In 1636 Our Lord made a promise to Venerable Margaret of the Most Holy Sacrament that has become very famous:  "Whatever you wish to obtain, request it by the merits of my infancy, and your request will be heeded it". 
The Carmelite Fathers and the Carmelite Sisters, following the lead of their founding saints, St. Therese and St. John of the Cross, have set out to propagate wherever they arrive, the devotion to the Divine Child Jesus, which consists in honoring the first 12 years of Jesus’ infancy on earth, and by Jesus’ merits during those 12 years of childhood, to request from God all needed graces. 
Many devotees throughout the world have requested graces from God by the merits of Jesus’ infancy, and have obtained admirable graces.  
The Venerable Margaret of the Most Holy Sacrament, Barefoot Carmelite of Beaune (France), who died in scent of sanctity at the early age of 27, most devoted to the Child Jesus, is responsible for this devotion.  The Child Jesus promised her to grant very special graces of innocence and purity to those who said it with devotion. 
Here is the Chaplet:    
In  the name of the Father ………....  
Adored and glorified be the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, forever and ever.  Amen. 
Adored and glorified be the Father,  
The Verb became flesh,
- And came to live amongst us.
Our Father who art in heaven ………..  
Adored and glorified be the Son,  
The Verb became flesh,
- And came to live amongst us.
Our Father who art in heaven………..  
Adored and glorified be the Holy Spirit,  
The Verb became flesh,
- And came to live amongst us.
Our Father who art in heaven………..  
 Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore to you in the mystery of your Incarnation.
The Verb became flesh,
- And came to live amongst us
Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit……..            
 Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of the Visitation.  Glory be…..
Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit……..  
 Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your Birth.  Glory be…. 
 Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of the Adoration of the Shepherds.
Glory be ……..  
 Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your Circumcision.  Glory be ……..
 Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your Epiphany.  Glory be……..  
 Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your Presentation in the Temple.
Glory be   ……..  
 Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your Escape to Egypt.  Glory be….. 
 Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your Stay in Egypt.  Glory be …..  
10º Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your Return to Nazareth.  Glory be …….. 
11º Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your hidden Life in Nazareth.
Glory be  ……..  
12º Sweetest Child Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your three day Loss and subsequent encounter in the Temple.   Glory be ……..  
Oh, my God, who deigned to constitute Your Only Son as redeemer of mankind and ordered that He be named Jesus, grant us that those who venerate his Holy Name on Earth, may enjoy His presence in heaven.   Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.  Amen. 
Devotion background to the Child Jesus of Prague 
Ancient traditions dating back several centuries from Andalusia, Spain, tell of a saintly religious Carmelite who used to carve images, and his most vehement desire was to carve a beautiful statue of the Divine Child Jesus.  And he frequently repeated a phrase very similar to the one St. Therese repeated:  "Let my eyes see you, good and sweet Jesus,   let my eyes see you, then that I may soon die".   Thus so many times he asked Our Lord for the grace of being able to contemplate the face of the Divine Child, that one day the Boy Jesus appeared to him, smiling and blessing him.  The saintly religious tried to record in his memory as best as he could the face of the Divine Child and soon dedicated himself to carve an image that came out beautifully.  He later died very happy to have been able to contemplate the face of our kind Redeemer. 
            This beautiful image was presented by the Carmelites to a princess who went to Czechoslovakia to marry the Prince of Prague in 1556, and there she took it along.  And thereafter she would dress the statue with the most luxurious garments of the small prince of Prague.  And there the Divine Child began to grant wonderful graces to those who honored him and placed their trust in him. 
Upon her death, the princess of Prague left her beautiful statue of the Child Jesus to the Carmelite Fathers recommending to them to honor the Divine Child because she had noticed that those who prayed to the Divine Child Jesus obtained very special favors. 
Then one Carmelite Father, Fr. Cirilo of the Mother of God, set out to honor the Child  Jesus, and the graces began to multiply.  The convent that was in ruins began to receive unexpected contributions.  A family who dedicated themselves to honor the Divine Child  and to make others honor the Child Jesus, received so many favors and solutions to all their problems that they would not stop telling everyone about it.  The city of Prague, which  was surrounded by thousands and thousands of protestants who wished to destroy it, was liberated from them after promising the Divine Child to build a great temple in his honor.  And thus the devotion to the Divine Child Jesus became extremely popular due to the awesome graces obtained from heaven when requesting them by the merits of the childhood of Jesus.   Peace would return to broken homes.  Lost children would return to their  homes.   Businesses that were failing returned to prosperity.  The sinners consumed in a life of sin changed their ways….   And all throughout people narrated favors and more favors of the Divine Child, because as Jesus had said:  "All those that request receive": And the Boy Jesus appearing in a vision to Fr. Cirilo said to him:  "If you honor me, I will honor you.  If you are generous to me, I will be generous to you ".
Remember, oh sweetest Child Jesus, that you said to the Venerable Margaret of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and through her, to all your devotees, these so consoling words for our poor overwhelmed and suffering mankind:  "Everything that you want to request, ask for it through the merits of my infancy and nothing will be denied to you".   Full of trust in You, oh Jesus! Who are truth itself, I come to present my necessities.  
Help me lead an authentic Christian life, to obtain a happy eternity.  By the infinite merits of your incarnation and your childhood, grant me the grace that I am requesting of you (here state the requested grace).   I commit myself to you, oh Omnipotent Child, confident that you will heed my plea and will fortify me in hope.  Amen. 
To Fr. Cirilo, Barefoot Carmelite
Oh Divine Child Jesus, I recur to You and request to you by the intercession of your Holy Mother, you grant me this petition (it can be stated here), because I firmly believe that your Divinity can assist me.  I completely trust to obtain your holy grace.  I love you with all my heart and with all the forces of my soul.  I sincerely regret all my sins, and beg you, oh good Jesus, to give me strength to prevail.  I commit to sin no more, and offer to undergo any suffering on your behalf rather than offend you.  
From now on, I want to serve you with all faithfulness, and for your love, oh Divine Child, I will love my fellow man as myself.
Omnipotent child, Lord Jesus, I again beg your assistance in this necessity (it is so stated).  
Grant me the grace to be with you, eternally with Mary and Joseph and to adore you  with the angels of the Heavenly Court.  Amen.  
The Most Holy Virgin of San Nicolas (Argentina) says to us: 
 23-12-85 Message 759: 
 I see the Most Holy Virgin and she says to me, very softly:  My daughter, today I will reveal to you the birth of my beloved and sweetest Son.
 He left my belly, the same way as he was introduced, I mean, without being touched.
 He was born by the intercession of the Spirit of Almighty Lord.  I did not feel any pain, I only felt that my belly was opened and closed, but it was only a sensation, because I did not have any vestiges, remaining just as before.  
That was his wonderful birth, by the Grace of God the Father.
2-5-85 Message 546:  
Today the Virgin tells me, how Jesus was when he was a child.
I will tell  you: At three years of age, he already had great intelligence, had the understanding that God the Father gave him, grew knowing that, He was the Son of God. Was always very quiet, always meditating, but whenever he spoke, it was with great  humility and  wisdom, the great wisdom of God.
My daughter, thus was my beloved Son on earth,  he was the most faithful preacher and shepherd of the Flock of his Father.
11-9-86 Message 964:  
My daughter: Today I will tell you something about Jesus when he was twelve years of age, and presented in the Temple.  He had the boyish  innocence and love towards all things created by the Almighty.  
In his sensible and wise words, wisdom could be perceived.
Together with Joseph my husband, we used to listen for hours to him speak, whatever he said to us with lots of love.
One of many phrases that he said to us:  "Jesus, new life for the new soul, much bloodshed will come before  this becomes reality".
My Son always knew the suffering that awaited him. That the christians know to reflect what II am saying to you, they are words of the Mother of Jesus Christ.
Amen, amen.
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