Jacareí Apparitions - Messages year 2017 - Month: August

Month: August

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Image of the Mystical Rose crying in Brazil.
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(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you celebrate My Birthday Here, I thank you for having come in the Day of My Feast.

Be a gift of love to Me by praying My Rosary every day, obeying My Messages and seeking to be perfect mystical roses of prayer, sacrifice and penance.

Be a gift of love to Me by giving Me the 'yes' of you and your true love. Open your hearts to the supernatural love, AGAPE, to the true love that loves Me entirely, completely for Myself, without desiring or wanting in return.

Then, your love will truly be a gift of love to Me and My Heart will rejoice for your lives, which for Me are precious and will double in value, the greater the love of your hearts.

I want the pure, supernatural, true love, a love able to do everything for Me, to suffer everything for Me, to renounce to everything for Me, to leave everything for Me and to give you completely to Me.

Only then will My Flame of Love triumph in you and around you. And My Heart will finally rest happy to have all My children close to Me drawn by My mighty Flame of Love that will be transmitted to all of them, through the love of your hearts for Me.

Today is a day of great joy for Me for all My children who truly love Me, obey Me, listen to Me, serve Me, let themselves be led by Me as My little son Marcos, as My little son Carlos Tadeu now, that right now, that right now is making His procession in My praise and the Cenacle of the day of My Feast at the feet of My venerable Image.

Yes, in these My children I am comforted, loved, glorified, obeyed and served. Through them and in them I am truly praised and exalted. And for them I feel happy, I feel happy for all My children of the whole world, that thanks to My Apparitions Here they told Me 'yes' and follow Me along the path of love, prayer, sacrifice and penance.

But it is also a day of sadness for Me because the number of those who abandon Me, of those who betray My love, of those who forget Me and despise Me is still very great.

How many souls, even souls chosen with the love of predilection for My son and for Me that abandon Me, that betray Me, that despise Me because of mundane loves and creatures, of the own will.

Oh, My children, that is why My Sorrow is so great! Yes, the men who prefers the own will rather than the Will of God and Mine, becomes a demon of himself and does not need demons to tempt him.

Yes, the own will of a man who does not want to renounce to his/her will for love of God and Me, the own will of this man, of that person, is already his own demon who tempts him and leads him to damnation.

Therefore, My children, today, renounce to your own will, give your will to Me and to the Lord. And then, You will give Me the most precious and beautiful of the gifts that My Heart will receive joyful and glad and it will offer to God to give to Him also: glory, praise and joy.

Continue to pray the Holy Rosary every day, through it always more you will give Me a gift of love and you will transform yourselves into other gifts of love.

Meditate more, look for the recollection, the silence to there do the prayer of love, meditation of love and spiritual reading of love.

Give ten Films Voices from Heaven 16 of My Apparition in Quito to My little daughter Mother Mariana, to ten children of Mine who do not know those My Messages. And also give ten Films of My Apparition in Caravaggio to ten more children of Mine so that they will know My love, My goodness, the tenderness and the mercy that I have towards My children. And so, all My children finally give Me their hearts and I can radiate My Flame of Love to the whole world as never before.

The sign of My Figure embracing My son Marcos in the procession analyzed by My dearest daughter Rafaela, is truly the sign of how much I love this My most beloved son (Marcos Tadeu, the seer), of how much I am with him wherever he goes at all times of the day.

And through this sign I want to say to all My children: Whoever wants to find Me find My son Marcos, I live near him who loves Me, serves Me and blesses Me. Whoever wants to find Me, look for him and will find Me Here with him alive.

And in the words, in the work and in the person of him will see My luminous and loving Figure and listening to him, letting you be taught by him, correcting by him you will be truly letting yourself teach, correct, form (educate) and love for Myself and lead all My children then to Heaven.

To all I bless with Love now from Fatima, from Lourdes and from Jacareí.

The Peace My beloved children, stay in the Peace of the Lord”.

(Marcos): “Yes, the Lady wants to touch on some (Chaplets)? Yes. Yes, Mommy”.

(OUR LADY): “As I said: Whenever one of these chaplets arrives, there I will be alive with the Angels and Saints pouring out the abundant blessings of the Lord.

Stay in the Peace of the Lord. Good night!”

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(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, I invite all of you to transfigure into new souls reborned in the love of God by the love.

Be transfigure into living flames of love, opening your hearts to the love of God by prayer, by meditation, by spiritual reading, by sacrifice, and especially, by the conformity of your will with the Will of God.

Be transfigure into living flames of love, leaving the life of sin, embracing the life of grace, of holiness and of supernatural love, renouncing to the love, the love of pleasures, the love of sin that is in your heart. So that, then, in the place may enter the Holy Spirit, My Flame of Love and transform all of you into flames of love.

Be transfigure into living flames of love opening your hearts unlimitedly to My love, dilate your hearts by many prayers, sacrifices, efforts, by the daily exercise of giving yourselves more and more to God and Me.

And also for the search of an ever more intense life of union with God, of prayer, so that truly in your hearts enter My Flame of Love and transfigure you into burning flames of living love for God.

Be transfigure into living flames of love, dying to the world and living for God.

Continue to pray My Rosary every day, those who pray My Rosary with the heart will truly be transformed into living flames of love, for my Rosary has come out of My Flame of Love. I gave it to My son Dominic as an invincible weapon to burn the whole world with My Flame of Love.

Therefore, pray My Rosary and you will be burned by it and transformed into My burning flames of love that will finally transform the world into a furnace of love for God, so that He, finally and soon be again worshiped, praised, served and glorified.

I bless all of you and especially to you My beloved little son Marcos and also to My beloved son Carlos Tadeu.

Thank you My beloved and dear son, for the homage you gave Me yesterday in your city of Ibitira, celebrating and honoring the Day of My Birth. You took 27 thousand thorns that were stuck in My Immaculate Heart, you also took 278 swords that were stuck in My Heart mainly by souls consecrated to the Lord who became betrayal Judas souls.

Thank you My son, for the great consolation you gave Me. Thank you, too, My beloved son Marcos, when you made these My wonderful Films of My Apparitions, you removed many swords of Sorrow from My Heart, many thorns that My wicked and ungrateful children nail in it.

And every time these Films are watched Here, or by My children in their homes, always 73,000 thorns are removed from My Heart every time, and 629 swords of Sorrow nailed by the priests Judas, by the consecrated souls Judas, are also removed from My Heart.

Continue My child, continue to give these My Films to My children, continue to pass them Here thousands of times always so that more thorns will be taken from My Heart and the swords of Sorrow from the consecrated souls Judas will also be pull out from My Heart and My wounds be closed.

I desire My children to give 10 Films of the life of My daughter Gemma Galgani to My children. And also 10 Voices from Heaven 12 that you watched today, so that My children know the life of My daughter Gemma, which was a true hymn of love and a continuous act of atonement to God, of consolation and reparation to My Heart and a Incessant Flame of Love.

And so that My children know also my urgent and sorrowful Messages of Medjugorje and so give Me the 'yes' of their hearts that will close the wounds of My Heart and hasten its victory in the whole world.

To all I bless with love from Medjugorje, from Barral and from Jacareí”.

(MESSAGE FROM SAINT WILLIAM OF VERCELLI): “Beloved brothers of Mine, I, William, rejoice to come Here with the Mother of God to give you this Message:

Love the Flame of Love of the Mother of God opening your hearts wide to it so that it may enter and carry out in you all the great transformation, the great transfiguration of your souls from swamp of sin into a garden of beauty and grace for the greater glory Of the Lord.

Love the Flame of Love of the Mother of God, renouncing to the Eros love that causes you to selfishly search the satisfaction of all your pleasures and desires even if this leads you to despise the love of God. So that this intense Flame of Love from the Mother of God transfigure your souls, from leprous souls of sin, transformed by selfish love into pretty and beautiful souls filled with the beautiful supernatural love.

Love the Flame of Love from the Mother of God, renouncing your obstinated will and accepting Hers and the Lords as She said yesterday: The soul that obstinates itself in its own will to the point of despising the Lord, does not need demons to lead her to Hell. Your own will is the devil who will lead you to damnation.

Renounce, therefore, to your will, so that you may truly transfigure yourself into beautiful creatures, into beautiful souls that reflect as in very clean mirrors: the light, the grace and the love of God.

The sign of the Figure of the Mother of God reflected in the eyes of Our beloved Marcos is for you a call so that you purify your souls from all the disorderly love of creatures, from all Eros love and so that you can open your souls and to have in them the AGAPE LOVE, THE SUPERNATURAL LOVE, so that in your person and beauty, the presence, the love, the holiness, the beauty of the Mother of God can also be perceived and felt by all. And everyone wants to know Her, to love Her and to serve Her too.

I, William, I love you very much, I pray for you for a long time already in the Throne of the Lord and I especially love you Marcos, My dearest friend and brother. You do not know Me, you did not know Me, but I have known you since you were in the womb of your Mother and I protected you ever since.

Never, you have never been alone because I have always been at your side, call Me, call Me always in your prayers, sufferings and tribulations and I will come from Heaven like a lightning to console you.

I also love his spiritual father Carlos Tadeu very much, I also protect him since the mother of God revealed to Me that he would be his spiritual father and from the moment he accepted to be his father I became truly his personal guardian.

I am beside him 24 hours a day and there is no time when I am not attentively watching over him and covering him with My Mantle. I will always walk away from him all evils and all demons, so that he always be at peace and always guarded and protected by the Lord.

Yes, I love you dearest brother Carlos Tadeu, and you can not imagine how many times and how many times I helped you without you even knowing. I love you very much, I was always at your side, and now more than ever I will be your faithful guardian and protector.

Call me also in your tribulations and sufferings and I will come immediately to help you, to comfort you and give you strength. I love you and I am always with you, you must not fear anything because every day I present My merits to the Lord beseeching graces for you, and as they are very great you can expect great graces for you too.

I bless you and I bless all of you My dearest brothers, and to all of you I say: Be not afraid, We the Saints are with you and We are much more numerous than the devils of Hell. We just do not protect the soul that does not recommend itself, that does not entrust itselft to Us and does not have the true devotion for Us.

Cultivate, then, the true devotion to Us by praying Our Hour (of Prayer) every Wednesday, praying Us and calling Us at all times. Increase in you the love for God by praying this brief Act of Love: “My Jesus, I love you! I want to love You more and more, and only for You of love to die”.

Thus, the love will grow in you to fullness and you will truly be transfigured in burning flames of love for the Lord.

I bless you all with love and especially to you dear brother and friend Vinícius, I am also your special protector, I am your Patron Saint, pray Me call me and I will always help you.

I bless you all with love now and over all I pour out My peace!”.

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(OUR LADY): “Dear children today, when you celebrate Here the Monthly Anniversary of My Apparitions with all Heaven to My Son Marcos, I come again to say to you: I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace, I come from Heaven with the Message of Peace from the Lord to all mankind.

The Peace will only be possible when man returns to Love, without Love there is no Peace. Therefore, My children, return to Love, to Supernatural Love and love God in the first place and then to the neighbor with this Love.

Where there is the Supernatural Love among people there is Peace. Where there is the Eros love there is discord, there is lack of Peace, because there truly proliferate the love of mundane passions, vanities and pleasures.

Where there is the Supernatural Love, the Peace reigns, God reigns.

Return to this Love so that all humanity finally finds Peace, without which it cannot be saved.

Continue to pray My Rosary every day, for through it you will reach the Supernatural Love and when you reach the Supernatural Love you will achieve the Peace. Then the Peace will reign in the whole world, in the nations and in the families, because it will reign in the hearts and souls of all men.

Imitate My little son Marcos, opening your hearts to the Supernatural Love, to the Agape Love, so that this Love triumphs in you, reign in you and you can love God with all your strength, your neighbor with a pure and mystical Supernatural Love.

And so, loving God and the neighbor with all the strength of your hearts you can be a sign of the Love of God and of My Love for the world.

The sign of My luminous Figure embracing My son Marcos is the great sign of the Love that I have for him and also of the Love that I have for this place and for each son who answered "yes" to My call of Love and obeys My Messages.

In that embrace that I gave to my son Marcos, you can understand how great the Flame of My love is the first place for him and then for all humanity.

In truth, here in these Apparitions My Love embraces all mankind.

Pray, pray, pray!

To all I bless with Love from Fatima, from Lourdes and from Jacareí”.


(OUR LADY): “Dearest son Carlos Tadeu, today, when I give a special Message to you, I come from Heaven again to say to you: I love you with all the Flame of Love of My Immaculate Heart.

Go ahead by doing My Cenacles fulfilling all My requests and speaking to all My children of the Agape Love that they must all have. During the month of August you must speak of this Love and you must give to My children the full knowledge of this Love.

It is time for humanity finally to return to Love, to the Supernatural Love and AGAPE, so that finally the love of God, My Flame of Love triumph in the hearts of men crushing the love of pleasures. So that truly, the new humanity realized in God, the sanctified humanity, purified in the Flame of love of the Holy Spirit, in My Flame of Love, may truly be reborn.

Go ahead and love the son that I gave you with all your strength without fear of anything, or anyone. Understand My child that will be through his love that you will feel Mine, and it is in his love that you will truly understand how much ardent, how great is My love for you.

And it will be truly letting love for him and loving him with all your strength that the world will understand how beautiful is, how great is, how deep is the love of God and My Love.

Pray the Rosary every day.

I bless you with Love from Fatima, from Lourdes and from Jacareí”.

(OUR LORD): “My dear children, I, Jesus, come today with My Mother to bless you on another monthly Anniversary of Our Apparitions Here.

Open your hearts to My Love, to My Supernatural Love and Agape, this love that My Mother came here to teach and offer you 26 years ago, and that you have so far not tried to understand, comprehend, want, and even less live.

As long as you do not live the AGAPE LOVE, the Supernatural Love, you My children never, never you will never be able, you will never be able to understand My Love, nor live it. The Love that I want you to live is the same Love that I and the Father have for each other, this Divine Love, this burning flame of Charity.

Only when humanity returns to this Love will it be beautiful, holy, pure, perfect as it was before original sin. Yes, and only when that happens, will end all the wars, discords, injustices, and sins of mankind.

Overcome sin, overcome evil with Love, but not with the human love, the Eros love, but yes the Supernatural Love. Yes, when men live the Supernatural Love, sin will be defeated and overcome in hearts.

This is what My Apostle meant when He said: "Love covers a multitude of sins. Love erases a multitude of sins''.

Yes, when the Supernatural Love is lived then sin will disappear, for all will love as My Father Loves Me and how (in the way that) We love men. Then the world will become a true Paradise on Earth and our Hearts will finally triumph.

Open your hearts to Love, letting the Flame of Love of Our United Hearts enter into your hearts and truly transform you from swamps of sin, into gardens of grace and sanctity, and of cold deserts and without love, in a garden where bloom the most beautiful of love, sanctity, and supernatural purity.

Then, Our Hearts will triumph and finally Our eternal Enemy will be overcome, and the world will be saved by the force of Love... of the Supernatural Love.

Continue to pray the Rosary of My Mother every day, the Chaplet of Mercy, and all the Holy Hours She request of you, for through these prayers prayed with the heart you will achieve one day to the Supernatural Love. The more you pray these Prayers with love, the sooner you will achieve Supernatural Love. Pray them, then, with the heart and true thirst of the Supernatural Love and you will have it.

This August I wish you to give five Films of My Apparition to My daughter Faustina Kowalska along with the Apparition of My Mother in Porzus, Voices from Heaven No. 1, which My son Marcos made for you.

Also, to give five films of the life of My dear John Mary Vianney, and of My John Bosco, who are true examples of Agape and Supernatural Love. In this way, you will give to the world concrete examples of Supernatural Love for the souls, that everyone will be able to comprehend, understand and live.

In this way you will give joy, honor and praise to My Heart and to the Heart of My Mother.

Continue to come here in this Sacred Place which is My Fountain of Grace and Love on Earth, so that we may continue your conversion. You never make us so happy that when you come here to praise and hear Our Messages.

Imitate Our most obedient and most loving son, Our Incessant Flame of Love, Our Marcos, wanting, living, and practicing the Supernatural Love without fear, so that truly in your love the world may feel, see and believe in My Love.

To all I bless with Love from this holy land from Jacareí, from Fatima, from Lourdes and from Porzus”.

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(Marcos): “Yes, I will, yes, Mother. Yes, I will. This week I got to do the four that the Lady asked for, did you like it? That's great! And the voice of the dubber did you like too?

Yes, good! I'll get some more. Yes, yes”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, I invite you all again to love! Dilate your hearts to the Agape Love, praying more, making more sacrifices of love, meditating. And, especially, little children fighting within you the pride that is one of the great enemies of the Agape Love.

When the man is proud before God, he does not recognize his misery, he does not recognize his own faults, he hardens himself in his will, in his way of thinking, in his pride, and closes his heart to the Agape Love. This love can not enter in the heart that has the pride, and then enters the love Eros, who is also proud, who is also vain and proud.

Then, the man is falling ever deeper into the abyss of sin, of selfishness, of love, and of self-worship of himself, moving farther and farther from the love of God. And even reaching the point of despising the love of God for his own sake, his will and what he wants, the things of this world, mundane things.

My children, fight then that pride that is very dangerous, first with humility and then dilating your hearts to the Agape Love doing violence to yourselves. So that you can extend your hearts more, receive more this love in the heart and thus be love and give love to every man, so that every man believes that God is Love, that the essence of God is Love.

Then the hearts of men will open quickly to this Love, they will accept it, they will have it, and finally this Love that is also My Flame of Love will triumph in the whole world.

Continue to pray My Rosary every day, through the Rosary prayed with the heart I dilate always more your hearts to the Agape Love, the Supernatural Love. This Love that has nothing of human, has nothing earthly.

This love that is from Heaven and that makes you not only love God and Me with pure Love, without interest. But also love the neighbor without any interest, a pure love that only wants to give itself, to sacrifice itself, to consume itself by love, by the happiness of the neighbor, of the loved one.

Then, truly you will be Love in this world without love and I will be able to transform this hell of violence, of selfishness, of hate, of dishonesty and of total absence of charity in a verdant garden of Love. I will transform the world into a true furnace of love.

Continue, therefore, praying My Rosary, for it you will quickly reach the Supernatural Love, the Agape Love and when it does happen My Triumph, My Heart will truly triumph, My Triumph will happen.

To you, My dear son Carlos Tadeu, who is once again Here in My house and in My presence, I say: I love you very much My beloved son, you can not imagine the joy that gives Me coming here to My House to be with Me.

Yes, at this very moment I show to My son Marcos 358 swords of Sorrow at My feet, removed by you here this afternoon. Most of these swords were nailed mainly by the consecrated souls who were loved by God and by Me with a love of predilection much greater than the others and favored with much more graces.

And they who should give Us more love and obedience, nail these swords in Our Hearts with their indifference, their disobedience, their life of sin.

You, My little son, you do more than they do and love Me more than they do, so your love removed Me all the swords of Sorrow that they nail. And they (the good works that he does) give you even great merits in Heaven that will greatly increase your glory, your joy, and the fruition of divinity.

Today, I tell you solemnly: On Christmas night when I brought the Savior to the world, I cried, I cried a lot, not only for bringing the Savior to the world in so much poverty in the Grotto of Bethlehem. But I cried because at that moment I saw all mankind and all souls who, despite the sacrifice of My child born in such poverty, they would not love Him, would not worship Him, nor follow Him, nor serve Him.

And I wept, especially I cried too for the souls who, unlike My Son, would despise the holy poverty and would search only the riches, the pleasures, and the comforts of this world, despising Him and despising the Cross.

Then, My Son Jesus showed Me you in vision in the Grotto of Bethlehem praying and loving Me so much, loving My Son with so much love and love. And the vision of your love, of your future obedience, consoled My Heart.

Yes, My son, you consoled a lot My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus, who, seeing you in that vision, also stopped crying with Me. My consoling, keep going comforting Our Hearts with your love and do not stop for anything.

Now you see how much I love you? How much I love You? I gave you for son whom I chose Myself and embraced by letting Myself be photographed and seen by My children of the whole world. This My son, Marcos, whom I embrace with so much love, which is My consolation, My last hope. The one upon whom rest not only My hopes, but also the great prophecies of My Heart.

This son who is My consolator angel on earth was the one I gave you for son, showing you truly how much I esteem you, how much I love you, and how much I honored you.

Love, then, the precious son I gave you, he loves you very much, you can not imagine. If one day he would open his chest and let the flames of love he had for you comes out, they would reduce you to ashes at the same instant.

Yes, truly if it were natural fire, it would consume you. Let yourself, therefore, love for this Agape love that I myself placed in him for you, so that, truly, you can feel My Love. And then, full of My Love, may also radiate My Love to all My children who have not yet known Me and therefore suffer wandering in this world.

I love you very much and for you I do insanities of love. Do not fear what happened to you, the accident that happened to you, this is work of the fury of My Enemy. But the Mother of Heaven is attentive with the Saints taking care of you. That was allowed you to see how much hatred he has of you and how much good you are doing, because he only hates those who truly save souls and are destined for Heaven.

Therefore, son, go ahead and do not fear, I will guard you and I will defend you much more vehemently than the lioness defends her little cub.

I bless you and bless all My children who have come to console Me today that I love so much from Lourdes, from La Salette and from Jacareí”.

Saint Genesius of Rome

(SAINT GENESIUS): “Beloved brothers of Mine, I, Genesius, rejoice to come with the Mother of God today here for the first time. I love you very much, I guard you and always protect you from all evil.

I protect and defend you from all the ambush of satan, so do not be afraid, in the end the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God will triumph and all the power of Hell will finally be broken and destroyed.

Love the Love and live this perfect love by giving the Mother of God and the Lord the loving response of your hearts, so that this love triumphs in the world through you.

Love the Love by dilating your hearts to this Love and letting that Love reign in your hearts. Do not be afraid of the Love of God, nor of being loved by Him or of loving Him, for this Love that in the beginning really demands: renunciation, conversion, change of many things in your life, leads you finally to the true and complete peace of the heart and to the total sanctification of your souls.

Love the Love without fear, so that this love that is the Flame of Love of the Mother of God can finally realize in your hearts the great transformation that She waits so long from souls full of love Eros in souls full of Love Agape, that like burning flames of love will burn the whole world.

And continue to pray the Rosary every day, for whoever prays it will never be defeated by Satan. And the soul that prays the Rosary will never be enslaved by him.

It was never heard that the devil triumphed over the soul that prays the Rosary and will never be heard because when the soul prays the Rosary causes Satan to be afraid of it and shake all Hell. Pray it, the more you pray the Rosary, the more you will be loved by the Mother of God and for Us from Heaven.

I bless everyone and especially you, my beloved Carlos Tadeu, whom I love so much, and I also protect and defend. Do not worry about what happened to you, it was allowed to you as a confirmation that you truly are of the Immaculate, if you were not, the devil would not bother you.

On the contrary, he would do the same thing he does to sinners, he would help you, he would favor you, he would make it all easier for you.

But as you are of the Immaculate, he hates you and sometimes attacks you, but do not be afraid, much more vigilant than a father over the son, We from Heaven, I am with you and I will not let any evil prevail over you. You are strong, remain strong in the love of the Immaculate and with Her always you will have the victory.

I am your protector too, I am your personal guard that along with the other Saints I am accompanying you. Why do you have so many saints who guard you? Because you are destined for great things and you are the father of of the one who is all the hope of the Blessed Virgin and who is the son of Her prophecies. Therefore, you must have all of Our protection so that you can truly accomplish such a great mission that will finally overthrow the infernal empire, and you will make triumph the Immaculate Heart.

I love you and I bless you and I also love and bless you My beloved Leandro, I am your Holy protector, I guard you, I never leave you, everything you need come to Me, ask Me and I will offer My merits to the Lord for you and I will obtain all the Graces.

I bless you all with love from Rome, from Jerusalem and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “See you tomorrow, see you soon, Little Mother. See you soon, dear Genesius”.

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(THE ETERNAL FATHER): “My beloved children, today, I, your Father, I come to you on the day of My Feast to bless you and to say to you again: I love you! I love you with all my strength!

I love you with all my strength, that is why I created you, I took man out of nothing, I called him into being, I gave him all pre-natural and natural Gifts so that he would be eternally happy and possess by inheritance My Kingdom being happy at My side eternally in Paradise.

But man, by his selfishness and his evilness by loving himself more than Me, and preferring himself than Me he betrayed My Love, denied My Love, despised all that I had done for he and rebelled against Me.

Even though he having sinned and become a renegade son, I did not abandon him, on the contrary, I sent a prophet after a prophet to call him back to My house, to call him back to Me. But the man continued rebelled and refusing to Return to Me.

Then, finally, I sent My own Son to call them back to Me, but they did not want to, they despised My Son, they rejected My Son and crucified Him. There on the Cross I showed you the greatest Love that exists: the greatest Love Agape, My Love for you giving My Son in sacrifice as a rescue for your souls, as a payment of the debt that man had with Me and that he was unable to pay.

Yes, by giving My Son to death to save you, I gave you the greatest proof of My Love for all of you. Therefore, I say to you: I love you with all my strength and it is on the Cross of My Son that you can see more clearly how great My love for you is. For as my dearest son Marcos Tadeu said well: «It was never heard that a father had given his legitimate son to death to save an adopted, disobedient, ungrateful, rebellious, and traitor son».

And yet I did this to you, to the man, giving My only Son to death so that you may live. I gave My Son to the most cruel sufferings to deliver you from the horrible sufferings of the fire of Hell. What greater love could I have for you?

That is why I say to you: I love you with all my strength and what I want from you is a faithful, loyal, pure and true love like that of My servant Job. Yes, he truly loved Me, in his time there was no man like him: obedient, fearful to Me, faithful observer of My Commandments, righteous, upright, just.

My Enemy asked Me permission to take all of him (of Job) away with the certainty that Job would rebel against Me, turn against Me and betray Me also. I allowed and My Enemy took from him the goods, the children, the house, the riches and finally even health.

And as Job's wife told him to blaspheme against Me, to he insult Me, so that he would really rise up against Me, Job with all patience and love answered: «Though He kills me, I will trust in the Lord».

Yes, there was never a greater love like that of My servant Job for Me, with the exception of My most beloved Daughter Mary and of Joseph there was never a such love. Therefore, I say to you: Imitate My servant Job in the true love for Me, because it is this love that I want from you.

Yes, a love that for Me everything suffers everything supports, a love that hopes everything, believes everything. Job believed in My Word, waited for My providence, and finally, when all his virtues had been tested and proved by My Enemy, I, then returned to Job twice as much of the goods as he had and I crowned him again with glory and victory.

For to the righteous who suffers all things for Me, and who loves Me chiefly in penury, in suffering, and not betrays My Love, to this one I will give not only twice as I gave Job, but hundred times more as a reward in the Eternal Kingdom which I prepare for those who love Me.

Imitate My children the love of Job for Me, so that you can truly have the love that I want, the pure love, the faithful love, the loyal love, the burning love, the love that suffers everything, endures everything for Me, the Love that awaits in Me, the love that never betrays Me.

In times of suffering when they say to you: «If God exists you would not be suffering now». You must say: «Though He kills me, I will trust in the Lord».

Imitate Job and you will truly have the faithful, loyal love, a firm and true faith, which by Me in due time will be rewarded as Job's with victory.

Do not you see what I do with My little son Marcos? He at the beginning of the Apparitions so poor was so persecuted, calumniated, threatened by priests, by bad people. However, he trusted in Me, waited on Me, and as Job he remained faithful to Me. And now I do not crown his perseverance with the confirmation of these resounding signs that I produced Here with My most beloved Daughter Mary in his behalf?

I am not showing everyone the truth of My Apparitions Here with My Daughter Mary and all Heaven and confirming the honesty, sincerity, integrity, virtue of My son Marcos?

This is how I reward the perseverance, constancy and faithfulness of My righteous ones.

Be like this also, and at the end you will see how I will justify you, I will defend and crown you with victory in front of all your enemies.

Go forward praying the Rosary of Mary, because by the Rosary of My Most most beloved Daughter you will reach to have the same love, the same confidence that Job had in Me.

Continue to do My Hour, for through it I will shower your hearts of a great Flame of Love, the Flame of My Agape Love, which will truly transform you into living flames of love.

Beloved son Carlos Tadeu, how much you rejoice my Heart being here these two days with My most Daughter Mary. I want you to know that when I told Noah that I would send the Flood to the world and Noah set about building the Ark under My orders, I will have you know that in the Ark I revealed to Noah your existence with your son Marcos Tadeu.

And I said to Noah: «Not only because of your faithfulness, not only because of the Mother of My Son that one day will be your descendant. But also because of these two most beloved children of Mine I will not exterminate once and for all the world.

But I will still grant mercy, I will cause the waters of the Flood to come down and you leave the Ark, to again populate the Earth until in the fullness of time I send the Mother of My Son with Him to Earth to redeem mankind. And then at the end of time I send these My two most beloved children to finish with the Mother of My Son the work of My salvation».

Therefore, My child, rejoice your heart because it was also for you and for my son Marcos Tadeu that I did not exterminate the human race once and for all. Since you are worth so much to Me with your son, since you are so loved by Me, rejoice with joy, live only for Me as Job and in everything and for everything love Me as Job loved Me. And I Myself will bless you in a way that you can not imagine and through you I will do prodigies for the salvation of My children also showering them with My Love and My Graces.

My Beloved son Marcos, I will have you know that for your cause (thanks to you) I bless this country, I bless the crops and plantations of this country. Yes, indeed, the abundance of the plantations of your country is due to the fact that you are here in Brazil, that you were born here and that here you love Me and love My most beloved Daughter Mary.

Your obedience to Us, your faithfulness, your service, your dedication touches My Heart and makes Me bless this country so that it will be so prosperous both in the plantations and in other human activities.

There are many sins here in this nation, but I did not take them into consideration as I should for your cause, and the sins of this nation that should ruin the crops, ruin so many things, they (the sins of the Brazilian nation) do not do this because of your obedience and faithfulness that holds back the punishment they would deserve.

My son, if this nation is so prosperous in so many things it is thanks to you, for your cause I bless this nation. For your cause too, I bless this city and I bless all who approaches you.

It is well true that My righteous children of this time are tested as Job, but to them will never lack My providence if they approach you with true love, if they know how to love Mary Queen and Messenger of Peace with pure, filial love. And if they also know to comprehend, love and help you in your mission.

Therefore, son, I will have you know, that much of the abundance that exists here in Brazil is for your cause that this happens. If you were not here, if you were not so dedicated to Mary and Me, woe to Brazil! It would be a miserable land where, besides violence, there would reign misery, the total chaos.

Little son, since you are so loved by Me, continue to love Me and love Mary as you have done with this Full and Supernatural Love that you have always had for Us. Love Us with all the strength of your heart, the more you love Us, more this love will fall upon you like a rain of burning fire that even more will burn your soul and all those who be closest to you.

I do this so that everyone will know how much I am in love with you, how much I love you and how proud I am, how happy I am to be your Father.

Go and continue announcing Our Messages, today, tomorrow and the day after, so that then, soon when I come with My Son to renew and restore all things, I may crown you and declare you My son before all Nations.

Go My little prophet, My little Moses, speak to the Nations, exalt My Name, I love you, I will always be with you and it will be Me who will speak to My children through you.

To all of you, today, on the day of My Feast I embrace and say: This sacred place is the last hope, the ultimate and last mercy that I have for you. Embrace it if you do not want to sink and perish. Embrace this grace so that you may truly receive from Me by the hand of Mary, My most beloved daughter, the salvation that I offer for you and with such love I come Here to provide you.

I bless you all, I especially bless My daughter Rafaela Bompianni and Renata Bompianni, who gave Me today on the day of My Feast this immense joy confirming the sacred Figure of My Blessed Daughter Mary and Her Holy Face.

In doing so, they showed the world not only the truth of the Apparitions of My Daughter Mary here, but they also exalted My Name, glorified Me because it is I who sent Mary Here, was I who created Her and sent Her to you.

So, the truth of the Apparitions of My Daughter Here, I Am by them, I Am by you glorified. And they in doing so gave Me a supreme glory. To these daughters I give My blessing, I promise My help and protection and, especially, My paternal assistance with special solicitude.

To them and to all of you I now bless you with Love and with Mary, from Nazareth, from Jerusalem and from Jacarei”.

Miraculous photo of the Holy Face of Our Lady in Jacareí.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, on the 13th, when you celebrate My Feast Here, I come again from Heaven to say to you: I am the Queen of the Rosary, pray the Rosary every day, so that I may always shower and fill your hearts with love, with grace, with the fullness of My Flame of Love.

I am the Queen of the Rosary and to all who pray it with love I promise the salvation, and their souls will not be struck by the rays of God's Wrath, but on the contrary, I will pour upon this soul the abundance of the Graces of the Lord.

I am the Queen of the Rosary, through the Rosary I prevented the Third World War from happening in the 1980s. And it will be still through the Rosary that I will save the world one last time by freeing it from the domination of Satan and renewing the whole world in My Flame of love.

Through the Rosary I will spread My Flame of Love over the whole Earth. Accept it, receive it, spread it, transmit it through prayer, through the word, through the Cenacles that I asked you to do everywhere. So that truly My Flame of Love may form citadels, form fortresses of love all over the Earth that will finally besiege the army of My enemy and make his kingdom cave in as if by magic to the ground.

The world will be vanquish by Love, My Enemy will be vanquish by Love, the world will be saved by My Mother's Love, by the Love of God,  the Agape and Supernatural Love. Accept this Love, transmit this Love, because it will be this Love that will finally crush Satan.

When My Son was dying on the Cross He gave the world the greatest proof of the Agape Love, the Love that gives itself, that sacrifices itself and even dies for the loved one.

There when it seemed that He was defeated, there was that He overcame Satan and Hell. And He won by the power of Love, not by the arms, by the Love! And so it is, that the world will now be saved: BY THE LOVE! My Rosary is Love, it is Love that goes up to Heaven, it is Love that spreads on the Earth, renewing hearts, converting sinners.

My Rosary is Love that goes up to Heaven and returns as Love in the form of Graces. Therefore, pray My Rosary every day so that you can finally make My Love, My Flame of Love spread on the Earth, renew the Earth and then be able to show the Triumph of My Love in the whole world!

I am the Queen of the Rosary and what I promised to my son Dominic of Guzman, I promise you again now: He who serves Me every day praying My Rosary will not know the flames of hell, he will be placed in the midst of the Saints in Heaven and will be declared My son before God, the Angels and the Saints.

He who prays My Rosary will not have bad death, unrepentant death, obstinate in sin, because I will obtain for him all Graces for a sincere conversion and thus, his soul will be saved.

He who prays My Rosary will always have Maternal assistance and help in life and death, and will be a luminous flower that will adorn My Throne in Heaven.

PRAY MY ROSARY, THE SECRET OF YOUR SALVATION AND OF HUMANITY IS MY ROSARY! The more you pray it, the more you will grow in the true Love and Holiness that pleases God.

Finally I say: thank you beloved son Carlos Tadeu for coming once more to console Me and to praise Me.

I will have you know My son, that when I was with My Apostle John in Ephesus, I was suffering a lot to see the suffering of the Apostles preaching everywhere. I saw their persecutions, I saw the wicked wanting to kill them.

Then, crying blood, I cried out to My Son Jesus that He would not allow that His Work, His Church, the Holy Catholic Faith to be exterminated with the death of the Apostles. My Son Jesus descended from Heaven immediately to console Me and then said to Me: «My Mother fear nothing, your Tears of Blood, Your Supplications and your Sorrow touched My Heart.

Not only will My Faith be extinguished, but in the future all these sufferings Mine, Thine and of My Apostles will beget great children, great souls who will love Us a lot and will help Us to save souls and establish Our kingdom on Earth, especially, these two servants who You see now». 

And then, My Son Jesus showed My Son Marcos and showed Me you, you, My son Carlos Tadeu. You can not imagine the great consolation I felt at that hour. And then, My Tears of Blood became Tears of Light like translucent gold, like the most brilliant gold. And then, My Heart was filled with joy.

My consolator, go forward bringing My Messages and saving all My children, you are the fruit of My Sorrows and the Sorrows of My Apostles. Go forward and honor the Sorrows that drew you to God, the Sorrows that made you be knight of Mine and a knight of the Lord. The Sorrows that brought you near Heaven, to the door of salvation.

Go, My child and announce My Words without fear! Continue to love with Agape Love your son Marcos, who is the great Gift of My Heart for you. And he will also continue to love you with My Flame of Love, so that in his Love you will feel My Love and how great the Love of My Son Jesus is for you. I place My hope in you.

Go on son, I want you to make the Cenacle in honor of My daughter Bernadette (Soubirous) next Friday so that all My children can not only love Her more, but also know Her more and imitate Her virtues. So that by becoming another Bernadette's in the Love for Me, I may there, in your city triumph and work wonders in them as I did through My little daughter Bernadette in Lourdes.

Last Friday of this month you will rest. I want you to have a day of rest so that, with renewed strength to attack... truly attack the kingdom of My Infernal Enemy to overthrow it, to recover the souls that he took  from Me and bring back to My Heart.

Little sonon I love you so much, in the love of My son Marcos one day you will feel how great the Flame of My Love for you is. For now, go on doing all the Prayers I gave you.

Today, with My Little Shepherds of Fatima here present, I bless and bless all My children from Fatima, from Lourdes and from Jacareí”.

(SAINT PHILOMENA): “Beloved brothers of Mine, I, Philomena, bless you all today and say: Be, be truly topazes, beautiful topazes, brilliant topazes reflecting to the whole world the beauty of the Lord, the beauty of Our Immaculate Queen, living in the true love as I lived, so that the whole world may enchant the Lord, love the Lord and truly give all to the Lord.

Be topazes of love, living every day in prayer, in the spiritual meditation that forms, that makes grows your souls, that embellishes your souls. So that all seeing and knowing the spiritual beauty of you, fall in love with the Lord, who thus embellishes them, that thus forms them, makes them grow in the love and with the love all give their hearts to the Lord and Our Immaculate Queen.

Be topazes of love, seeking every day as I, live only of Love for Jesus, dedicate oneself to Jesus, suffer for Jesus, love Jesus with all the strength of the heart.

Living in this way, doing so, you will truly be topazes of love like I, who with their beauty will enchant souls and make that they all want to be topazes of love for the glory of the Lord.

Be topazes of love, living every day in holiness, as the Lord wills. Prepare yourselves for His return, for He is at the doors, only half an hour from the Day of the Lord for Him to come and for Him to flood the whole world with His Glory. He will purify the whole world by fire, all nations will pass, and every man in the fire, and he who is not pure gold will be rule out, he will be thrown out.

Therefore, beloved brothers, be the pure gold of holiness and of love of God, be true topazes of love for God, so that truly in that day you may  be accepted in the presence of the Lord to by Him be declared His children.

Continue to pray the Rosary every day, do not be afraid of anything, finally the Heart of Our Holy Queen will triumph!

Most beloved brother Carlos Tadeu how much I love you!

I will have you know my beloved brother that when I was imprisoned in those forty days that I was in the prison, when My Holy Queen appeared to Me, She also revealed to Me your existence. And She asked Me to endure firmly all the martyrdoms that awaited Me and to offer them for the propagation of the Catholic faith, for Her victory, for the salvation of souls and especially for you.

My Most Holy Queen declared to Me that I would be your spiritual Mother and that I should have for you a special care and protect you with special solicitude. I accepted and then My Holy Queen asked Me to offer especially for you the Martyrdom of the arrows.

When I was struck, though I felt a great pain wound with arrows piercing My organs, I offered everything for you, all for your good, for your salvation. And so that you may be truly holy, you may be filled with all the graces of the Lord and of Our Immaculate Queen.

I will have you know my beloved brother, that thousands of years ago I  love you and in My martyrdoms I gave you my great proof of love for you, accepting the pain of those arrows and offering them all for you.

Since you now know that you are so loved by Me, you should fear nothing because I am truly your friend, your spiritual Mother, your Advocate and with Me you will always ... you will always have protection, consolation and shelter.

Today I bless you with love and I also bless you little girl Joyce, yesterday Genesius revealed that he is the patron saint of your uncle Leandro. Today I solemnly reveal: I am your patron saint, pray Me, love Me, always recommend yourself to Me and I will always assist you and help you with My Graces of Love.

I am also your most patron saint most beloved Djallys, come to Me, come to Me always and I will always cover you with My Mantle and its Graces of Love.
To all who are Here and to these Scapular Mine to Me offered with so much Love I now bless from Mugnano, from Rome and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): “Dearest Mother of Heaven, may you have the kindness to touch these scapulars and chaplets which we have made for the protection of Your children?”.

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(Marcos): “Forever be praised! Yes. Yes, I will.
Yes, I will. I'll record yes. I will”.

(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you rejoice for the result of the analysis of My Sacred Face, made by My dearest daughter Rafaela Bompianni, I say to you: My Face is Love and everyone who looks at it, will receive little by little My Flame of Love. Contemplate it, pray in front of it and My Look of Love will little by little fill your hearts with Love.

Verily, I say, He who contemplates My Holy Face, and who enthroned it in their homes shall not be struck by the rays of the Justice of God. But first, he will receive in abundance the Divine Mercy.

May this Face be known by the whole world for all My children and may all they come in front of My Holy Face to ask for Graces and they will receive them in abundance, especially, the Peace.

Continue to pray My Rosary every day, with it I will always burn you with My Flame of Love. Dilate your hearts every day with the Rosary, with works of love, with My Flame of Love so that it grows ever more in your hearts.

Continue to pray all the Chaplets that I asked you Here, through them I will always give you Graces of love and to the world the Mercy of the Lord.

I thank My dearest children of Salesópolis who came walking Here today, doing prayer and penitence.

Thank you dear children, thank you for this sacrifice, you saved 289,000 souls with that sacrifice. Thank you, may you be now blessed with the abundance of the Graces of My Immaculate Heart.

And upon all My beloved children who are Here also, I pour out copiously My blessing from Lourdes, from Fatima and Jacareí”.

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(Marcos): “Forever be praised! Yes, I will, yes. I will. I will”.

(OUR LADY): “My children, today, I call all of you again to Love, to the Supernatural Love, seek this Love for deep prayer. Open your hearts to the Supernatural Love through a firm will and a great desire to have this Love, to possess it, live it and give it to all.

If you have the Supernatural Love you will supernaturalize all things, you will live the Agape Love even in the smallest actions, even in the smallest attitudes of each day. And you will purify everything that you do, everything will be purified and sanctified by Love.

Pray My Rosary every day, because with My Rosary you will truly live the Agape Love in all its fullness. And you will truly give the world the true, perfect example of true love.

I also ask you, My children, that you make known to My children ten films of the life of My son, Saint John Mary Vianney.

It is necessary for the world to know, to know the life of My son. I already asked for that this month and I ask you again: That you give ten films of His life, made by my most beloved Marcos, who most obedient did for you. So that My children may know the perfect model of true Agape Love that they must follow.

I desire you also to give ten films of the life of My daughter Veronica Giuliani, because in Her life too, the Agape Love, the Supernatural Love shone as never before. And by imitating Her all of you can live the Agape Love perfectly, and thus radiate My Flame of Love to all hearts.

When the Agape Love, the Supernatural Love, the Divine Charity enters into a heart, takes it, fills it completely and everything that one does, does for love of God and for love of neighbor. His/Her goals and his/her intentions are above the earth, his/her goals are like those of God, the eternal goals. And everything that this person does, does with views to and with the end, the good of the neighbor, the eternal happiness of the neighbor and radiate the Divine Love to the neighbor.

If you have this Love My children, then you will do everything with the Supernatural Love and your actions will give glory to God, will give glory to Me and will touch the hearts of your brothers making them know the essence of God that is Love.

Here where I gave My Sacred Face to you, I desire you to contemplate It many and many times, because through it you will feel My presence, you will feel My Love, you will understand the Agape Love that you must have.

Your hearts will open like flowers to receive the rays of this love and then, truly with this Love, with your hearts full of this Love you will radiate this love to the whole world and the world will believe in the true God who is Love!

To all I bless from Lourdes, from Montichiari and from Jacareí”.

(Marcos): "Dearest Mother of Heaven, can You bless these Scapulars we made for the protection of your children?

Thank you, Mother”.

“See you soon”.
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