Secret Sorrows of Our Lady.

Our Lady of Tears of Campinas,
Brazil 1930

Our Blessed Mother revealed in the Apparitions of Jacareí some of His Secret Sorrows, that is, those which are not contained in the Holy Scriptures but which actually happened. We will therefore be making these Meditations available so that we can meditate on them and love more. Our Blessed Mother, who is Dignified to be loved and praised by all Generations.

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ

(05/08/2001) “Dear children, I come today to praise and bless that which is the sigh of the saints which is the delight of the Angels and which was the charm of the Trinity. O my children, my Sacred Heart in the excess of My Divine Mercy, created the greatest work, the masterpiece of her power, my loving mother, Mary, my Mother, the Most Holy is the Magnum opus, the maxim of my power.

Blessed are those who love my Blessed Mother, for they will be loved by God.

Blessed are those who comfort my most blessed mother, for they will comfort me.

Blessed are those who serve my most holy Mother because I, the good shepherd, will grant them all from my Heart.

Blessed are those who surround my most holy mother with love because they will be surrounded by the Angels in the glory of Heaven.

Blessed are those who venerate the sorrows of my most holy Mother, for they will be comforted by me and by her in their sorrows.

Blessed are those who contemplate and wipe away the blessed tears of my most holy Mother, for we will wipe away their tears.

Blessed are those who love, honour and defend my most holy Mother, because they will be loved, honoured, esteemed and defended by the death of their infernal enemies and at the hour of judgement before my justice.

Blessed are those who serve my Mother as humble slaves and children filled with love, because they will reign, rejoice and rejoice with her in heaven.

Blessed are those who make My Mother known throughout the earth because they have become known to her before all the Angels of my Father.

Blessed are those who witness the requests and the Messages of My Mother on Earth because then all their desires will be satisfied in Heaven. Blessed are those who conquer and give the Earth to my Mother because she has conquered them and will give them heaven .

Blessed are those who consume their strength and their lives for my mother, for they will rest forever in His arms in Heaven.

I favour with a thousand favours a day those who love my mother. But woe to those who despise my Mother. They will be like wood to burn in the blazing fire.

Woe to those who despise and those who downgrade my mother because they too will be lowered to the depths of hellfire.

Woe to those who reject my mother because they for God will also be rejected. Woe to those who defame my mother, for they will be defamed before my Angels, that is, they will be accursed.

Woe to those who tread on my Mother because they under the feet of devils will also be trampled in hell.

Woe to those who persecute who attack and martyrize my mother because in the fire of hell they will be martyred and tormented night and day.

Woe to those who rebel and set themselves against my mother, for when my just wrath rises against them there will be no sole advocate, the only intercessor there could be. My mother, in their favour.

Woe to those who hate My Mother, for they will also be hated by me.

I am generous and untiring in giving and giving to those who love my mother. But I am rigid, just and terrible against those who hate My Mother, who grieve my mother and who do not listen to the voice of her supplications. My children, She is the Treasure of Treasures, the wealth of riches is the wonder of wonders, the good of goods is the gift of gifts and the grace of graces. Receive it in your hearts. Love it. Do what she tells you in her messages and you will have a Treasure in Heaven, a Treasure hidden in my Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart. Today on the day that My Mother was born to you as a sign of salvation, as the dawn of redemption, as a triumphant sign of my love of evil, I bless you all”.

After this Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ, let us now meditate on some of the Secret Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother revealed in Her Most Holy Apparitions in Jacareí.

1st Secret Sorrow of Our Lady

08/07/1999 "My son, one day, while we were still in Bethlehem, I was nursing the baby Jesus in my arms when, looking at His rosy and beautiful Face, I saw a Face all bloody, bloated and disfigured .. I was frightened by that fearful and unexpected vision, but ... behold, the voice of My Son Jesus was heard:

"My dear Mother, this is what men will do to me, and I will remain during My Passion!" The Father wants to do this ... Do His Will! I will suffer much! I will be brought to death! Suffer with me and carry with me the sins of all mankind, so that it may be saved?"

In perfect union with Him, I answered YES again ... He looked at me with love, and suddenly that vision disappeared, and I saw him again in my arms. Copious tears descended from My maternal eyes, as He offered me with Him to the Father for the salvation of all of you ...

When that happened, Jesus was only fifteen days old ... My son, write this and later spread it to the whole world. "

2nd Secret Sorrow of Our Lady

"When Jesus was still a newborn, I went to change his clothes someday ... Suddenly, I saw in His little hands and feet deep wounds from which there was much blood. I looked in His side and there was also much blood of a great wound. I began to weep and asked the Eternal Father not to take his life ... The Lord revealed to me at that moment how much my son would have to suffer and when his wounds would save souls.I renewed my YES, Offering my love to all my life, so that the Lord would do what he pleased. Then, My Son became Beautiful and Radiant again, Pain no longer left My Heart.''

3rd Secret Sorrow of Our Lady

"- My son writes, after the presentation of the baby Jesus in the Temple, St. Joseph and I stayed in Jerusalem for a few days to do a novena of prayers and visits to the Temple. We were staying in the house of a good woman who helped us a lot with the Who could.

The days of that novena were quiet and peaceful, but Lucifer, knowing what had happened in the temple during the presentation and all that Simeon and Hannah had said about my Divine son and me, tried again by every means to find out if he really was the Son of God and what mysteries involved Him. Because of this he used a boy who had been in the temple and heard all that Simeon and the prophet Ana had said about my Divine son and me.

This boy was called Gestas. Satan breathed into his soul a mortal hatred against my son and against me because it was evil of bad will and bad habits. From childhood I practiced wickedness towards others and I did not feel the slightest remorse or contrition of the Heart. Then moved by the devil, he went to the temple and found us the moment we arrived there and told us that he knew and we were the parents of the child that Herod was already looking furious for being deceived by the magicians and that only my Divine son could be the future King who threatened the throne of Herod after all he had heard about him from the mouth of Simeon and Anna. And then, staring at us, he said he would tell his father that he was a man very close to the king and very respected in the city And which in turn would relate everything to Herod from the words of Simeon and Hannah up to how we walked.

The Heart of my Divine Son, who saw and knew everything, struck violently with pain, especially because he knew that this little boy had already been a minister of evil, he was going to be one of those two thieves who would be crucified with him and who, unlike Dimas, would not confess him His God and Lord and that he would die blaspheming against him would condemn himself and make the merits of the passion and death of my Divine Son worthless for him. What to say then of my painful Mother's Heart and the Loving Heart of St. Joseph. At that moment, a very sharp sword of pain pierced our hearts to see our Divine Treasure so hated, persecuted and rejected from so small and having arrived so recently To this world.

It was as if we were plunged into a bitter sea of ​​pain and anguish. No soul can ever describe or even probe the immensity of this pain and anguish. It was then that Gestas addressed his father and told him everything he had seen and heard. And together he went on to tell the king and his subordinates everything they knew. This was already nightfall. After we have taken some food we pray to the Most High and fall asleep. I saw perfectly with the grace that the Lord gave me and through mystical vision all that was happening in the Heart of St. Joseph. His sadness was so great, so intense and profound that it would be lethal to him if the grace of God did not Support. All this was due to the fact that the love St. Joseph possessed for the Divine Boy and for me was so great as to surpass even the highest Seraphim and cherubim. I prayed to the Lord for him then to comfort him, to support and guide him in the fulfilment of his divine will and his designs of mercy. It was then that during the night the Most High sent his Angel to St. Joseph in dreams and told him to flee to Egypt with the child Jesus and I to save him from the hands of Herod. Joseph then stood up and told me all that the Angel had told him though I already knew by the light of the Lord. It was then, that we went out before sunrise to flee to Egypt while Herod ordered to kill all the boys of two years down in Bethlehem the following day. My son, therefore, says to the world, that I may conquer this great unknown pain of the Heart of Jesus of my Heart and the Most Beloved Heart of St. Joseph and he will receive everything he asks of us through this unknown pain of the world. Above all, that the conversion of sinners be demanded, and that in the example of deeds they still persecute and hate my Divine Son, especially in the Apparitions, so that they repent or at least their wickedness can not drag other souls along the same path of perdition as the Pursue our Messages and Apparitions. "

4th Secret Sorrow of Our Lady

"One day, when My little child Jesus was still a child, I was playing, running after some little birds and picking flowers. Suddenly, some children appeared, children of the Pharisees and priests. They looked down upon My Divine Son with contempt, and because they were evil, seeing Him with flowers in their hands they pushed Him to the ground and stepped on the flowers until they were all crushed. My Divine son, full of love and patience, asked them, "Why do you do this?" They, who would be the future tormentors and crucifiers of My Divine Son, answered: "What do you care? Shut up or we will do worse! "Jesus replied:" Whoever treats a simple poor and defenceless flower is able to treat his fellows in the same way, for he who loves and is just in small things will be great also. " They said to him, "Oh, who do you think you are to teach us justice? We are the children of the lawyers. "Jesus said to them," Truly, I say to you, you are and you will be as blind as your fathers. "They then took stones to throw at him, but I was able to get there in time and prevent that Wickedness. They, leaving the stones on the floor went away saying. "One day you will die. One day you will be crucified because of your insolent mouth. "Those words penetrated as deeply into My Heart as a spear hurting Him and tearing Him apart. In all moments of my life echoed those words like a funeral song to my ears causing My Heart to bleed in pain. Tell My son Mark to all who will honor this my secret pain and I will grant for them the love and mercy of My Sorrowful Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus. I promise that I will grant my graces of peace, mercy and love to the souls who venerate, honour and propagate this great maternal pain. Go to milestones and announce this to My children of the whole world."

5th Secret Sorrow of Our Lady

They have already been revealed in the Apparitions of Jacareí, besides these Secret Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin, others.

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