Nov 21, 2017



The Chaplet of Love was revealed to Saint Consolata Betrone (who appeared in Jacareí), by Our Lord Jesuschrist.

The importance of this invocation, short but very powerful, can be understood from the words that Jesus inspired to Sister M. Consolata Betrone and that we read in her journal:
«I'm not asking for anything but this: a continuous act of love , Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls.
Tell me, Consolata, what better prayer can you raise? Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls: love and souls! What's better than this?
I'm thirsty of your act of love! Love me much, Consolata, just love me and love me always! I'm thirsty of love, but of thorough love, the love of undivided hearts. Love me for all and every human heart that exists. I'm so thirsty of love. Quench my thirst. You can. You want to! Cheer up and forward!
Do you know why I don't allow you many vocal prayers? Because the act of love is more fruitful. A "Jesus I love you" hails for a thousand curses. Remember that a perfect act of love involves the eternal salvation of a soul. So, regret loosing a single JESUS, MARY I LOVE YOU, SAVE SOULS».
Wonderful are the words of Jesus that express His joy for this invocation and even more for the souls that through it can reach eternal salvation.... This consoling promise is repeated many times in the writings of sister Consolata, invited by Jesus to intensify and offer her love:
«Don't waste the time: every act of love is a soul! Of all the gifts, the best gift you can offer me is a day full of love.
I desire an uninterrupted JESUS, MARY I LOVE YOU, SAVE SOULS from when you get up in the morning till when you go to bed at night».
Jesus cannot be more explicit and Consolata writes:
«As soon as I get up in the morning, I shall immediately begin the act of love, and, through will-power, I shall never interrupt it till I'll be asleep at night. I shall pray my Guardian Angel to pray for me while I sleep . Keep this purpose constantly, renewing it in the morning and at night.
Living well my day . always in Jesus with the act of love; He will transfuse in me His patience, strength and generosity».
The act of love that Jesus wants ceaseless doesn't depend on the words pronounced with the mouth, but it is an inside act of the mind that concentrates on loving, of the will that wants to love and of the heart that loves. The formula JESUS, MARY I LOVE YOU, SAVE SOULS wants simply to be a help.
«If a creature of good-will wants to love me and makes of her life a sole act of love from when she gets up in the morning till when she goes to bed at night (with the heart, of course!), I shall do incredible things for this soul. I'm thirsty of love, I'm thirsty of being loved by my creatures. The souls think that it is necessary an austere, penitent life in order to reach me. Can you see how they misunderstand me? They picture me awe-inspiring, while I'm only good! How they forget the precept I gave you: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, etc." Today, like yesterday and tomorrow, I will ask my creatures only and always love».

Initial Prayer: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

On the large beads (instead of the Our Father say): Sweet Heart of Jesus, be my Love.
Sweet Heart of Mary, be my Salvation.Sweet Heart of Saint Joseph, be my Peace.

On the small beads (instead of the Hail Marys say ten times): Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love You, save souls.

Final Prayer
(Say three times): Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sorrowful, Immaculate and Eucharistic Heart of Mary, Most Loving and Sorrowful  Heart of Saint Joseph, make You more and more.

Gesù, Maria vi amo, salvate anime!

Jésus, Marie je vous aime, sauvez les âmes!

Jesus, Maria amo-vos salvai almas!

Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls!

Jesus, Maria ich liebe euch, rettet seelen!

Jesús, María os amo, salvad almas!

Jezu, Maryjo kocham was, ratujcie dusze!
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Cardinal Merry del Val’s classic Litany of Humility is known to many Catholics. It’s a powerfully worded prayer, one that always makes a splash. However, revisiting it as a Dominican, the litany raises questions for me. There surges within me a need to make distinctions…or even to write a new litany.
Dominican friars aren’t always known for humility, yet St. Thomas Aquinas has left us quite a rich inheritance on the subject. Thomas fundamentally roots humility in a true knowledge of reality, of one’s strengths and weaknesses. He details humility’s opposition both to pride, the queen of all vices, and indirectly to vainglory, pride’s first lieutenant. He also identifies the pitfalls of false humility. And unknown to many, Thomas links humility with magnanimity, that virtue which propels us to real greatness. Magnanimity keeps humility from turning us into doormats.
With the help of a few friars, I offer this litany of humility based on St. Thomas:
O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, teach me.
From all pride and its effects, deliver me, Jesus.
From coveting greatness for its own sake or to excess, etc.
From contempt of You and Your law,
From a puffed-up self-image,
From claiming to be a self-made man,
From ingratitude for Your gifts,
From thinking that I have earned Your gifts by my effort alone,
From boasting of having what I do not have,
From excusing my faults while judging others,
From wishing to be the sole possessor of the skills I have,
From setting myself before others,
From all vainglory, deliver me, Jesus.
From craving praise for its own sake, etc.
From looking for flattery,
From withholding glory from You,
From showing off to the harm of my neighbor,
From presumption and false self-confidence,
From boastfulness,
From hypocrisy,
From the excessive need to be fashionable,  
From obstinacy and contention,
From disobedience,
From all false humility, deliver me, Jesus.
From forfeiting my dignity as a child of God, etc.
From burying the talents that You gave me,
From an unreasonable fear of failure,
From avoiding my true vocation,
From despair at my weakness,
In the ways of humility, teach me, Jesus.
To know my limits and my strengths, etc.
To acknowledge the depravity of my past sins,
To acclaim You as the author of all the good I do,
To put my confidence in You,
To be subject to You and Your Church,
To be subject to others for Your sake,
To revere Your presence in others,
To rejoice in Your gifts in others, even the gifts unseen,
To do great things by Your help and for Your glory, strengthen me, Jesus.
To seek greatness in heavenly things and lasting virtue, etc.
To do my best even when unnoticed,
To put my share of Your gifts at Your service, 
To be neither puffed up by honor nor downcast by shame,
To do penance for my sins and those of others, 
Above all, to strive to love You with all my being,
And to love my neighbor as myself,
In Your name, I pray. Amen.