Nov 22, 2017


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I declare that these Pilgrim Images of Our Lady “Queen and Messenger of Peace” were solemnly blessed by the Most Holy Mother of God on the first Apparition site's occurred on the Apparition Shrine's of Jacareí, SP-Brazil. Follow the words of the Mother of God:

"Wherever these Pilgrim Images be, there I will be, present, pouring abundant Graces and the Mercy of the Lord...These Images should be lead from home to home...Should to pray my Holy Peace Rosary, and should to read also My Messages before Them...Be done the Holy Peace Hour, before Them frequently...

The families that host Them with devotion, Faith and Love, will be blessed by Me with the Peace, and with My Assistance in all temporal and spiritual needs...

The persons that pray before Them with faith and true love to Me, will receive My Peace and will always have My blessings...

...Specially these Images will lead My Messages to all souls, and that's why I desire souls that be missionaries of Them, leading Them to every part...They wont never stay stopped, but yes that scroll all paths and all families...

...The Peace Angel, together with Saint Joseph should accompany these Images wherever they goes..."

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Therefore, that lead the Pilgrim Images throughout all parts, praying and singing, adorning Them with flowers and candles, piously praying before Them looking for to avoid everything that dislike the Most Holy Mother of Heaven's presence that vist our homes.

May the Most Holy Virgin, Saint Joseph, the Peace Angel, protect and bless everyone.

If you wish host in your home the Pilgrim Image of Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace, of The Jacarei Apparitions for an hour of prayer, get in touch with us.

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