Oct 27, 2017



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Mater Dolorosa

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21 JULY 1993: She affirmed me that She appears in many places of Spain and not only in Spain, but of the world. -In 1934 She appears only in Ezquioga and on the occasion of Ezquioga (Revel. April 1934)-. That there are many revelations everywhere, this being a sign that big things will soon happen.  She repeated me that he who has to separate the false seers of the genuine will have to suffer great persecution, for the evil will revolt against him, using priests and bishops, and they will arm a great revolution against all the true ones; but that they will be defeated and ashamed, and many will commit suicide; and that some who have been talking about that of Ezquioga they will convince, and when they  be convinced, they will also be convinced all that with their conferences, were turned against the Virgin. Then the Baby Jesus appeared and told me to bring paper and pencil and write the following message:

"Your Jesus calls you.  Run to Him. I want to tell you all, My children, that you pass by very bad times, and you have to make the account of what you have to present Me. Do you say that you are mine, and in your hearts the Devil reigns? ...  No, dear children; I can not allow that ... Soon those cinemas and theatres that you frequent daily, they will be buried ... And you, My apostles, instead of giving example, do you take it away? It can not be so, dear children. Perhaps did I teach you this way, or do you want to act In a different way to that I taught you? Many of you are blind and want to sleep in the pleasures of the world ...; Many are not true apostles of Mine, and none of you who are asleep in the pleasures of the world are pleased by My Heavenly Father.
I, someday, will ask you accounts for all this. And you, Spain dear, repent of your strays, and as long as you hear My whistle blesses you your Jesus.

Then the Blessed Virgin added the one who follows: Your Mother, who loves you a lot, calls you, children of the soul. I want to tell you all that, as obedient sheep, hear the Whistle of the Good Shepherd; but do not separate from Him, for He, if you stray, will not come to look for you. If you are going to find Him, He will welcome you lovingly. He watered the whole earth with His Blood, and you reject Him. What more do you want Him to do? Do you not have enough with what he has done to you? Perhaps is He obliged to do something for you? And you, what do you do for Him?, What do you offer Him? I do not cease of asking for you, but the day will come that prayers will not be enough, and you will get what you deserve. As Mother I am all Mercy, but you have taken it from Jesus. Now, dear children, cast at the feet of Jesus, abandon yourselves in His arms and ask Him forgiveness from all your strays. And your tender and most loving Mother Mary blesses you”.