Queen of the Universe, Heede, Germany, 1937 - 1945

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Message of Heede, Germany 1937- 1940, very related with the most important our Lady of Fatima and the Divine Will

Our Lady appears to four children Margaret Gansferth, Greta Gansferth, Anna Schulte, Susanna Bruns near their homes, in a meadow, and at other places. She was holding the Divine Child in her arms when she first appeared. Mary appeared to the children an undetermined number of times of which only three were recorded. After the children were forbidden by the Gestapo (and briefly arrested) to go to the place of the original apparition, Mary appeared to them in secret. Prayer, conversion, and the rosary were the primary messages. 

The message of Heede is very similar to that of Fatima. Our Lady appears to have said little. She appeared to the girls with the Divine Child in her arms, smiled at them and was content to have them enraptured with the beauty of the Divine Presence. Our Lady speaks and then followed by Our Lord five years later. What Our Lord has to say is harsh to say the least. He warns the world of the impending chastisements but then of the mercy to follow, in this approved Marian site.

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Our Lord Jesus told to the children of Heede ( Anna Schulte, Greta and Maria Gauseforth and Susanna Bruns - Our Lady appeared to them as subsequently did Our Lord ) 

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The Words from Christ in 1945 after Our Lady appeared from 1937- 1940:
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«Humanity has not heeded My Blessed Mother who appeared at Fatima, to exhort everyone to penitence.
Now I have come, in this last hour to admonish the world.
The times are grave. Men should do penance for their sins…I AM near.
The earth will tremble and will suffer. It will be terrific. A minor judgement. For those who are not in a state of grace it will be frightful.»

«The angels of My Justice are now scattered across the world. Men do not listen to My Calls. They close their ears, resist My graces and refuse My Mercy, My Love and My Merits. They will agonize in the blindness of their faults. Hatred and greed fills the hearts of men. All this is the work of satan. The world sleeps in a dense darkness…. This generation deserves to be annihilated but I desire to show Myself as Merciful.»

«Great and terrible things are being prepared. That which is about to happen will be terrible, like nothing ever since the beginning of the world.[..] Hell will believe that victory is theirs, but I will seize it from them. Many blaspheme Me and, because of this, I shall allow all kinds of misfortunes to rain upon the earth for, through this, many will be saved.»

«Blessed are those who suffer everything in reparation for those who offend me. My beloved children the hour is near.»

«Pray incessantly and you will not be confounded.»

«I will come with My Peace.»

«With a few faithful, I will build up My Kingdom. As a flash of lightning this Kingdom will come ... much faster than mankind will realize. I will give them a special light. For some this light will be a blessing; for others darkness. The light will come like the Star that showed the way to the wise men. Mankind will experience My love and My power. I will show them My justice and My mercy. My dearly beloved children, the hour comes closer and closer.»

«Pray without ceasing!»

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(Revelations given to Luisa Piccarreta)

Book Heaven: V8 – Sept. 5, 1908 - I was speaking with the Confessor, and he was saying: "How terrible it will be to see God indignant! This is so true, that on the Day of Judgment, the wicked will say: ‘Mountains – bury us, destroy us, that we may not see the face of God indignant." 

Book of Heaven: V11 – Nov. 21 – 1915 - Ah, My daughter, yet, all the terrible things that are happening now are only the sketch of the design. Don’t you see what a large circle I AM marking? What will happen when I will complete the design? At many points they will say: ‘Here there was such a city, here such buildings.’ Some points will disappear completely. Time is tight. Man reached the extent of forcing Me to chastise him. He wanted to almost challenge Me, incite Me, and I remained patient - but all times arrive. They didn’t want to recognize Me through Love and Mercy - they will know Me through Justice...."

Book of Heaven: V4 – Oct. 4, 1900 – (Luisa): …In one instant He transported me outside of myself, taking me to the places where bloody slaughters were happening. Oh, how many sorrowful scenes could be seen in the world! How much human flesh tormented, torn to pieces, trampled upon as one tramples the earth, and left unburied. How many tragedies, how many miseries! And what is more, more terrible ones are to happen! Blessed Jesus looked and, all moved, began to cry bitterly. Unable to refrain, I cried with Him over the sad condition of the world; so much so, that my tears mixed with those of Jesus.

Book of Heaven: V8 – Sept. 5, 1908 – (Jesus): “…On the Day of Judgment it will be terrible for the wicked. Not seeing any Seed of Love in themselves, but rather, hate toward Me, My Justice imposes on Me to not Love them; and the persons who are not Loved, one does not want to keep around, and one makes use of some means to drive them away. I will not want to keep them with Me, and they will not want to stay – we will shun each other. Love alone is that which Unites everything and makes All Happy."

Book of Heaven: V1 – “…You, Luisa, have seen how much they offend Me, and how many walk along the paths of evil, and without realizing it, fall into the abyss. Come to offer yourself before Divine justice as victim of reparation for the offenses that are given, and for the conversion of sinners who, with eyes closed, drink at the poisoned fount of sin. A large field of sufferings opens before you, yes - but also of Graces; I will never leave you again, I will come within you to suffer all that men do to Me, making you share in My pains. For help and comfort, I give you My Mother."

Book of Heaven: V1  (Jesus)…"Daughter, Luisa, take a look at what men do to Me. In these sad times their pride is so great that they have poisoned all the air; and the stench that spreads everywhere is such that it has reached even before my throne in Heaven. They act in such a way as to close Heaven by themselves. The miserable ones do not have eyes to know the Truth, because they are obfuscated by the sin of pride, followed by the other vices which they bring with themselves. O please! give 4 Me a relief from so many bitter spasms, and a reparation for so many wrongdoings against Me."

Book of Heaven: V1 – (Jesus): “… let your life, your breathing, your thoughts and affections be continuous acts of reparations to placate My Justice, offering Me, along with them, the bothers from creatures, which will not be few."

Book of Heaven: V1 – (Jesus): …”My nature felt these kinds of sufferings greatly, but I had My gaze fixed on the Will of the Father, and I offered those pains in reparation for many who commit the most wicked actions publicly, with open eyes, boasting about them without the slightest blush - saying to Him: ‘Father, accept My confusions and opprobrium in reparation for many who have the insolence to offend You so freely, without the slightest sorrow. Forgive them, give them lights, that they may see the ugliness of sin and convert.’ I want that you too share in these kinds of sufferings. Don’t you know that the most beautiful presents I can give to the souls I Love are crosses and pains? 

Book of Heaven: V24 – Jun. 25, 1928 – “…An act repeated incessantly in My Fiat Possesses a Conquering, Enrapturing and Enchanting Virtue before Our Divinity. That Continuous Repeating in the Divine Volition is the Strength of the soul, the Invincible Weapon that debilitates her Creator and Conquers Him with Weapons of Love; and He feels Honored to let Himself be Cconquered by the creature.”

Book of Heaven: V36 – May 19, 1938 - As He was speaking, Peace came back to me, but afterwards, thinking about what happened to me during these days—that is not necessary here to say—I started to feel troubled again. So, for about two days after this, my sweet Jesus remained silent and, because of this I felt completely exhausted, extremely weak. Then my beloved Jesus, having Compassion for me, all Goodness, came and told me: “Poor daughter of Mine, you haven't eaten, this is why you have no strength. It's two days since you have taken any food, because you were not at 5 Peace, so I couldn't feed you with My Truths. My Truths are food for the soul but give also Strength to the body. By being so troubled you wouldn't have understood Me, neither would you have been disposed to take such a delicious food. You Must Know that Peace is the door through which Truth enters—the first kiss—the invitation of the creatures disposed to listen, to let It speak. Therefore, if you want Me to give you a lot of food go back to your state of Peace. Furthermore, during these days you've been so troubled that Heaven, Angels and Saints have been trembling over you. They felt a bad air that did not belong to them coming from you. So, they all prayed for you to find your Peace again. “Peace is the Smile of Heaven, the Source of Celestial Joys. Look at your Jesus, I am never troubled over any offense they can give Me. I can say that My Throne is Peace. So I want you wholly Peaceful, My daughter, because in this mode, too, we have to adapt ourselves and to look alike: Peaceful Me, Peaceful you. Otherwise the Kingdom of My Will cannot be established in you, since It is a Kingdom of Peace.”

V36 – Nov. 30, 1938 - “Furthermore, each act done in My Will is a messenger of Peace that leaves the earth and goes into Heaven. It comes to bring Peace between Heaven and earth. Every single word said in My Will carries the bond of Peace, and one who comes to Live in It receives, as the Prime Good, the bond of Peace between herself and Us. She feels as if embalmed by Our Divine Peace. With this bond of Peace, she feels within herself the virtue of becoming the Peacemaker between Heaven and earth. Everything is Peace within her: Peaceful are the words, Peaceful the glances, Peaceful the movements. O! how many times with one word she places Peace between Us and the creature. One single glance from her—sweet and Peaceful, wounds Us and makes Us turn chastisements into Graces. So, her acts are nothing other than bonds of Peace—the Peaceful messengers that bring the kiss of Peace of the creatures to God, and the kiss of God to the creatures. 

Book of Heaven: V12 – Apr. 15, 1919 – “…But the Saints of the Living in My Will, who will symbolize My Resurrected Humanity, will be few…”

Book of Heaven: V25 – Apr. 4, 1929 - “In the same way, the yeast of the few who Live in My Divine Volition is necessary to Me, as well as the multiplicity of the Knowledges about It, that will serve as the Mass of Light that will give all the Goods that are needed in order to nourish and make happy all those who want to Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will. Therefore, do not worry if you are alone and few are those who know, in part, what regards My Divine Will; as long as the little portion of the Yeast is formed, united to Its Knowledges, the rest will come by itself.”

Book of Heaven: V28 – Oct. 7,1930 – “…Much more can I, Celestial Farmer, do— as long as I find a creature with the field of her soul prepared, in which I can sow the Seed of My Works. That Seed will Germinate, and little by little it will make Its way; It will make itself Known, Loved and Desired by few, and then by many, that the Celestial Seed of My Divine Will be Sown into their souls…”

Book of Heaven: V29 – Mar. 16, 1931 - The stars seem to live on their own, united with the Divine Heaven, while the sun lives of God, but gives itself to all, and its mission is to do good to all. Such is the Sovereign Queen. But this Sun will not be alone; many other little Suns will Rise, that will draw Light from this great Sun, and these will be those few who will have the Mission of Making My Divine Will Known…”

Book of Heaven: V34 – May 20, 1936 – “…All those who saw Me Ascend to Heaven received so many Graces, that everyone gave his life in order to make the Kingdom of the Redemption known, and they cast the foundations in order to form My Church so as to gather all the human generations into Her Maternal Womb. The same for the First Children of the Kingdom of My Will; they will be few, but the Graces with which they will be invested will be such and so many, that they will give their lives in order to call everyone to Live in this Holy Kingdom…” 

Book of Heaven: V24 – Sept. 28, 1928 – “…therefore, pray—pray incessantly that My Divine Will be known and reign in the midst of creatures, so that, as Father, I may break the bread of happiness for My children.”

Book of Heaven: V33 – Jul. 15, 1934 - “My blessed daughter, Luisa, you Must Know that when the creature incessantly prays to obtain a good, she acquires the capacity of possessing that good, and possessing it she has the virtue of letting it be possessed by others. Prayer is like the disbursement of the coin in order to purchase the good that one wants. Prayer forms the esteem, the appreciation, the love that is needed in order to possess it. Prayer forms the void in the soul for where to be able to enclose the desired good, otherwise if I want to give it, then she will not have where to place it. And also, you cannot give Me greater Glory, than to ask Me that My Will be known and Reign. This is My own Prayer, it is the yearning and the heartbeat of My Heart, they are My ardent Anxieties. “And you Must Know that so much is My Love that I want to make My Will Known, that not being able to hold it back, it pours over you and I make you say: ‘Your Fiat come, Your Will be known.’ In fact, I AM Who prays in you; it is not you…” 
Olá estimados amigos e irmãos, nós queremos fazer um chamado a todos para colaborarem com o Santuário e com as obras dele. Como vocês sabem o Marcos tem feito muitos CD’S de Rosários Meditados, Horas de Oração, Filmes das Aparições, Filmes da Vida dos Santos, Meditações, Livros das Mensagens, Terços, Escapulários, Medalhas, e muito mais em obediência à Mãe de Deus que manda ele a fazer. Nós queremos humildemente pedir a vocês que colaborem e aos que já o fazem continuar colaborando adquirindo os mesmos. Pois o Santuário se sustenta da venta dos mesmos.
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