Who is the seer Marcos?


Marcos Tadeu Teixeira was born in Jacareí on February 12, 1977. Feast of Our Lady of the School, from a Catholic family. He is a resident of Campo Grande neighborhood, near the Hills (Mounts) where, later on, the Apparitions of Our Lady would take place, when She would appear, from February 1991, as Queen and Messenger of Peace.
He is a simple, lively, calm boy. The gaze of Our Lady of Peace rested on this child, on this valley of tears, and the Heart of Mary, full of Mercy, opened and descended again to call His children for conversion and Peace. Jesus said: "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted!" (Mt 5: 4)

When he was little, he had a heart murmur problem. The mother always worked outside to help with the maintenance of the house, since the father, since the four years of Marcos, began to drink, causing great suffering for the family, and leading to the loss of many, of the few possessions they had. His father was a violent man, and when he drank, he came to beat him and his mother, being needed that relatives and neighbors must come to him several times so that the worst would not happen. When he was between nine and ten years old, his father left him alone with his mother and brother.

So that they would not be in want, his mother worked hard and, over time, managed to build some simple houses, for rent, that still support the three today. Even so, he was never rebel, nor had school difficulties, being one of the best students in the school where he studied, and always getting good grades. He was always very reserved, home-loving and did not like to be walking along the street. He hardly spoke to strangers, though he loved being with his cousins ​​and his younger brother, their favorite friends.

In 1986 he had measles, due to an outbreak of the disease in the city, and almost died, remaining unconscious for four days. A dark spot appeared in his eyes, and the doctors said he would be totally blind in a short time. However, he was cured at the prayers of his mother to Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lord of the Steps. As if they were simple and resourceless people, his mother went to the Church, and before these images that were there, in the pain of the imminence of having his son blind, she raised to God raised her prayers with fervor and made a promise. The Grace was attained.

When Our Lady appeared for the first time to the still child Marcos Tadeu, he had already made his First Communion on December 11, 1988. He was preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, which was to be held on November 22, 1992.

Between 1992-93, he took the course of machine operator at SENAI, in São José dos Campos, which is only 8km from Jacareí. He finished secondary school in 1994, and in 1997 he completed the first year of the Faculty of Philosophy, leaving it in December of 1997, due to lack of funds to pay for his studies.

After Our Lady appeared to him the first few times, without knowing for sure that She was the Celestial Person, he decided to do something for the cause of the Lord and the souls, and he became a catechist until the end of 1993, when he had to leave everything for the sake of the Apparitions, in view of the persecutions and prohibitions of the diocesan Bishop.

In 1994 there was a period of sacrifice, asked to him by the Blessed Virgin, in order to convert sinners. Then he went through several throat problems that led him to very high fevers, having to be hospitalized. In 1997, there was another sacrifice period requested by the Blessed Virgin. Then, a tumor appeared in the left knee, which due to its location prevented the movements of the left leg, and because of this, he had to miss school for a period of forty days, but he was not disapproved because he did the tests and works replacement.

Because of the piercing pains of his knee that keep him awake, he could not go up to the Mount of Apparitions or go alone to Holy Mass. On September 7, 1997, he was taken to the Mount by his friends arms. He was greatly weakened, but was totally healed by Our Lady on September 9, 1997, during an apparition, when Our Lady showed him a multitude of souls ascending to Heaven, consequence of that accepted suffering. It was the eve of his visit to Medjugorje, Lourdes and Fatima, -his dream-, for he had always wanted to visit the Places where Our Lady had already appeared, which is fully understandable, but by the financial conditions of the family, he thought impossible when, to his surprise, the DIVINE Goodness provided him with this immense joy, however, not without his suffering, for the people who would help him on the journey, had enrolled him on a trip whose departure was scheduled for those days, and the problem of the knee would prevent him from going . But it was Our Lady herself who had obtained that favor from God, and it was Her Maternal Will that he went there. During that Apparition, already on the imminence of departure, here is the Love of Our Lady, that has always foreseen and executed everything for the greater Glory of God and the good of Her little son. What was not the amazement of those present when they saw him kneel before Our Lady in the Apparition, and then walk away as if nothing had happened to him. He felt no more pain after that, nor did he have any sequels.

He was also a mason's helper and warehouse clerk and construction material. He can type in the machine and also type in the computer. He is a young man like the others of his age, but he has characteristics that set him apart from others, defining him as a calm, serene and kind person, as long as he does not feel used (utilised) and deceived.

From September 10 to 25, 1997 he realized his great dream, which was to discover Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugorje and other Marian Shrines. From 1998 to 1999 it seems that there has been a truce (a break) in physical suffering, although morals through persecution, criticism and injustice on the part of the people always continue to martyring him.
It was this young man, simple and devoid of ostentation, riches, or fame, that the Immaculate Virgin appeared, communicating the riches and Love of His Immaculate Heart, and making him the spokesman of Her Maternal Messages of salvation to the whole world.
Olá estimados amigos e irmãos, nós queremos fazer um chamado a todos para colaborarem com o Santuário e com as obras dele. Como vocês sabem o Marcos tem feito muitos CD’S de Rosários Meditados, Horas de Oração, Filmes das Aparições, Filmes da Vida dos Santos, Meditações, Livros das Mensagens, Terços, Escapulários, Medalhas, e muito mais em obediência à Mãe de Deus que manda ele a fazer. Nós queremos humildemente pedir a vocês que colaborem e aos que já o fazem continuar colaborando adquirindo os mesmos. Pois o Santuário se sustenta da venta dos mesmos.
Sabemos que tem muitas pessoas que falam mal do Marcos, do Santuário e mesmo dos peregrinos, difamando eles gravemente. Para as pessoas que pela primeira vez tem escutado do Marcos (o Vidente destas Aparições) e do Santuário das Aparições de Jacareí, invitamos você a visitá-lo, ajuntamos o endereço com as indicações. Não é mentira o que estamos dizendo, de fato de nós depende a Salvação da humanidade como Nossa Senhora tem-nos dito tanto nestas Aparições. Vamos colaborar com o Marcos, pois tudo isso é pela nossa causa, todas as dores, sofrimentos, lágrimas, trabalhos, cenáculos, vigílias, jejuns e mais POR O CÉU, POR VOCÊ, POR MIM, PELOS SEUS FILHOS, PAIS, ETC., E PELA HUMANIDADE TODA.
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