes I lose another child that goes in sin.

Save My children by giving them to know My Apparition of La Salette and making My cenacles everywhere.

Take these Films to all My children, I have already asked them Here this month and I ask again: Give 10 Films of My Appariton in La Salette, 10 of the No. 1, 10 of the No.2, 10 of the No.3 for all My children to know My Apparition to convert themselves, to change their lives and to console My Heart.

Give also 10 Hours of Peace No.74, No.75 and now also I want you to give the No.92 to My children, and also the Chaplet of Mercy No.40. You must give 10 of each of them to My children, so that they return soon to the Lord of Love, of the Salvation and of the Peace.

To all of you I bless you with love, especially to you Marcos, the most ardent apostle of My Apparition of La Salette, My most obedient and dedicated son with whom I have always been able to count on, and in whom I have always found an response to all My requests about La Salette.

Also, I bless you, My most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, whom I love and to whom I became also an apostle of My Tears and of My Message of La Salette, joining you to My most obedient and dedicated son. The son of My Prophecies of La Salette.

Yes, to you, My most beloved son, whom I became the father of the son of the Prophecies of La Salette, and whom I love so much and I jealously keep in the secure enclosure (place) of My Immaculate Heart. And to all My children I now bless from La Salette, from Pellevoisin and from Jacareí”.

(SAINT ZENON): “Beloved brothers of Mine, I, Zenon, servant of the Lord and of the Mother of God, rejoice to come with Her today on the day of Her Feast.

I love all of you, I pray, intercede, protect and keep you all with love, already, a long time ago.

A very long time ago the Mother of God asked Me to be the protector (guardian) of you, of this Sanctuary, of Our most beloved Marcos and now more recently of Our most beloved Carlos Thadeu, father of Our favorite Benjamin (youngest son).

How I love you all! How I care for you!

Every day I shower many graces from Heaven on everyone and I never forsake anyone. And today I say to all with love:

Pray the Rosary with Love to dry the tears of the Mother of God. Pray it with your heart, pray it deeply meditating, pray it with perseverance, pray it always having the awareness that the Mother of God looks at you during the prayer. Pray with your soul truly immersed in the Presence of God and of Her in prayer.

Pray the Rosary with love, striving yourselves all, striving yourselves to meditate and think of the Mysteries of the Life of Jesus and Mary, to draw lessons and examples from the virtues that They practiced. And above all, seeking to praise the Mother of God and the Blessed Fruit of Her Womb, with a purity similar to that of the Angel Gabriel, with the love of the Saints and with the reverence and love of the Most Holy Trinity Himself to Her.

Pray the Rosary with love every day, because this Prayer has already saved millions, and has already pull millions from the clutches of the infernal Dragon. Souls he had for sure would not escape him and that they were already Damned.

Verily, it can not be counted the number of those who were saved by the power of the Most Holy Rosary. Pray it with love and your souls also will be saved.

Teach sinners to love and to pray the Holy Rosary, do not waste the time of you by giving them lessons, but teach them to pray first with love the Holy Rosary and to feel the grace of the Holy Rosary and the love of the Mother of God for them.

Then, they will desire the conversion for themselves, and you will not require to force them to anything, force them to nothing. This is how Saint Dominic made and converted thousands of heretics so unregenerate and so hard of heart as the rocks.

And this is how you also will achieve victory and success in the conversion of sinners.

Be the mystical handkerchiefs of love, that dry the Tears of the Mother of God with a life full of prayer, sacrifice and penance, living the Agape Love in the hearts of you with all your strength.

The more you live this love and dilate your hearts to this Flame of Love, the more powerfully it will act in you and it will potentiate your prayers, producing many and resounding conversions for whoever you pray and wherever you go.

And then, truly, the Mother of God will repeat again on Earth the same prodigies that She did when here Saint Dominic lived. That burned soul of the Flame of Love of Her that wherever he passed produced resounding conversions.

If you desire this Flame of Love, dilate your hearts to it and increase this Flame of Love as Our most beloved Marcos has always done, working a lot for the Mother of God, giving himself to Her without rest, praying much, suffering for Her with love, emulating himself more and more to love Her more with love.

If you also increase this Flame with the effort of you, it will make through you graces, prodigies, resounding things that will convert sinners and they will never be the same again. Then the infernal kingdom will be overthrown, and Her Heart will finally Triumph.

I, Zenon, will be next to all of you, to help you with My love and My prayer.

Give 10 Red Scapulars of Pellevoisin for ten people, and 10 Gray Scapulars of Peace for ten people, so that this way, their conversion will be accelerated and rushed.

If people do not accept the Scapulars, put them without their knowing it, these Scapulars in the house of they, or in the things of them, so that the Mother of God through these Sacramentals will shower Her Flame of Love into these hard souls like marble, and She makes them transform themselves, little by little in burning flames of love.

I, Zenon, was an Incessant flame of love on Earth ,and it is My Mission to transform other souls into those flames of love.

Ask Me for the Flame of Love and I will give it to you. And increase this Flame with the effort, work and prayers of you, and I will give it to you always in abundance, always more this Flame.

To all I bless with Love and especially to you My most beloved Marcos, you did not know me until today, but, know, I always  loved you, I always protected and defended you. And now that you know Me, pray to Me and all that you ask Me, I will give it to you.

To you and to your spiritual father, who you love more than the own life, more than all.

I  bless now with Love and over all I shower now the Peace”.

(Marcos): “Dear Mommy of Heaven, may You and Saint Zenon have the goodness to touch and bless these chaplets that we made for the protection of Your children?...


(THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY AFTER TOUCHING ON THE SACRAMENTALS): “As I have said, wherever one of these chaplet touched by Me and by My servant Zenon come, there we will be alive, bearing great graces and blessings of the Lord.

We all now bless with Love, and especially We give a Blessing to you most beloved son Cléber, Zenon is your holy protector. To you He gives a Special Blessing today, and I bless you too, entrust yourself to Him, give yourself to Him with confidence, and great blessings you will receive.

To all I leave (give) My peace. Good night.

Stay in the Peace of the Lord”.

16 SEPTEMBER 2017 - 171th ANNIVERSARY OF THE APPARITION OF LA SALETTE - MESSAGES FROM OUR LADY AND SAINT GERARD MAJELLA (His Message was to the spiritual father of the seer Marcos).

(Marcos): “Forever be praised!
Yes... Yes... Yes, I will do, Mommy. Now I already have how to continue yes.
Yes... Yes... I will do, yes... How good that You like it!.
Yes, this week I will do more, much more... Yes...

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, I call on you all to live more intensely My Message of La Salette.

Convert yourselves! Pray more! Love God more! Be good!

I desire that you be good, very good!  May you not hurt more the Heart of My Son Jesus with your sins. May you no hurt more My Mother's Heart with the offenses of you against God and Me.

I desire you all to seek grow in prayer.

It is necessary that already early in the morning, to meditate on the brevity of life, how the life is short, it passes quickly. How the life is insecure, how no one can guarantee that will live the next day. How from one moment to another you may be called by God to give an account of your actions to Him.

You must meditate also on how much this life is illusory. Of those who sought so much glories, the fame, the honor, the pleasures, and who already died, nothing remains in the tomb but a handful of putrefaction and ashes.

Therefore My children, it is necessary every day in the morning to meditate how the life of you lasts little in comparison with the eternity. The maximum that the human being can live is 70 to 80 years and the strongest 100 years, but even so, not without pains, illnesses and diseases without count!

Therefore, My children is nonsense to cling to this life despising and neglecting to win to that, the Eternal, that lasts forever.

Meditate upon all this in the morning, and you will comprehend why I cried in La Salette, seeing My children, especially the consecrated souls surrendering themselves to the mundane (worldly) things and their illusory pleasures, honors, and glories.

Because all this My children, before God is worth nothing and life passes like a flower that today exists and tomorrow no longer exists.

Therefore, meditate upon the brevity of this life, so that you can always live with your eyes fixed on Heaven, in that enduring and truly happy and glorious life that I prepare with My Son Jesus for you.

Divulge more My Apparition in La Salette.

Give My children, the Chaplet of My Little Shepherds Maximin and Mélanie that My little son Marcos recorded and made for you, to 10 people. So that they may know the lives of My Little Shepherds and imitate the life of love and obedience of Them to Me.

God is love! And if you live in the Love, God will live in you and you in Him.

Be love, live of love, be flames of love like My little son Marcos. And then from the heart of you, also it will also radiate My Flame of Love, as it radiates from the Heart of My son Marcos in that miraculous photo of the sign that I showed you: My Flame of Love in the chest of My Son Marcos.

If you are love flames like him, from you too, that flame will radiate, blind and neutralize Satan, will save many souls and the world finally will be renewed, transformed and saved by the Miracle of Love, of My Flame of Love that will radiate through of your hearts.

Continue praying My Rosary every day!

He who imitates My little son Marcos in the love to the Most Holy Rosary, and also the one who seeks to make grow My Flame of Love in his/her heart as My little son Marcos does by many prayers, services and works rendered to Me with love, sacrifices. He will truly have My blessing and in him/her I will do wonders.

To all I bless with Love now from La Salette, from Fatima and from Jacareí”.

(After the Message from Our Lady Saint Gerard communicated a special Message to the most beloved brother, Mr. Carlos Tadeu, the spiritual father of the seer Marcos Tadeu)

(Marcos): “Yes... Ye ... I recorded, recorded everything. I do not forget,not. I willpass on to him still today.

Yes... Yes... Thank you dear Saint Gerard!.

Dear Mommy of Heaven, may You and Saint Gerald have the kindness to touch on these chaplets that we made for the prayer and protection of Your children?” 

(MARY MOST HOLY AFTER TOUCHING ON THE CHAPLETS PRESENTED BY THE SEER MARCOS): "As I have said: Wherever one of these chaplets comes, there I will be with My little son Gerard alive, bearing abundant graces from the Lord to all My children.

To all of you again I leave My Peace.

Good night. Stay in the Peace of the Lord!”.


(Marcos): “Yes, yes, I will do. Yes My Queen I will do. Yes My Mother, I will do, I will do.
And these You want me to place where? In the Chaplet of Mercy. Yes. Yes. Yes, I will do, yes.
Now I will be able to do it. Yes... And You want me to include that in it? Yes, it is that from there I have nothing, because there I went never. I do not know anyone either. Yes, I got it, yes I will do. Yes, I will do”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you are nearer to the anniversary of My Apparition in La Salette and you are still celebrating My Apparition there. I want to tell you: Pray the Rosary, so that all My children convert themselves and attend to My Message of La Salette by changing their lives and living the true life in God. That is, in the Grace, in the Love and in the Peace!.

Only thus, My Tears will stop to run down from My face, Tears that from the time of My Apparition in La Salette until today I never ceased to pour. Truly, there is no vessel in the world that can contain My Tears, and if the sea were one day to dry, I could again fill it with the Tears that I shed during all these years for the loss of My children.

Above all, the loss of My children consecrated to God, those souls who had given their lives and their hearts to My Son Jesus and to Me in the consecrated life. And they went back to the world, dedicating themselves only to lost themselves in sin and to live away from the love of Our Hearts.

Also, there are many Tears that I shed for those souls who were chosen by My Son Jesus and by Me, who heard Him: «,Come and follow Me!», but they said that they had many things to look after in the world, that they had the heart in love for this or that person, for this or that pleasure and because of that they refused... they refused themselves to give their hearts to My Son Jesus and to Me.

Yes, a great sword of sorrow is stuck in My Heart and Tears descend from My eyes copiously until today. To console Myself, I came to Jacareí to resurrect My Message from La Salette using for this My most obedient son Marcos, who knew nothing of this Apparition.

Then I told him of La Salette, of My Secret, and through him I called the attention of all My children to this My Apparition that was virtually forgotten and despised. And then, thanks to My little son Marcos, I resurrected My Message from La Salette, making it present, known, loved, obeyed, lived by so many thousands of My children.

Yes, in these My children, I am beloved, I am consoled, I am truly glorified with a pure and simple love as was the love of My Little Shepherds Maximin and Mélanie. And that is why, that Here in Jacareí, I am going to finish everything that I started in La Salette.

And that is why I asked My little son Marcos to make a new Film: «FROM LA SALETTE TO JACAREÍ». So that then, My children finally comprehend that My plan of salvation will end Here. And you are about to see My Son Jesus returning in His Glory to renew the Heavens and the Earth.

Leave to this world that is already doomed to disappear that which is from it, and live the life of the chosen, the heavenly life, the life of the true sons of God, Who is Love! Be therefore love, live in this supernatural agape love, so that you, then, My children, may soon enter in the New Heavens and New Earth, which will be an Earth of  love and where only will enter those who know how to love, those who have the filial Love, Supernatural, Agape for God, for Me and also for the neighbor.

Thus, you truly will be able to live with My Son Jesus and with Me, and there all the tears of your eyes finally will be wiped away, because the old things of this world will have disappeared.

Be the crowns of roses of My feet, that crown that I showed to My Little Shepherds that surrounded My shoes in La Salette.

Be this crown of roses that every day take My Messages to the knowledge of My children, spread my Apparition in La Salette and My secret, go by all the ways doing the cenacles and the groups of prayer that I asked to convert My children, to teach them the filial love to God, the Agape Love, the prayer.

So you will truly be those mystical roses around My feet, who together with Me take the light of God's grace, bring love and salvation to all My children.

Be the crowns of roses of My feet, that crown that I showed to My Little Shepherds that surrounded My shoes in La Salette.

Let this crown of roses that every day take My Messages to the knowledge of my children spread my Apparition in La Salette and my secret go by all the ways doing the cenacles and prayer groups that I asked to convert my children to teach them filial love to God, Agape Love, prayer.

Thus, you will truly be those mystical roses around My feet, who together with Me take the light of the grace of God, bring the love and the salvation to all My children.

Be the crown of roses of My feet resting My Maternal Soul weary of so much covering (traveling) the world in so many Apparitions, seeking love, seeking victims souls who want to dedicate their lives to Me to fight and to suffer with Me for the salvation of My children, without finding!.

Be these mystical roses that dedicate their lives to Me, to help Me to save My children. Then, you will rest My soul, you will rest My weary feet of  covering (traveling) all the roads of the world, calling My children to the conversion without being heard.

Then, My maternal soul, My Heart will rest, will rest in you, in you it will find, finally it will find love, consolation, affection, comprehension, retribution and love.

And then, in you My Plan of Love will be fulfilled, My Flame of Love will radiate itself mightily from heart to heart burning all of them in My great Flame of Love.

And then, the world finally will be saved by the miracle of love of My Flame of Love, and it will be fulfilled what I said in La Salette: «That in the end everything would be renewed, God would be again worshipped and served». And it will be fulfilled My Prophecy of Fatima: «That in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph!».

Be the mystical roses around My feet praying the Holy Rosary every day, serving Me, working for Me to make Me more known and loved like My son Marcos. So, in the work of you, in the  prayer of you My Immaculate Heart will rest and in you it will truly please itself pouring upon you and into your souls all the great graces that are retained in my Heart, because there is no one who wants them, there are no one to ask them to Me.

Then, in you I will do wonders, and the world finally will know the love of the voice that cried out at the top of the Mountain, the voice of the Mother of Heaven who still calls all Her children to enter in the safe haven of Her immaculate Heart and to receive of Her the Peace, the Love and the Salvation of the Lord.

To all I bless with Love and especially to you My most beloved son Marcos, who with this first Film of La Salette that you made for Me, you consoled enormously My Immaculate Heart by removing from it that very sorrowful sword that was stuck in it 150 years ago without there being no one to take it away.

Yes, millions of My children knew La Salette because of this Film that you made for Me. And now My Apparition of La Salette, I, the reconciler of the sinners of La Salette I am more known, remembered and loved.

To you who made Me known and loved by so many of My children. You who have won so many hearts for My apparition in La Salette.

To you I bless especially now with Love, I also bless to you My most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, mine and your son Marcos transmitted Me his embrace.

Continue spreading La Salette along with your son, so that then through you, also many souls know My Tears, My Sorrow, the entreaty from the top of the mountain. So that then, I may through you overthrow the infernal realm of My Evemy in the hearts, in the souls and raise in them my mystical cities of love, of prayer and of obedience to the Lord.

You along with the son that I gave you is My Herald of La Salette. Go and announce My Message to all My children, so that then they may love Me and thus My Triumph be hastened.

To all My children who love My Apparition in La Salette, to all My children who helped My son Marcos to make these Films of La Salette, that so much console Me and crush the head of My Enemy.

To all who also spread them with love I bless now from La Salette, from Kerizinen and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “Dear Mommy of Heaven, can You touch on these chaplets and holy objects that we made for the protection and prayer of Your children? Yes... Yes”.

(MARY MOST HOLY AFTER TOUCHING ON THE SACRAMENTALS): “As I have already said: Wherever one of these chaplets, pictures come there I will be alive bringing the great graces and blessings from the Lord.

To all of you, to you My most beloved son Marcos, to you too, dearest son Marcos Augusto, who helped My son Marcos to go to La Salette to make the Film of My Apparition for the conversion and salvation of My children.

To you, My most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, son that I love so much, I bless and I thank you for the hug that you sent Me. Mom loves you so much! You are My hope, My consolation together with My little son Marcos.

Forward! Go and take My Message from La Salette to everyone!

To all I bless again, I leave (give) My peace. Stay in the Peace of the Lord”.