Jacareí Apparitions - Messages year 2017 - Month: July

Month: July

I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace”.
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(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, with great love, I invite you all once more to dilate your hearts to My Flame of Love.

Only by praying more and seeking to sacrifice more, to give oneself more to God, will your hearts dilate and then I will be able to deposit in them more ardently and more abundantly My Flame of Love.

Only with My Flame of Love can you overcome the lukewarmness that is a terrible evil and very dangerous to the soul.

The soul that neglects the prayer, the meditation, that neglects to cultivate love in its soul, the love gradually grows cold to the point of falling into indifference and from the indifference to the hardening of the heart, and to fall into sin, the space of time is very short.

Therefore, beware of the lukewarmness that is most dangerous, for when the soul is lukewarm it is apathetic, it does nothing to improve, it does not struggle to get out of the state in which it is, to arose fervor and serve the Lord with greater love.

When the soul is lukewarm, it has no spirit, it has no enthusiasm in the service of the Lord. Everything it does unwilling, with laziness, discouragement, is cold in prayer, is slow, is behindhand, is lazy in the service of the Lord. Look for all the excuses not to have to pray and not to have to serve God.

It is always the last to come in prayer and always the first to leave it, is always the first to sleep and the last to rise. It is the last to come at any job and the first to leave it, always throws (leaves) the responsibilities and the works to others to be able to stay in its lukewarmness and languidness.

The lukewarmness is worse than being cold, because the soul that is cold can warm itself, it can again be fermented with a ray of the Lord's grace or with a human effort of it when seeing itself in such a state.

But the lukewarm soul does not, the lukewarm soul believes itself fervent, believes itself ardent in prayer, believes itself zealous in the service of the Lord when in truth all that it does is without love, without enthusiasm and without zeal for God. Therefore, Satan is increasingly hardening his heart, is increasingly obscuring his mind, dulling his spirit until it becomes completely obtuse and incompetent for prayer and for the service of God. To the extent that the soul finally loses the grace it received, it is abandoned by the divine grace and is at the mercy of itself falling into sin.

It is necessary to fight against the lukewarmness with all your might, if the soul wants to get out of it, recover its fervor and save itself. Therefore, My children pray so much for you do not fall into this sad state that has already led so many chosen souls to eternal damnation.

Pray My Rosary with your heart, pray with your heart every day, opening your hearts more and more to My Flame of Love. Meditate and, especially, cultivate within yourselves the unitive life of true love toward God and toward Me, which is the only way for your souls to remain ever burning in the love of God.

Continue to pray My Rosary every day and coming here every Saturday and Sunday. Those who come only on the Sabbath err and those who come only on Sundays err. I asked for Sabbaths and Sundays, the Sabbaths for Me and the Sunday for the Eternal Father.

On Saturdays you will console Me in a special way and on Sundays you will love, praise and console the Father who is so forgotten and despised by His children.

The Eternal Father will beg all those who could be here on Saturdays and Sundays, and have not been. Be zealous with these Cenacles which are the last grace we give to all mankind.

Take the new Chaplets of Mercy that My son Marcos made for you and give 10 of each one to 10 people, so that My children know these wonderful Chaplets of Mercy, meditate on these Messages and thus obtain the grace of My son Jesus, the grace of conversion.

Quickly convert My children, because soon you will be surprised by the Justice of God.

To all I bless with love from Montichiari, from Banneux and from Jacareí”.

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(SAINT CELSUS): “Dear Brothers, I, Celsus, servant of the Lord and of the Mother of God, rejoice to come with Her today!

I love you, I love you very much, I protect you, I am also defender of this place, of Our beloved Marcos Tadeu, his spiritual father Carlos Tadeu and of all those who divulge and obey the Messages of the Mother of God.

I love you and I come from Heaven to say to you: Love, love the Sacred Heart of Mary more by giving it your love, your obedience, the perfect correspondence to all that She asks of you in Her Messages Here.

Love more the Sacred Heart of Mary doing everything to give this heart joy, satisfaction, contentment, seeking to dedicate more and more to Her service with love.

Love more the Sacred Heart of Mary by renouncing your lukewarmness, which hurts the Heart of Mary so much, because lukewarmness is a form of contempt to the love of God.

The soul is loved by God, it is loved by the Mother of God, it is filled with graces by Them, it is cumulated even with spiritual pampering, it is cumulated of blessings and treasures. And the soul corresponds only with coldness, with indifference, with lukewarmness (lethargy) doing everything without love, without enthusiasm, without zeal, without ardor for God.

This contempt hurts both the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sacred Heart of Mary. Therefore, renounce to the lukewarmness which is a most grave offense to the love of God.

Fight against the lukewarmness by praying more, doing something more for the Lord and the Mother of God every day, thus dilating your heart more, so that it burns more in flames of love for Jesus and Mary. Thus, you will truly preserve your heart from lukewarmness, which if is not soon fought at first, it becomes like a cancer and when the soul tries to extirpate this cancer of itself it will be too late.

The lukewarmness will have already led the soul to fall into some mortal sin and then it will be late.

The lukewarmness leads to obstinacy and this leads to final impenitence. Therefore, be careful, fight against lukewarmness and make every day new efforts to burn you more in the love of God and of Our Most Holy Queen.

Love the Sacred Heart of Mary more, doing everything to correspond to the highest grace and mission that She came Here to give and to reveal to you.

Yes, the grace to be Here is truly the greatest of all after the Word became flesh, the Mother of God  never shed so many graces as Here. And how can you be so cold, so indifferent and remain in so much spiritual poverty even here being in the greatest source of graces of humanity?

Ah, beloved brothers, this can not be! Therefore, exile from your heart the lukewarmness, laxity, indifference, laziness, pride and pride and all those defects that prevent you from living this grace, to correspond to this grace and to give the fruits of this great grace.

Love the Sacred Heart of Mary more, accepting the mission that She gives you Here: to fight with Her to save many souls and establish in the world the Kingdom of Her. And so, then, Christ will also reign in all hearts.

If you do this, truly the Sacred Heart of Mary will triumph, and then Her love united to your love will renew the face of the whole Earth, transforming it into a great mystical furnace of love for the Lord.

Renounce all distraction in prayer, renounce all pride, all arrogance, acknowledge your faults, humble yourselves before God and then He will forgive you.

Read every day an excerpt from the life of a Saint. No the sun go down before you have prayed the Rosary and you have read the chapter of the life of a Saint.

For if you do not do this in a short time the light of faith and of grace will begin to weaken and disappear in you. And then, the darkness of apostasy and all sorts of evil will enter into your souls.

Seek every day to cultivate and increase your true love for the Sacred Heart of Mary in you, making the exercise of renouncing your will and doing Hers, die for yourselves so that you may live, fight and love only Her.

So the Flame of true love for Her will grow in you and also for the Lord. Be converted quickly, because the time now truly goes to its last marks. There is no more time to lose, you must work tirelessly now that you are in the last half hour of the great day before the Lord's return.

It is necessary that you convert quickly and that you help your brothers to do the same. Propagate everywhere the Messages of the Mother of God by making the Cenacles and Groups of Prayer that She asked for and give to all the Meditated Rosaries, Hours of Prayer and Films of this place
I want you to give to all, to all our brothers these words of the Mother of God. That is why I want you to give this Film of La Codosera and Ezquioga (Voices of Heaven No. 22 Vozes do Céu nº 22) to 9 people, which Our beloved Marcos gived you Here, made for you Here. That the Mother of Heaven so often asked you, but that you have not obeyed so many times.

I want you to give the Film Voices of Heaven No. 7 (Vozes do Céu n° 7) to 9 people. It is necessary for people to know more about Pontmain and to live the Message that the Mother of God gave there: more prayer to touch the Heart of Jesus, so that the punishments and the wars cease and the world can know a new time of peace.

I also want you to give the Meditated Rosary 229 and the 299, nine of each to 8 people. So that Our brothers may pray these Rosaries, know and meditate the Messages contained in them and thus hasten their conversion.

You must also give the Holy of Saints No. 18, so that truly all of our brothers know these Hours, pray them and thus can truly give to the Lord and to the Mother of God the fruits of the Messages contained in this Hour of the Saints that I asked you for.

Thus you will be the true apostles of the Mother of God and you will truly love the Sacred Heart of Mary, with an alive love, intense, active, laborious, hardworking, industrious. And so, truly many souls will convert and will triumph the Sacred Heart of Mary throughout the world.

Pray the Rosary every day, because with it you will be great saints like Me in Heaven and then I will embrace you and I will place in your heads a beautiful crown of imperishable glory formed by all the Rosaries and Hail Mary's that you have prayed on Earth.

Yes, pray the Rosary, because as Our beloved Marcos said very well: Who do not pray the Rosary throw himself/herself into Hell without the help of demons.

Pray, pray a lot!

I, Celsus, bless you now with the Mother of God from Montichiari, from Lourdes and from Jacareí”.

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(Marcos): “Yes. Yes. I will, I will.
I will do my Mommy, I will. How good the Lady like them!
Can I do more by recording in them the Messages that the Lady gave to my father Carlos Tadeu?
Yes thanks.

I wanted to ask the Lady about Saint Celsus who came last Sunday. The one who came last Sunday is different from the one I saw again. The one who I saw again was younger and smaller and this one was a bit older and he gave me the impression of being about 23 or 24 years old.
He was the same or was other?
Ah! So then the Lady said it was a surprise and that a long time ago He wanted to come, that was my new friend!
And because no one ever said anything about Him?
Oh, yes, I get it. Yes, I'm very happy! Thank you”.

(OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST): “Dear children and brothers of Mine, I, Jesus, the Sacred Heart, rejoice to come today on the 7th Monthly Anniversary of the Apparitions of My Mother and of My Sacred Heart Here, to bless you today and to say to you: Great is the love of my Eternal Father for you, for he chose you to be Here in this sacred place which We ourselves chose to be the throne and the source of Our graces for you.
Great is the love of My Eternal Father for you, for He gave you the life, gave you the exist (the existence) called you into existence and thus became you members of His great family by Baptism. He took you out of nothingness and brought you into being, so that you would know Him, love Him, know Me and love Me, know and love My Spirit and thus be partakers of Our eternal happiness and glory in Heaven.
Great is the love of My Eternal Father for you, because even when the human being betrayed Our Love, sinned against Us, My Father sent Me to give life for you on the cross, redeem you, save you and open to You the gates of Heaven.
Great is the love of My Eternal Father for you, because even after I returned to His bosom in Heaven, He along with Me sent you Our Holy Spirit, so that He would comfort you, strengthen you, encourage you, enlighten and sanctify you. And so, He was always your strength, your life and your light.
Great is the love of My Eternal Father for you, because He sent Here My Most Holy Mother to reveal to you His love, to draw you out of the way of sin, death, or then of the ignorance of Him and His love. And Here to form (teach, train) you, to nourish you, to teach you and to make you true sons of Him, true brothers of Mine, true heirs of Heaven.
Yes, great is the love of the Father and great is also the love of My Sacred Heart for you My children and My brothers. Oh, how much I love you! I do not look, I do not look at the immense wounds that you have already caused me with your sins, but I look only at the desire to love Me, to be faithful to Me and to truly reciprocate to My Grace.
By one act of true love for Me I forget years and years of offenses, ingratitude and sins. And I am willing even to do crazy things for the soul that come back to Me with love.
I wish you to understand that I am the Love and all I want from you is love. Give Me love, to quench My Heart that is thirsting for love.
I want a pure love, I want a love without mixture of human interests or wills, I want a docile, malleable and obedient love that allows itself to be lead, that allows itself to be transformed by Me completely. That is, I want a soul completely given to My love.
Do not be afraid to experience My Love, because all the Saints who experienced it were happy, happy forever with Me and with My Mother in Heaven! Experience My Love, experience the Love of My Mother and you will see how truly I will transform your life into a Heaven already Here on Earth. I do not say that you will not have sufferings, because not even I and My Mother were spared from it.
But you will have Our grace, which will comfort you, strengthen you and will give you strength and light to go forward. Yes, I will be with you, give Me love, give Me souls, give Me hearts, give Me your life. And let Me truly impress on it the sign of My Grace and of My Love, doing in you wonders for the salvation of many souls, including yours, of your soul and the souls of your families.
Then, truly My Heart will do wonders here in Brazil and in the world and finally triumph with My Blessed Mother.
Most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, My Sacred Heart rejoices to see you here today with Me and My Mother. You cannot imagine the joy that you give to My Heart and to the Heart of My Mother coming here and being Here.

Yes, even today in this Cenacle we wept for joy and forgive a multitude of sins because of your love. Love erases, covers a multitude of sins. Your love erases innumerable sins with which sinners offend Us and then you attain forgiveness and mercy to many and many souls on Earth.
My beloved child, I love you so much and I will deny you nothing, ever! I will grant whatever you ask Me for My bitter Passion.
You, you saw the suffering of your mother when she was very sick and close to death. Your heart suffered bitterly, to see her suffering so much and not have how to heal her, how to free her from that great suffering.
You know, therefore, how much a son suffers who sees his mother suffer and can do nothing. You can then understand how much I suffered nailed to the Cross seeing My Mother there before Me, suffering so much and I could do nothing to free her of Her sorrows and sufferings. On the contrary, the greater My sufferings were, the greater were the Sorrows of Her seeing Me suffer.
This great suffering was offered for the love of the Father for the salvation of all men, of all humanity. You can understand then how much I suffered at that hour.
Therefore, My child, nothing I will deny you when you ask Me for the merits of that My Sorrow on the Cross to see My Mother suffering without anything I could do to console and ease Her. Whatever You ask Me for this My Sorrow  that were of the Father's Will I will grant you.
Yes my son, in that moment when I was anguished by the most acerbic sorrows in the body and in the soul, you were the droplet of consolation of My bitter (saddened) Heart. Because I saw you in these present times loving My Mother, comforting My Mother, and then My Heart could die in peace, for having the certainty that all My sufferings and My Sorrows in the future would raise a true apostle and son of My Mother.
Therefore, for the sorrow that I suffered at that time and at the same time for the consolation that you gave Me, all I will grant that you ask Me for this My Sorrow on the Cross.
This for the immense love I have for you, for the immense affection I have for you. And to do true wonders and thus confirm the mission that My Mother gave you to confirm that the word of Her given to you here is certain, sacred and holy and must be respected if you do not want to face My Punishments.
And so it will truly be seen that it was She who sent you to speak to the nations together with My little son Mark and prepare the world for My Second Coming and the Triumph of My Mother.
Yes, I will make these thanks to confirm all that you say, all the Messages of My Mother and Mine that you divulge. And to confirm also that We love you together with Our little son Marcos preparing the souls and the world to receive Me in the glory and thus to establish in the world the Kingdom of Our Sacred United Hearts.
Yes, my son, go ahead and do not fear anything, do not fear anything, because truly in the end Our Hearts will triumph through you, through Our little son Marcos Tadeu.
Thank you for the consolation you gave to My suffering Heart and to the Heart of My Mother, on you now descend the abundance of My divine blessings and also on all of you My children, continue to pray the Meditated Chaplet of Mercy every day.
I wish you to give to 10 of Our children ten Chaplets of Mercy nº 51, ten Chaplets of Mercy nº 52, ten Chaplets of Mercy nº 53, ten Chaplets of Mercy nº 54.
It is necessary for Our children to know these meditations and Messages as soon as possible to answer 'yes' to Our call of love.
To you My most beloved son Carlos Tadeu and to all of you My children I bless now from Paray-le-Monial, from Dozulé, from Jacareí”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you celebrate here another Monthly Anniversary of My Apparitions, I come once again to say to you: I am the Queen and the Messenger of Peace! I am the Mother of God, I am the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.
To all who pray My Rosary I will grant the grace of perseverance in the love of God, in the virtues and good works and the eternal salvation.
The soul that prays My Rosary is surely saved, the soul that despises My Rosary throws itself into Hell without the help of demons. A single Rosary well prayed with love erases many years of sins, because it reaches from God the grace of contrition to those who pray and contrition leads the soul to ask for forgiveness, forgiveness leads to conversion and conversion leads to salvation.
Yes, when you pray the Rosary My children, a rain of mercy falls from Heaven upon the whole world filling and flooding it with the waters of the grace of God. Many sinners are touched, they converted, they repent, they ask God for forgiveness, they seek reconciliation, and they return to the Father's arms.
And you who pray My Rosary for the conversion of sinners by converting the souls of your brothers, you predestine the souls of yourselves to Paradise.
Continue to pray My Rosary every day and do not be afraid of anything, because in the end My Heart will triumph and you will know an era of happiness and lasting peace over the whole Earth.
You are in the last half hour of God's day. There is no more time to lose! You can not be paralyzed where you are.
You must work harder now to save the souls of your brothers who can still be saved and thus you will fill your hands and hearts with fruits, of merits to be able to enter into Heaven.
Work, therefore, My children, because Satan does not rest for a minute, persecutes souls, causes temptations in souls to renounce God's love, disobey Him, despise Him and thus seek to enjoy the pleasures of the world that are mortal to the souls that seek them.
Pray, pray a lot because only by prayer can you always stand firm and faithful to the grace of God.
Do not be afraid, because I will always be with you and everyone who watches and prays can be assured of the protection and friendship of the Mother of Jesus who is Me.
Be converted without delay, the Warning is very close and likewise the Chastisement.
Ah, My children, who the men that despised My Messages will be truly distressed when they hear the sound of trumpets announcing that the Lord will finally manifest His Justice and then His Glory.
Yes, when they heard those trumpets, when they heard the noise of the wind, the roar of the sea, and the roar of the earth in continual convulsions, men will fall like dead flies to the ground, their faces will be yellowish and often pale when they see arriving the great and fearsome Lord's day.
And on the other hand how the faces of all My children who have obeyed My Messages will be bright and radiant with joy.
As they hear the pre-announcing signs of the coming of the Lord and the Triumph of your Heavenly Mother, they will truly exult, sing for joy, and feel a great, great inner joy.
They will not be afraid because at that moment they will be visibly assisted by the Angels and they will not be afraid of anything because nothing will affect them.
Oh, who in that moment, those who obeyed Me, who prayed My Rosary shall exult and shine truly with the most beautiful light that I will emanate from My Immaculate Heart. And they will shine like precious jewels in the eyes of the Father and the Holy Angels.
So, little children, stand firm on the path that I indicate you.
The luminous figure, My figure that I reflected in the eyes of my son Marcos last Sunday and that my beloved daughter Rafaela confirmed for you to be Mine. It is the sign I give you that I am truly here for 26 years loving you and fighting for you.
And that all those who obey Me now in the end will take the best (part), will be rewarded and truly crowned by My Son Jesus in Heaven as incessant flames of love and His dearest and most blessed children.
Thank you, dearest son Carlos Tadeu, for having coming to console Me today, your presence here filled Me with greatest joy and truly took many swords of sorrow from my suffered and aching (painful) Heart.
Thank you, little son, because every time you come Here My Heart has the wounds that my ungrateful children do in it closed. In these moments I do not cry, I do not suffer, no pain anguished My Heart, the doors of Hell are closed, those of Heaven are opened and many graces rain, go through it to flood the whole world and convert sinners.
Thank you, My child, because every time you come here My Immaculate Heart rejoices with joy, Tears descend from My eyes, but they are golden tears of light, of joy, because truly in that moment how I am comforted. My Heart has its wounds closed, healed by you with the balm of His Love and truly at that moment I the Queen of the Rosary and the Mother of Jesus I bless the world for your love.
Continue My children praying My Rosary every day, give 5 Rosaries N°256 to 5 My children and give 8 Chaplets of the Flame of Love N°7 and 8 Chaplets of the Flame of Love N° 8 for My children. May they pray these Chaplets, may they through them know Me, love Me and finally receive My Flame of Love.
To all with love I now bless from Fatima, from Lourdes and from Jacareí”.
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(OUR LADY): “Beloved son Carlos Tadeu, this is My special Message just for you:
My Son, how much joy you give to My Immaculate Heart, with every passing day I love you more. Fear nothing because My Immaculate Heart will triumph in your life and through you in the lives of all My children, in that My beloved land of Ibitira and the surrounding cities.
Do not be afraid, I take care of you, My Immaculate Heart is continually facing you and perceives all your pains, all your afflictions, all the anguishes of your heart. I am alive, your prayers are coming to very vivid ears, to a very living heart that continually watches over you.
Yes, my son, before even you get up in the morning I'm already far ahead of you, covering your path, the daily path you have to go through with many blessings. And behind you comes your Holy Protectors, your Guardian Angel and My Angels of Light who protect you, who guard you and never abandon you.
Therefore, you must not fear anything, sometimes I have to allow that some sufferings or some abhorrences happen, because this is for your sanctification and for fulfilling the Secret designs of the Lord. But be sure that the more you suffer on this Earth the greater will be the degree of glory you will have in Heaven and the greater will be the number of souls of your lineage and also the number of unknowns you will save.
So do not be afraid, I know very well what I allow and what I do not allow to happen to you. Know that My gaze is always stared and fixed on you, I know all your thoughts, I know everything that goes in your heart even before you tell me.
But I want you to tell me everything in prayer, for this is a sign of trust, love and faith of the soul of the child towards Me.
I want you to always talk to me like a little child telling me everything and never imagining that you abhor Me by doing it. Because, you cannot imagine the great joy You give Me telling me everything about you, everything in your life.
In that moment with sweet confidence of intimacy, I forget all My problems, that is, My ungrateful children who do not cease to offend God, to despise My Love and to go down the path of perdition.
I forget their offenses and at that moment I feel happy to have a child who loves Me, who talks to Me with love, who trusts in Me and who always more becomes docile and dependent on Me.
Yes little child, always do this to give Me joy, to give Me contentment.

I want that in this month of July you continue to divulge the Chaplet of My Tears this July and I also want you to divulge the Chaplet of My Immaculate Conception with My life recorded on it. In order that My children may know My life, they may fall in love with Me and together with you may walk in the school of true imitation of My person, of the imitation of Mary.
Son, listen carefully, listen to My counsel and you will be wise. Never go the way of the mundane, do not look at them, do not even think about what they do. Always think in the Saints and always follow their examples, imitate all those who are already a lot longer than you in the path of virtue. Because by doing this you will please the Lord and draw the benevolent glances of the Lord to you.
Always sanctify your time by doing good works for the glory of God, for the salvation of souls.
The Lord, the Eternal Father, is very pleased with you. I will have you know that on the last day 3 He wanted to allow a great punishment for a country in Asia, which very much sins and very offends God. But your faithfulness, your love, your prayers canceled such punishment.
See! Your life saves many souls that you not know, but who in Heaven will recognize you and thank you. Loving the way I have taught you, praying the way I have told you, you become a world missionary, you can save souls from all over the world from your home.
So, more and more Satan is humiliated and defeated by you. In fact, I want to reveal to you that every Cenacle you do breaks the power of satan more.
One day you have already made many Cenacles and my son Marcos also, his power will also be completely broken and then, My Immaculate Heart will shine with power. And then finally My Flame of Love will renew the whole world and I will be victorious over the battle against the infernal dragon.
And then, I, Mary the Lady Messenger of Peace, the Lady of All Nations and the Co-Redemptrix will bless the world and My blessing will finally transform it into the ante-garden of paradise already here on Earth.
My son, do not ever get discouraged, go ahead!

I also want you to take 200 medals from My husband Saint Joseph to give to My children who do not have these Medals and if they already have they should take them to their friends and family that does not have them.
My husband Joseph wants to make great graces through the Medal that you will give, then, once again We will confirm that was We who sent you to speak in Our name with Our son Marcos to the nations.
Go, My son, My little Angel of love, My "Benjamin", I will always be with you and I will never leave you.
Your mother sends to say that she is very happy with you. She also says that she apologizes to you for having punished you when you were a child. At that moment she was angry and ended up punishing you that you did not deserve.
She sends to say that she loves you with all her heart and that here in Heaven she prays together with the Angels and your Holy Protectors at all times for you.
Go ahead My Knight of the Rosary, go ahead with the son that I gave you, together with it you will be an invincible force of prayer, conversion and salvation of souls. And so, finally My Immaculate Heart will triumph.
I will have you know My son, know that one day when I was in Egypt with My Son Jesus and with My husband Joseph, a man who sighted us saw that we were strangers and in his heart decided to call the authorities. They came to Our poor house, My husband Joseph defended himself as He could explaining that we Were there in Egypt to escape a shortage that was in Israel.
And then, those soldiers, happily through My intercession, through the prayer of My Son Jesus, believed the word of My husband Joseph and went away.

At that moment My husband Joseph did not lie, because we truly escaped the shortage of love that was in Palestine.
Yes, there in Bethlehem, we were not received with love, Herod denied Us his love and persecuted Us, and apart from My cousin Elizabeth, Zechariah and a few holy souls, from the other people We received only indifference, contempt and ingratitude. Therefore, we fled from that dearth of love that was in the Holy Land and went to take refuge there in Egypt.
In that moment of great affliction, the Eternal Father showed us you in vision making My Cenacles and with your prayers consoling My Immaculate Heart, consoling Joseph, consoling My Son Jesus.
So we endure with patience that great humiliation and affliction offering to the Eternal Father for you that suffering, and for all those who would be saved through you, of the Cenacles that you do for Me.
Then, My child, rejoice because in that moment of great sorrow you were the droplet of consolation, of encouragement for Our Three Sorrowful Hearts, and for you We had the strength to offer that little martyrdom to the Father.
Rejoice, comforter of Our Hearts, for every breath of yours is a continual act of love that ascends to Our Hearts, which close Our wounds and which places in their place the most beautiful Mystical Roses of love and consolation.
To you I bless with love now from Fatima, from Lourdes and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “Dear Mommy of Heaven, may the Lady and the Lord Jesus touch on these chaplets, crosses, pictures that we have made for the protection of your children?
Yes, all right, only on his? All right”.

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(St. Raphael the Archangel appeared together)

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today I call you all truly to the prayer of love! Pray with love until prayer becomes joy and love in you to radiate My Flame of Love around you.
To do the prayer of love, you must first:
- To empty your hearts from all attachment, to affections to mundane things and also to creatures.
- Then, open your hearts to Me, that is, to want My Flame of Love and to want to do My Will with all the strength of your will and your heart.
- Finally, to make many prayers of love, they can be acts of love, personal prayers of love or then, even the Rosary, but putting in each Hail Mary the accent (could be: the stress), the sign of love itself, the desire of God, the desire of Me.
So truly your prayer will be a prayer of love that will raise in your hearts My Flame of Love and the Divine Love that will lead you to become Incessant Flames of love for God and for Me.

Do the prayer of Love, pray with love every day seeking to have more intimacy, union with God and with Me in prayer, increasing ever more your desire to be with God, to be with Me, to be in My presence, to feel My love, to love Me, to console Me, to hear Me, to obey Me and to be with Me by warming Me with the prayer of love of yours.
My children, every day My Immaculate Heart suffers because I approach My children, but only find in them coldness, hardness of heart and indifference, insensitivity to My love. Therefore, My Heart gets wounded and frozen from the presence of these souls.
I need love to again warm My Heart and to heal the wounds of My aching heart. This love I seek in you, My children that I love the most, the children that I have called to be here in My Apparition, in my invincible fortress of love and prayer, in My throne of graces and in My house.
It is in you that My Immaculate Heart seeks the prayer of love to warm again and thus to get back to beat of love for men and pour graces on mankind.

Oh, how the soul full of love for Me consoles Me, burnt with love for Me and that warms My Heart with the warmth of his love.

I approach her (the person) and her soul (the person's soul) warms Me, her warmth warms My Heart, her heart with its love warms My Heart and melts the ice with which My children overlays it with their indifference, insensitivity and the contempt with which they treat Me.
Oh, how many souls despise Me, how many they make insults (affronts) to Me by denying Me their love, closing Me the door of their hearts, refusing to hear My Messages, My voice, My word of love given Here.
That is why I seek in the souls of My faithful children the prayer of love that warms My Heart, which heals the wounds of My Heart and causes it to beat again fleetly and mightily of love for the world pouring on it My Flame of Love.
Be My children these My burning flames of love that warm my Heart every day with the prayer of love that I have come here to teach you and I have come to search in you.
Be love, live of love, for love is God, God is love and whoever lives of love and for love will live forever in God!
Continue praying My Rosary every day, pray putting in each Our Father, in each Hail Mary, in each prayer the desire of God, the desire of Me and seeking more and more to unite with Me merging your wills with that of God and Mine. So that, truly happen Our union and We be one in true love.
I love you all and I pray to my Son Jesus for you every day, asking for His forgiveness, His grace, and His Mercy for you. But, convert My children, because there is only half an hour of God's day, for the glorious return of My Son.
Then, at that moment it will be too late to repent, it will be too late to have remorse, for not having heard My voice of love, My word of love given Here. For in that moment when the Heavens and the Earth will be shaken and will simply disappear it will be too late to shout for Me.
Convert now that I can help you, now that it is time of grace, this wonderful time of grace was given to you for a great act of love of God. And also for a great act of love and intervention of Mine, for it was to My request and for love of Me that My Son gave this time of Grace for your salvation.
Convert without delay and pray, pray, pray so that your hearts do not fall into lukewarmness.
Dearest and most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, thank you for having stayed here one more day. Thank you, My son, for the testimony you gave to Me today in My Radio Messenger of Peace.
Thank you, thank you for all the words that you said exalting Me and glorifying Me, bringing My Word, My love to so many thousands of My children who listened to Me in that hour.
Thank you, My son, because you glorified Me greatly and during all the time you spoke I cried, the wounds of My Heart were being closed and every word that came out of your mouth today, took a thorn nailed in My Heart.
During that time the Holy Angels paralyzed many demons and touched many souls, converting them and making them in love with Our Lord.
For all this, I thank you for the joy given to My Heart and to the Heart of my son Marcos. I thank you and bless you generously. You are My knight, you My most beloved son, that together with My son Marcos, you will speak to the nations and you will announce the truth, My voice, My word of love to all men.
And then, My Heart will finally release with power its Flame of Love, My Flame of Love, for so many years retained because there was no one who wanted it, who really wanted to fight with Me, to live with Me and for Me, to suffer with Me and to battle with Me to save the world.
And then, souls will convert, will love and will fall in love with the Lord, for Me and I will finally proclaim My Triumph of the whole universe, saying, shouting: At last my Immaculate Heart triumphed!
Forward My knight, do not fear nothing! My Heart will triumph and you and My little son Marcos will triumph with Me.
To you, who is my 'Benjamin' of love and to all My little children Here present and those who listen to Me from afar I now bless from Montichiari, from Fatima and from Jacareí”.

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(SAINT GERARD MAJELLA): “Beloved brother Carlos Tadeu, I Gerard, I rejoice to come today with the Mother of God and Our Queen.

I love you, I love you very much as I told you, I am always at your side to bless you and keep you.
Every day on the 16th of each month I will come to teach you a little prayer through your son Marcos, I will give you a private prayer that you should pray to you, so that you become a great saint like me.
Through these prayers I will bring you into a high degree of love for God and for Our Immaculate Queen and will really make you ever more like Me, thus becoming you a true servant, angel and obedient son of the Immaculate.
Fear nothing because I am with you! Of every difficulty of yours I have knowledge and I take action, although of that often nobody notices.
I am with you always and he who hurts you will hurt me, he who offends you will offend me, he who hurts you will hurt me, he who does any harm to you will do to Myself. And I Myself will execute the holy and just Righteousness of the Wrath of God.
Thus, as David's wife was punished for having criticized, for having made her husband suffer with her words. So also whoever attacks you, whoever denigrates you, whoever mocks you, whoever does any kind of offense to you, I will take as it made to Myself and I will cry out revenge before the Lord for that soul.
Therefore, beloved brother fear nothing, you have in Heaven an exclusive advocate of yours and that is during all the hours of the day taking care of you, taking care of your life and everything that is necessary for you.
Know that all that is necessary for you I will obtain of the Lord and I will give you. Continue to pray My Rosary whenever you can. From time to time, pray in it in your Cenacles too, so that the young people especially know Me, love Me and want to give and dedicate their lives to God as I, thus knowing the perfect joy that only has one who gives totally to Her and lives for Her, to her and in Her.
I want you to know that when I was in the forest, in which I retired to live as a hermit, I was favored by many Apparitions of the Mother of God. And in these Apparitions She told me of a great servant of Her that would come in the future in the twentieth century and who would be chosen by Herself, to along with another privileged soul to carry out great and divine plans of love, to save many souls and finally to do that the infernal Empire be broken and toppled.
The Mother of God told Me that I would not see this triumph of Her and the Lord over the enemy, but that in the twentieth century this victory of Her would happen through these two servants.
And then one day asking My Divine Queen and Princess who these servants would be, She revealed to Me the Names of you two: Marcos Tadeu and Carlos Tadeu. And entrusted Me to offer the fasting and especially the penance that I did, the sacrifice that I used to do by whipping Me to the blood and offering this little sacrifice for you, so that you could be able to carry out the plan of the Mother of God and take all the souls, all the nations to the conversion and to the great victory of Her.
For this, beloved brother much I prayed for you, I often took the discipline, that is the whip for love of you. You should not fear nothing because everything I offered for you and your son and these sacrifices had before God and the Mother of God, great, great merit.
Therefore, rejoice because you have a great defender in Heaven, you have in Heaven a rich benefactor very full of merit, of gold coins to be able to buy for you all and any grace.
You must, therefore, feel happy!
Receive now My blessing and My embrace of love My beloved, My brother.
Pray, pray, pray! Why is the Mother of God talking to you so much about LUKEWARMNESS? Because it is the greatest enemy of Her Flame of Love. The soul that falls into lukewarmness can scarcely come out of it barring a miracle of God.
Therefore, pray a lot, dilate your hearts to the Flame of Love of the Mother of God doing every day something more for Her, be it in prayer, or in the work, or in the sacrifice.
So that you can truly be preserved from the LUKEWARMNESS that has always been known as: THE SILENT DEATH OF SOULS.
To all I bless with love from Materdomini, from Muro Lucano and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “Mommy of Heaven, the Lady, and Saint Gerard and St Raphael, may You have the kindness to touch in these chaplets, pictures, which we make for the protection of your children?
Thank you”.

(OUR LADY): “As I have said, whenever these chaplets or objects that I touched come, there I will be alive bearing abundant graces of the Lord.
My beloved son Carlos Tadeu, these chaplets of Tears that I gave you, you must give in the families, in the houses where you go for the first time.
You must divulge the Chaplet of My Tears as it has already been asked of you, to My children throughout the whole year.
And to every soul that does not yet know this strong prayer, you must give this Chaplet and together with the Chaplet, to give also a disc of this Meditated Chaplet by (made by) My son Marcos.
Thus, you will truly conquer many souls for Me and finally the Empire of My enemy in many souls will be toppled.
Thank you, My knight and My Apostle, with whom I can always count.
I want you to know that you also gave great joy and consolation to Me the day you went to divulge My Messages there in other cities.
Yes My child, truly My Heart rejoiced! For all this, be blessed by the Lord and by Me.
See you tomorrow, Good night”.

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(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you celebrate here the Anniversary of My Apparitions in Montichiari, I come to ask you: Be an essence of love, that is, love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all the force.

And may your life be a continual essence of love of God and to God, spreading everywhere the sweet scent of God's grace, of the love of God. So that this world uglified by sin can finally be transformed, renewed, and truly become the garden of grace and beauty of the Holy Trinity.
Be an essence of love, praying every day with love, making many prayers of love, acts of love, sacrifices of love, penances of love, efforts of love for God, for Me, for the salvation of souls. So that your life truly be a perfumed, delicious essence.
So that your life truly draws all souls to God and souls can feel the pleasing fragance (smell) of God's love and goodness.
Be an essence of love, giving yourself more and more to God and to Me, always seeking to do something more so that your love for the Lord, for Me, for the salvation of souls will grow. And you, then, be Mystical Roses perfumed with love, whose perfume may be stronger, sweeter and more pleasant even than the spikenard.
So that the uglified whole world, disfigured, destroyed by My enemy, may feel this sweet and soft perfume of the love of God. And so, all souls seek God, His grace, seek the reconciliation with Him. And so, souls truly become Mystical Roses of love for God.
Be an essence of love living continually of love and for love. Love is God and who lives in love lives in God and God lives in him.
I came in Montichiari to search souls who like My little daughter Pierina, like My little son Marcos were mystical roses of love and sacrifice who let themselves macerate, crush. So that the sweet and gentle essence of love in pure transformation, of divine charity may spread throughout the world converting sinners, bringing souls to God with an invincible, unstoppable and indestructible force of conversion and salvation for the world.

If you, My children, were these mystical roses, then, through you My Flame of Love will powerfully convert many sinners and bring all of them to salvation.
Be these mystical roses of love, which emanate this divine essence of love. By that time, let us purify the world of foul odor, the deadly gas that releases all the black roses of My enemy, which he has planted in mankind. What is sin, violence, idolatry to the new modern idols: pleasure, money, power, fame, glory, prestige, sensuality.

Be those mystical roses of love that emanate that divine essence of love. By then, we purify the world from the foul odor, from the deadly gas that releases all the black roses of My enemy, which he planted in humanity. What are: sin, violence, idolatry to the new modern idols: pleasure, money, power, fame, glory, prestige, sensuality.
So that the world can finally be delivered from the deadly gas that these black roses of My enemy release, and so all souls can breathe again the air of God's grace, the air of salvation.
Continue to pray My Rosary every day, continue to pray the Chaplet of Tears every day, because just as through it I did many miracles for My son Marcos and through it for all.
So will I also do for you My children, all that you ask Me through the Chaplet of My Tears, everything will always be granted. Because My suffering, My Sorrows along with My Son were so many and so intense, that if they were flames it would dissolve the whole world and even other worlds.
Therefore, everything that is asked for by the merits of My most acerbic Tears and Sorrows, My Son will give you. Pray this Chaplet and you will take many victories.
My most beloved son Carlos Tadeu, I know that today you will return to your land, to your home. Thank you for having been here with Me these 3 days consoling Me and consoling My son Marcos.

Thank you for the consolation you gave us, thank you because your presence here rejoices My Heart and makes Me forget many pains that My children give Me.

Thank you son, because while you are here My Tears do not fall. Thank you, because while you are here My Heart receives the warmth of your love. And so the ice with which My children treat Me melts and My Heart warms again and spreads over all humanity the abundant and effective graces of My Flame of Love.

Thank you for being love and for continuously living in love to Me!

Stand firm and do not look back. Do not look to the right, nor to the left, nor below, nor behind. Always look for the star, for Mary, for Me.

And go forward My son and fear nothing because through you there in your land and in many hearts in the whole world I will triumph.

And through you and of My little son Marcos I will make the essence of My Love fill the whole world and make the souls breathe again the air of God's grace and thus the world will be saved.

I bless you with Love and I bless all my beloved children here from Montichiari, from Fatima and from Jacareí”.

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(SAINT ELESBAAN): “My beloved brethren, I, Elesbaan, rejoice to come today for the first time here in Jacareí. Thank you, dear brethren, for having coming today to praise and to love Our Most Holy Queen.
I, Elesbaan, that I was a King of the black race, I come today to tell you all: Be the garden of love of the Immaculate as I was. Living in Her love, in the love of God, living always more in prayer, in penance, in sacrifice, fighting for souls and thus practicing the work of works and the charity of charities: prayer and sacrifice.
Be gardens of the Immaculate, cultivating in your souls every day the most beautiful flowers of love, obedience, humility, submission to Her so that She can truly live and reign in all of you.
Be the gardens of the Immaculate seeking every day to give to the Immaculate more and more numerous flowers: of sacrifice, of donation, of dedication fighting for Her, suffering for Her, doing everything for Her, consuming your life. In love for her.
Be the gardens of the Immaculate truly doing Her reign in all of you and through you transform the deserts of all hearts into rose gardens scented with love.
Beloved brother Carlos Tadeu, I Elesbaan love you very much! I pray for you in Heaven every day and every moment. I also accompany you, because in a certain way you also have to govern the souls that the Immaculate entrusted to you and guide them through the path of holiness and salvation. Great is the grace and responsibility given to you!
I, who governed My kingdom leading a whole nation in obedience to the Lord and to the Mother of God, will help you to guide, to govern these souls, always more directing them on the path of the salvation of good, grace and love.
Count with Me, trust in Me! Call Me and I will come and help you always! Whatever you need, whatever you want come ask Me and I will always help you in the best possible way that the Lord allows. I am always on your side, I will never leave you!
Know beloved brother that the grace you received from having been chosen by the Immaculate to such a great mission, to also have the honor, the grace, privilege, and mission of being the father of the son of the prophecies of Her, of the son, of the most obedient seer, dedicated, courageous, and faithful to Her. This grace I would give everything to return to Earth and possess and you possess.
So, my beloved brother, praise God, praise the Mother of God and love Them with all the strength of your heart for that great grace and favor that They gave you. Hold this grace with all your strength and do not leave it for nothing, for nothing!

Think of the immense love of the Mother of God who has favored you far more than Me, much more than all My kingdom in Africa. Yes, and there were millions who prayed with Me, millions who served God with Me and millions who were even martyred and did not receive such great grace that you received.
You must, therefore, feel happy, you must therefore love this God and this Mother who has favored you more than Me and more than My kingdom.
Yes, praise God, love Them and also love the son whom They gave you, because for him you gained the place in Heaven, by him you will gain much more graces from the Immaculate and from God. Through him you will be transformed into an incessant flame of love.
Pray the Rosary every day and whenever you can pray whenever possible 3 times an aspiration (a short, fervent prayer) in My honor and I will always come to help you, bless you. And give you the wisdom, the prudence, for you to govern the souls that the Mother of God entrusted to you by building and planting the Kingdom of Love of Her in their hearts.
I love you very much and I give you My blessing and My peace and to all of you beloved brethren I say: Pray the Rosary, in My time there was not yet the Holy Rosary, at least I did not know Him. You have this invincible weapon that the Mother of God gave you and furthermore so many Chaplets and among them the Chaplet of Tears, Chaplet of power, so many Chaplets of power!
Pray to us and you will obtain all the graces that you ask for eternal salvation.
Love the Rosary, spread the Rosary, live the Rosary! Be a living and burning rosary of love.
To all I bless with love and especially to you Marcos, the most obedient, dedicated and courageous, servant and son of the Mother of God. That for Her had the courage to suffer so much! Little martyr of the Immaculate, mystical rose of love macerated in praise of the Immaculate, whose essence of love today spreads and reaches 190 countries of the Earth and brings millions to the Immaculate.
To you, eternal rose of love and to all my brethren here I bless with love now”.
(Marcos): “Mother of Heaven, the Lady and Saint Elesbaan, can you touch these chaplets and paintings that we made for your children, for their protection? Thanks for the affection”.

(OUR LADY): “As I promised wherever these religious objects arrive, there I will be alive, doing the best graces and blessings of the Lord.
Take them My children, because they are relics, they are objects touched by the Mother of the Savior, by the Mother of God, the Woman brighter than the Sun, who is your Mother.
I want to help you, bless you and protect you. Take them with love and take care of them with devotion.
To all, to all My children, to My little martyr of love, to My Mystical Rose of Love, My little son Marcos.
And to you also My little sun of light that I lit in this world to lighten the darkness. My first son Carlos Tadeu, My most beloved son, I love you, I bless you with My Mantle and I say: Stay in the peace of the Lord, go in the peace of the Lord and serve the Lord more and more.
I will be with you to always more bless you, protect you and guide you”.

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(Saint Gerard appeared together to give the special blessing to Mr. Carlos Tadeu)

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, I am the Lady of Carmel, today, when you commemorate My Feast, My Appearance to My Son Saint Simon Stock, I come again from Heaven to tell you:
Use My Scapular of Carmel with love, those who use throughout their lives and die with it will not know the eternal flames and will be released by Me from Purgatory on the Sabbath after the day of their death.
Use My Scapular of Carmel with love, seeking also to live a holy life, so that your holiness united with the grace of My Scapular can lead you to those beautiful abodes that I prepare for you in Heaven and make you worthy to see God face to face in Heaven.
Use My Scapular of Carmel with love, so that I may always be accompanying you everywhere and covering you with My Mantle, so that My enemy can not harm you or lead you on the path of damnation.
Love ... love God with pure love, with all the love of your heart, with all your strength. Love is God, God is Love! And what He desires in My Apparitions Here is love!
I continue to appear here until now for so many years seeking the love in the hearts of My children. May your prayers be prayers of love.
Make prayers of love My children, prayers asking the love, prayers desiring the love, prayers desiring God with love, so that these prayers truly lead you to love God more with works, with the 'yes', with the renounce of you, to produce fruits of love for the Lord.
If your prayers do not lead you to a greater desire for God, to a greater union with God, your prayers will have no meaning, nor will they have much value.
Therefore, pray doing prayers of love, desiring more and more My Flame of Love, to with it love God, to love Me and also to love souls with that love that My son Marcos spoke, the Supernatural Love: AGAPE. The love that will truly lead you to be Incessant flames of love.
Be love, live of love!
Be converted without delay, because you are in the last half hour of God's day, and those last minutes of the last half hour will pass faster, so that the whole universe is finally released from the dominance of My enemy and can know the summit (peak) of his liberation and of its total renovation.
Pray My Rosary My children, doing the Rosary with love. May your Rosary be a Rosary of love, desiring more God, desiring love and then giving the love that God asks for in daily life, in sacrifice, in prayer, in service, in work, in short, in all the things.

Be converted without delay, it is the last half hour of God's day and soon My children, will sound My Hour, I will have to go and when I leave My Son will send the Great Chastisement.

What prevents (stop) the Chastisement from coming is Me that I am here in My Apparitions in Jacareí, but when I leave and no longer come every day here, will be withdrawn the one who holds the Chastisement, that is, My Immaculate Heart. And then, truly, the Chastisement will come.

Be converted without delay, live the love, be the true love.
To all I bless with love, from Fatima, from Montichiari and from Jacareí”.

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(SAINT EMILY): “My beloved brothers, I, Emily, come from Heaven to say to you: Be love by renouncing to all kinds of mundane (worldly) love, the passions, the pleasures that make your human nature fall even lower than the animals . And open your hearts to the divine love, to the Supernatural Love, so that this miserable and impoverished world by sin may finally know the Supernatural Love, the divine love that will renew everything and everything will raise to the highest peak of holiness that humanity will ever met.

Be love, living love in day to day, especially, giving to God the response of love that He asks of you every day, in day to day, and especially, at the time of renunciation and at the time of sacrifice.

Do not be hypocritical souls who pray the Rosary asking for a love that denies to God and to His Mother when it is time to give yourself, when it is time to love. But, be true souls, souls who truly ask for love, want love and give love being souls of true and intense love.

Be love, seeking to place supernatural love in everything, so that even the smallest and in the eyes of men insignificant acts of each day, these actions be supernaturalized.

That is, the Supernatural Love gives them supernatural value, supernatural power with which you will please the Lord very much and will also win (obtain) many merits for you, for eternal life.

Be love, supernaturalizing all your actions, doing everything with Supernatural Love. So that truly your life may be precious, valuable and rich in the eyes of God and one day this richness all of you applied to souls will generate the conversion and the salvation of many and many souls.

Pray the Rosary, the Rosary prayed with love is a most powerful way to achieve Supernatural Love.

I, Emily, will be with you to help you and to assist you in this great and the most important task of the life of every man.

I am not the same Emily who has already appeared here, I come for the first time because I love my beloved Marcos very much, I love his spiritual father very much: Carlos Tadeu, and because I love you all very much too.

I protect you, you do not know Me but I know you, I know everything that happens to you and I pray for you before the Lord.

I want to be friends with you, call Me in everything you need from Me and I will come from Heaven to help you in the best way that the Lord allows Me.

To all now and to My most beloved and most favorite Marcos, I bless with Love”.

(Marcos): “Mother of Heaven, dear Saint Gerard, Saint Emily, can you have the kindness to touch on those Crosses and Chaplets that we have made for the protection of your children?”

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(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you commemorate the Anniversary of My First Apparition to My little daughter, Saint Catherine Labouré, sitting in the chair. Giving to My little daughter Catherine the great Prophecies that would happen in the world and in France, in the Church and in the Nations.

I come again to say to you: Pray, only with prayer you can prevent the advance of evil and evil in the world and make good triumph.

Put the Rosary in your hands and pray with more love so that your prayers of love transform the world of hate desert into a garden of love. Strive to do the prayer of love that is the only one that pleases and is valid before God.

Live the virtue of obedience to God, to this world rebelled and enmity against God that tells you to disobey God, say: 'Yes, I will serve, I will obey God.'

I am with you and every day I accompany you on this journey to Heaven.

Pray My Rosary, be good, be faithful law-abiding of the Commandments of God and of your duties, that is the perfection that pleases God.

To all I bless with love from Paris, from Lourdes and from Jacareí”.


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Incorrupt Body of Saint Bernadette Soubirous in Nevers.


(SAINT BERNADETTE): “Beloved brother Carlos Tadeu, today, I, Bernadette of Lourdes, I come again from Heaven to bless you and to tell you: Serve the Immaculate as I served with love, obedience and perseverance.
Serve the Immaculate, offering to Her all your life as I offered.
Serve the Immaculate, accepting with faith and courage all the crosses that come to you, as they came to Me. And offer everything to the Immaculate for the conversion of sinners, particularly, the most stubborn and hardened in sin.

Serve the Immaculate, living daily in Her love, that is, doing everything with love and for love of her, placing Her in the first place always more in your life, despising the mundane things, leaving and renouncing to everything that opposes to Her. So that, truly, your life will be a reflection and a perfect echo of Mine that was a life of love and service to the Immaculate.

Serve the Immaculate, seeking every day to grow more in the Supernatural Love, that is to say: AGAPE LOVE for God and for Her, always seeking to purify your heart of all kind of human love or thought. So that you may truly have the Supernatural, mystical and love in pure transformation, AGAPE, the pure Flame of Love of the Mother of God, to with that love serve, obey and make known and loved the Immaculate.

Serve the Immaculate, in love and for love, every day opening, dilating the heart always more to her: by fervent prayers, ardent sacrifices, meditation, spiritual reading. And, particularly, doing the daily exercise of dying always more for yourself and thus, living only in the Immaculate and for the Immaculate.

I will have you know my beloved brother, that I once when I was in the Convent, I almost died from the asthma that had attacked strongly my lungs, giving me the beginnings of tuberculosis. Yes, I almost died.
That great suffering, that great pain I offered for you that I saw in a mystical vision, in the future serving and loving the Immaculate with our most beloved Marcos.

I offered those piercing pains of My body, of My lungs, the suffocation, the blood that I then poured out of My lungs and which made the doctors and all around Me gave Me already as condemned to death.
I received the Extreme Unction and by grace of the Immaculate I did not die, but I survived. She wanted Me to continue to suffer and pray for the conversion of sinners. And also for you My most beloved brother so that you could have all the graces and be suitable, dignified, capable, faithful to the great mission that She entrusts to you beside My most beloved Marcos.

I will have you know, that many and many times I suffered and I offered everything for you, because I love very much and because I want to help you serve the Immaculate as I served together with My most beloved Marcos. So that the Immaculate may triumph and save many and many souls.

Therefore, always count with Me because in Me you have a friend, advocate, intercessor and defender always constant that never, never will leave you.

Continue to pray the Holy Rosary every day, for through it you will have the Flame of Love of the Mother of God, to love with Supernatural Love, AGAPE and pure.
Love your son Marcos with AGAPE love as he loves you, so that truly you can together with him show to the world what is the Supernatural Love, AGAPE, the Heavenly Love. And so, all souls want and desire to possess and feel that great love, to live that great love and to die scorched in this holy love.

I bless you with love from Nevers, from Lourdes and from Jacareí. The Peace. Stay in the Peace of the Lord”.

(Marcos): “See you soon Mommy, see you soon dear Mommy”.

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(Marcos): “Forever be praised”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today I call all of you again to live in the grace of God, in the love to God's Commandments and also, giving to the world a true example of holiness and correct moral (morality).

In these times when moral and faith and love for God are despised by humanity, which has ended sinking in the marshland of immorality, of the lack of love for God and of the lack of fear of His Holy Law. I come again to call you to give a living and shining example of holiness and morals to the whole world.

Cultivate in your hearts a love to moral, a correct moral, because the moral My children, is also one of the pillars that sustain the faith and the love for God. The soul that loves God is morally upright and the soul that is morally upright certainly loves and obeys God. Because all human morality is derived from the Commandments of God and leads to God.

Thus you will give to the world a shining example of holiness, of perfection, of justice in this world that every day always more sins against the Virtue of Justice and even crushes this Virtue under their feet by doing injustice and iniquity.

Pray the Rosary every day, for those who pray the Rosary will certainly grow in the perfection of holiness, of the fulfillment of the Commandments of God and will have a correct morality.

Convert without delay because we are in the last half hour of God's day and those who do not become morally and spiritually perfect will not enter in the Kingdom of Heaven.

To all I bless with love from Fatima, from Pellevoisin and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “Dearest Mother of Heaven, may the Lady, please, touch these religious objects and these Chaplets that we made for the protection of your children?

(OUR LADY): “As I said, wherever one of these Chaplets, crosses and religious objects arrives, there I will be alive bringing the great and abundant graces of the Lord and of my Immaculate Heart.

To all of you I bless with love today once more and I leave (give) My Peace”-

(Marcos): “I will, yes. I will also do Mother.
See you soon”.

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(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, I call you once more to live true love.

The love that God and I desire of you is the one that all suffers for the beloved. If you truly love God, you must suffer all for love of him, you must endure everything for love of him, and you must undertake all that is difficult, hard and arduous for love of him.

Always remember that love, that faith, without works, is dead. So, make every day many works of love to God, so that then truly, your love is proven by the works and God may believe inn your love. I only believe in the love of those children who give Me works, true works of love, be therefore the true children of God, and not the false ones who speak, speak, but nothing do.

Now that we are in the last half hour of God's Day, it is necessary to produce works of love for the glory of God, to witness the truth, and also to save your brothers. Otherwise, neither they, nor you, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

So go, and save what can be saved, doing many works of love, of dedication to God and of dedication to the salvation of others. Thus, the faith of you will be considered true, both by God and by men, and then, all see the truth, believe in the truth, and be saved by the truth.

PRAY MY ROSARY EVERY DAY, because only with the Rosary you will be able to dilate your hearts to receive in them My Flame of Love and produce works of love.

Shake the lukewarmness, shake the spiritual inertia of you, shake the sloth of you: praying fervently, making many sacrifices, and every day trying to do something more for the Lord, for Me and for the salvation of souls. In this way you will not be a puddle of water stopped and rotten, which does not generate life and can not quench the thirst of any soul, but you will be a source of living water where it runs, transform what is desert into a garden and quench the thirst for salvation, the thirst for love, the hunger for love of many and many souls.

Yes! My children, be a source of living water of love, and salvation for humanity.

Pray, pray, pray, because the Secret of La Salette will advance and more parts of it will be fulfilled, and woe to the inhabitants of the Earth!, no one can escape so many evils together.

Pray, for a great punishment will come this year even for Brazil if you do not pray. Pray, because the great sleeping giant will rise, will wake up, and great will be My suffering, seeing the suffering of my children in Italy. I do not want my children to suffer, that is why I say, pray, pray, pray.

Pray for the return of France to fidelity to the Catholic Faith. Pray, that this nation that I love so much, will be liberated from the oppression and dominion of Satan, and also of the action of the wicked, of the atheists, who want to transform France, that beloved and favorite land of my heart, into a nation without God.

Pray much the Chaplet of My Flame of Love, and I will greatly give you My Flame of Love so that with it you can burn the whole world and all hearts with my love.

I bless all my children, My most favorite son Carlos Tadeu, my daughter Rafaela Bompianni and Renata, who greatly helped my son Marcos and gave Me a great service of love, studying the Sign of My Luminous Figure.


To those my daughters who gave me, a great service to prove and demonstrate the truth of my Apparitions here, that I love with love of predilection, and that I keep with love in the Refuge of My heart, and to all my children who obey me and who make my cenacles in the families, I bless with love from Fatima... from La Salette ... and from Jacareí”.


(SAINT GORGONIUS OF ROME): “Dear and most beloved Marcos, dear brothers, I am Gorgonius, servant of God and of the Mother of God, and I come today with the Blessed Mother, to bless all of you with My Love and with the Peace of the Lord.

I, Gorgonius of Rome, am happy to come here, with the Mother of God for the first time.

I come to pour Peace, Grace and Love into your hearts, and I come to say to you also:

BE TRULY TABERNACLES OF THE LORD, living continually in the Love of God, in the Love of Mary Most Holy, seeking and searching holiness, so that truly God may dwell in your hearts and reign in them forever.

Be the tabernacles of the Lord, living in love, for the essence of God is Love. Love is God and He can only dwell in souls full of Love. He is the one who gives love to the soul and only remains in the soul that embraces His love, who lives His love, and who treats Him with love.

Therefore, CULTIVATE IN YOUR HEARTS THE TRUE LOVE, so that God may dwell in your hearts and be united with you forever.

Be the tabernacles of the Lord, making every day fervent prayers of love, and above all works of love. Faith without works is dead, and love without works is barren. Therefore, you must every day do little works of love so that God can be glorified in you and through you, and through your love every creature can know and feel the love of Him. To Him to surrender, to Him to donate, to love and to obey.

Be the tabernacles of the Lord, seeking every day to grow in the true Flame of Love for Him and His Most Holy Mother, so that true Love may grow in your hearts, and then, truly, the world may be liberated from hatred, from sin, violence, Satan's dominance and become a world of love.

I, Gorgonius, bless you all, accompany you all on the walk to Heaven. Especially you, my beloved Marcos, and you too: My beloved Carlos Tadeu, I am also, always accompanying you in all the cenacles, in your work, in your prayers, and in your daily life. I have always on you My Shield of protection, on you also I put My cloak, and the Enemy can not do you bad, and many times he can not even approach you. Therefore, rejoice your heart, because you have in Heaven a great Friend, who loves you very much, and will never leave you, until I have you, together with him, with Me and Our Most Holy Queen Here in Heaven.

I want you to know that even when you are sleeping, at dawn, in the silence of the night, I am by your side, praying for you and placing upon you My Shield of Power.

CONTINUE TO PRAY THE ROSARY AND ALL OF THE CHAPLETS 'OF POWER' that the Mother of God gave you, that the Mother of God commanded to be prayed here. Above all, pray my beloved brother, THE ROSARY OF THE TRIUMPH, at least a ten (a decade) every day, through that Rosary you will receive great Graces, and will conquer, will crush many works of Satan.

I bless you with love and all My brothers Here, pouring on all, the Grace and Peace that the Lord granted Me.

Give ten Films VOICES OF HEAVEN N° 5 for ten people. It is necessary that souls know as soon as possible, the Love of Our Most Holy Queen, and understand, that the true love for Jesus and for Her is the love that sacrifices for them, as She requested in BEAURAING in Belgium.

To all with love I bless generously now”.

(Marcos): “Dearest Mother of Heaven, may you have the kindness to touch these Chaplets, Crosses and religious objects that we made for the protection and prayer of your children?...
See you soon Mommy. Goodbye dear Gorgonius”.

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(SAINT JUDE THADDEUS):  “Dearest brother Carlos Tadeu, today, I come again from Heaven to bless you and to say: Congratulations! Happy Birthday! May all the graces and all the blessings of Heaven be upon you today.

My dear brother, how I love you! You can not imagine how great is the love that I have for you and how much I defend you, how much I protect you, how much I love you.

I will have you know, that when I was preaching, announcing the good news of the Gospel everywhere, one time I came to a city and began to preach the Gospel.

Many inhabitants of that city were converted, but, others did not want to convert. And seeing that they would lose many souls to the faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for they were priests of pagan gods, they plotted My death.

Yes, one day they waited for Me on a deserted road, they beat Me so much that they thought Me dead, but by the grace of God and by the help of My Holy Queen I survived.

She came to Me, appeared to Me and gave me strength to be able to lift Me up and continue My way and while She was speaking with Me, she showed Me you, beloved brother, showed Me your future obedience to Her, your future Love to her and to the Lord. And the knowledge that you would be the fruit of all those pains, of all the sufferings that I suffered, comforted Me and gave me new spirit to go on.
Yes, you consoled my Heart very much at that moment. Yes, in that vision even though My body being all reduced to one pain and one wound, My Heart rejoiced. And then, truly, I regained spirit and I started myself ahead to proclaim the good news of the Lord.

My Most Holy Queen disappeared and returned to St. John the Apostle with the Angels who accompanied Her in the Apparition. And then, taking my staff (crook) again, I went forth announcing the good news of the Lord, I went back to the same city, and then, I preached even with more force the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Those My persecutors seeing Me still alive were greatly astonished, but even so, they did not wanted to convert. Then they plotted something something far worse against Me, they raised false accusations against Me, especially, they forged (fake) a robbery of some object from a rich lord, and brought Me to court, to judgment, and then they decreed that I should be stoned.

But, My Holy Queen did not permit, she made them rigid like statues of stone, so that I could move away from that city and go away to another region thus saving My Mother from Heaven My life. But in the trial I suffered greatly and I already had the time of My death as certain, I offered then, that great anguish for you.

See my beloved brother, how much I love you and how everything everything I offered for you. You must, therefore, feel happy because these My merits belong also to you and you can make use of them to achieve many graces for you. All that is the Will of the Lord and that you ask Him for these My merits, by the merits of these My sufferings, all will be given to you.

Ask for the increase of the Flame of Love in you and it will be given. The Flame of Love is what you must should most love, it is what you should most want. To possess this Flame of Love of the Mother of God, this same Flame that I possessed in such a great degree, in great intensity and plenitude.

To possess it, you must renounce to all earthly things that keep you from possessing it, that occupy a place in your heart that must be only of it, and everything that grow cold this Flame in your heart.

Thus, this Flame will enter in your heart, it will grow and burn greatly and powerfully and even this Flame will warm the cold hearts that were around you.
Every soul of goodwill, every soul that is of the truth and predestined will accept the Messages of the Mother of God that you divulge and will accept the Flame of Love of Her, will be faithful to Her.

The soul that is not of the truth, which is not of goodwill, this soul will reject the Message from the Mother of God and all that you speak, because it is daughter of the darkness and the soul that is daughter of the darkness does not approach the light and has hatred of light.

Therefore, my brother, do not be discouraged by these cold and hard souls. Go forward in search of those souls who are of the light and are just waiting for the announcement of the light, the brightness of the light to run to it.
Yes, you are a light that the Mother of God kindled in the world together with Our beloved Marcos, to enlighten the Earth in this time of so many and so dense darkness. Go on, go ahead and do not fear, I will always be with you and I will never leave you!

Today, on the day of your birthday I pour out a copious shower of blessings upon you, fruits of these merits, of these sufferings, of these martyrdoms that I suffered for Our Lord and for Our Most Holy Queen.

These merits all applied to you will become abundant graces of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and of the Heart of Saint Joseph. Yes, and these blessings will remain with you throughout your life until your departure from this valley of tears.

Today, you have been greatly enriched by Me, greatly enriched by the Mother of God, greatly enriched by all Heaven. She, our Most Holy Queen, sends you congratulations, hugs and many blessings for your birthday.

Fear nothing, for all Heaven is always watching over you. Always love the One who loved you first and will always love you.

Love your son Marcos, that even when you did not know he wanted you for your father, he loved you already, he loved you very much. Love the child of the prophecies of the Mother of God, love the child of promise, the child of the hope of the Mother of God. So that through him you may receive ever more the benevolence, the pleasure, the Blessing of the Lord and the Mother of God.
Everyone who loves an apostle of Christ loves Christ himself, He himself said in the Gospel: Whoever receives you receives Me. Whoever hates you hates Me, whoever despises you despises Me.

Very well, if you love this most favorite son of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Mother of God, you will love God Himself, the very Mother of God who appears to Him and who has chosen Him to be their spokesman, ambassador, messenger and His most beloved son on Earth.

You should feel happy because it was never heard a Queen give to anyone, her favorite son. Yes, a Queen gives neither her child nor any good that is dear to her heart to any other.

The Queen of Heaven gave to you beloved brother the one who is Her most favorite son, Her ‘Benjamin’, Her seraphim most favorite of love. And the son who for 26 years gives to Her immense glory, consolation, love, fidelity and joy and about whom rests Her gaze.

Yes, it was in him, in his eyes that She reflected her beautiful and luminous Figure so that all humanity could see Her and believe in Her. Yes, it was never heard that no one had had reflected in oneself eyes the beautiful Figure of the Mother of the Lord.

In the eyes of this your son this great miracle happened, not one, but many times, because he is truly the most clear, most clean, most pure mirror where the Mother of God can be reflected so that everyone can see Her presence, know Her Love, see Her light, glimpse Her Light.

Yes, this is the child that the Immaculate gave you, glad your heart, because She made you a great honor, deference and grace that will not be given to any other mortal.

Exult with joy, because if it had been given to Saint Alphonsus he would have died of love. If this had been given to Me, for example, I would die pierced by a fiery lance of divine joy and love.

You must, therefore, beloved brother feel happy, rich and exceedingly, extremely loved by the Holy Trinity and the Mother of God who favored you in a unique way.
Continue on the path of grace, of holiness, of prayer and of love. Pray the Rosary, always pray My Chaplet, by these prayers you will still profit and receive from the divine goodness.

I, Jude Thaddeus, bless you and cover you with My Mantle of Love now from Jerusalem, from Nazareth and from Jacarei”.

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(Marcos Tadeu): “Yes, I will do...”

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, again I call all of you to love.

Cultivate in your hearts the true love for God and for Me. Dilate your hearts every day for more prayers, meditations and efforts to love more.

I came here to find souls made of pure love, that I said many times, but many still did not understand that the love I want is THE SUPERNATURAL LOVE, is love that does not seek their interests or favors. The love that does not seek reward, the love that does not seek the pleasures of the world. A love as pure as of an Angel. A pure love like an innocent child, who in everything he does seeks only to please his Father, to please his Mother of Heaven, and do everything for the good and the salvation of the neighbor.

I desire a supernatural love, that is the fruit of My Flame of Love. A love that all suffers, all endures, and renounce to everything for love of God, for love of Me. A love that knows every day to sacrifice for the salvation of humanity as I and My Son Jesus We sacrifice. A love that in all and for all seeks the sacrifice and not what is easier, that what is more arduous, that which is more difficult, that which is harder, in order to offer a greater sacrifice of love to God, to atone so many sins with which He is offended, and also to plead the conversion of sinners.

Yes! ... it is this love that I want, it is this love that I seek. Cultivate it in your hearts, so that then one day, after you have been INCESSANT SOULS OF LOVE on Earth, Incessant Flames of Love, Incessant Flames of loving sacrifice for the Lord, you may in Heaven be truly called of true children of the Lord and of My Heart, true children of God who is Love.

CONTINUE TO PRAY MY ROSARY EVERY DAY, by means of it I will give more to you the inner strength for more love.

Divulge this Film of My Apparition in La Salette No. 2, which My little son Marcos made for Me and that is so beautiful, that so much loves My Heart, and so much removes swords of sorrow from My Heart when Here it is exhibited and assisted.
Give this My Film for ten children of Mine, who do not know My Apparition in La Salette, so that My children know quickly My Tears, My Sorrow, shown in La Salette. Know My Great Secret, and so convince themselves that they need to pray the Rosary every day, change their lives, convert and live a holy life, because time runs out, you are in the last half hour before the Return of My Son Jesus. That is why, give this Film to everyone, so that everyone may be convinced that it is time for conversion, to return to the Lord who is coming back soon to all in Glory.

I love you all, I take care of each one of you and I never abandon you.
Meditate My Messages from Here from Jacareí, because they are wonderful and extraordinary for those who meditate on them. The beauty of my Apparitions Here, only shines, only shines for those who seek to know deeply My Apparitions Here, and the heart, the core, the deep beauty of My Messages.

CONVERT. THERE IS NO MORE TIME TO LOSE WITH MUNDANE THINGS. Convert and sanctify yourselves, in order truly you be considered worthy of Heaven and of the New Earth that are to come for you.

To all I bless with Love from La Salette ... from Lourdes... and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos Tadeu): “Dearest Mother of Heaven, can You touch these chaplets that we made for the prayer and protection of Your children?”

(The Lady agreed to touch on the chaplets). 

(OUR LADY): “As I said. Wherever one of those touched chaplets by Myself arrives, there I will be alive, bringing the great Graces and abundant Blessings of the Lord.
These chaplets become Blessed, Sources of Graces and Relics, truly touched by the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. I, your Immaculate Mother.
Keep them with love and devotion.

To all of you again I bless and of all in this night I bid farewell and give the Peace.
Stay in the Peace of the Lord”.
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